Today, Manashosting one of the fastest growing web hosting company in Asia and holds a leading position in the web hosting market across the globe. Manashosting evolved from shared hosting to VPS, VDS, Dedicated server and are currently providing service such as SaaS, Mail exchange server, Cloud Hosting, Data center services, security packages etc. Manashosting, was found on the 24th of April 2005, with its operations in Bangalore the silicon valley of India, Manashosting has been in the field of hosting to bring in a change. Change is the most essential tool in a competitive market. At Manashosting it’s just not the change but we go a step ahead from the normal change, we add innovation to it.

Manashosting was first listed in the top 1000 hosting companies within a short span of time in the year 2006. In the year 2007 Manashosting was listed in the top 3 ranking across the globe. And in the year 2009 Manashosting took the 2nd position in domestic hosting market and again in the year 2010 Manashosting ranked Number 2. The company started with few members, now we have grown to such a level where we have five different departments with expertise support billing, sales, crm, technical, reseller and still growing, to handle, resolve and give the best customer satisfaction to our customers.

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Manashosting has achieved many miles stones in the hosting industry. The achievements of Manashosting are unique and innovative. These achievements have made Manashosting the leader in hosting market which various international companies have adopted and are still following in the footsteps of Manashosting in the hosting industry. Few achievements that we would like to share with you; being in the hosting industry and still one of the top hosting companies proves the ability, zeal, strength and sustainability in the competitive market. This in turn has given us more experience in terms of meeting customers’ needs at the right time giving better quality, best technology, customer satisfaction, and last but not the least everything that is latest in the hosting sector. You name the products and we have it for you at Manashosting. Manashosting was first to come up with a control panel which can support Windows, Linux and Java on the same platform. This in turn has given wide opportunity to other entrepreneurs. Manashosting wanted to bridge the gap between those customers who wanted to build their website but due to high cost in web designing were unable to full fill their needs. Keeping in mind Manashosting started free website builders, using which a lay man can build their own site. Manashosting were the first in the world to bring the unlimited concept. We knew that a day will arrive when the customers would use more web space and bandwidth and also knew that it would cost the customers more. Hence, Manashosting came up with the concept of unlimited web space and unlimited bandwidth.

Manashosting recently launched the latest unlimited Domains package for the first time in India, where a customer need not have to pay extra to host domains as their business expands, thereby reducing the cost of hosting. After the purchase at any given time if you are facing any technical issues we at Manashosting have a 24/7/365 round the clock award winning tech support team to help you resolve the issue with less or no efforts. Manashosting has launched a control panel which with the integration of Unlimited concept will give you better quality of your website and only few companies around the world are using this technology of which manashosting is the first in India. The name of the latest control panel is PEM. After rocking the control panel market Parallels introduced this latest control panel which is a higher end version of Plesk latest called as PEM. There are lots of satisfied customers with Manashosting around the world who are satisfied in using PEM control panel.

To make your online purchase more easy Manashosting were the first to bring in different payment mode options like Online third party transfers, Credit and debit card facility, Cheque payment options, cash deposit in various bank accounts, money order, mobile payment etc. You will not find these many options for payments in any hosting company. Manashosting introduced variety of payment options for the customers’ review of manashosting customers,customers of manashosting review convenience and satisfaction. Manashosting introduced Web site Owner ship certificate for our customers which could be availed from our site by just one click. This in turn will help you at anytime if you would like to prove the authentication ownership of your site with ease. Manshosting has also introduced Unique Customer ID for the customers’, which in turn has streamlined various support and update aspects. Complaint booking is another option which Manashosting introduced for the first time in the hosting world where a customer if not satisfied with our customer support or technical support can raise a complaint to the management and which would be attended with utmost priority, because customer satisfaction is our main aim and improvisation our main goal. Manashosting also have 7 days free trail for those customers who would like to try us and then place order with us. Here we give the customers 7 days of free trail which could be availed with minimal formalities. Manashosting had different servers for different functions for example Manashosting has a separate server for emails, database, website files, hosting servers are interlinked with the control panel. This bifurcation brings us the best quality and 99.9% uptime. Manashosting is the first hosting company India to adopt 4th generation hosting or also called as 4GH. Manashosting also provide free FTP software for our clients.

Manashosting has also induced Cloud Hosting and Mail exchange server at the lowest cost. Saas is the next in hosting technology. Manashosting is the first Indian company introduced SAAS which could be used for centralization. Manashosting has our own data center in the USA with 24/7 power supply, 50 ISP providers, with centralized climate control for the servers, with security software, antivirus and anti spam software installed which is hacking free. Since, we have our own data center which only few companies in the world have; it’s easy for Manashosting as a company to give the best service at a lower cost to our customers. Manashosting have dedicated chat support for our sales, billing and technical support team. If any customer have a query or an issue they can chat with us online and if your issue is technical related you have 24/7 chat support who will help you with your concern. Manashosting has a track record of 99% customer satisfaction in respect with quality, reliability, price and Uptime. Manashosting has variety of free products for our esteemed customers. Products like 5000 Templates for building your website, 500 Source Codes, 100 Software’s, 200 SEO (Tools/Software/Web links), Serendipity, Word Press, Joomla, Drupal, PHP-Nuke, Mambo, ecommerce etc for enhancing your web page along with hosting, which in turn will increase your page ranking on search engines. Manashosting also have help documentation’s to help our customers online with audio and video tutorial. Just not these Manashosting has a dedicated CRM team who call our customers manashosting customer review products,manashosting products customer review personally to find out the feedback about the product and services they receive from our customer and tech support teams. With all the latest options and the best control panel, server concept, free software, Own data center etc Manashosting is able to provide 99.9% server uptime. Manashosting leads global hosting market with the latest addition of high end packages like SaaS, Mail exchange server, Cloud Hosting, Security Package & Data Center Services. The company currently has multiple franchisees around the world with a strong work force that are able to meet the upcoming customers demand and need in the web hosting industry.