Website is the most convenient way to make your presence felt in the markets globally. Hence, it is required to not only design the Website, but also to host them properly. In other words it can be said that designing and hosting are of equal importance. While designing it well can attract many prospective clients to visit your site, hosting it rightly with the proper package can support the in surge of a lot of interested readers at the same time. Thus, it is very important to choose the right designing and hosting company for your website. Preferably, both the services should come from one service provider to minimize confusion and time.

A good service provider is the one who allows you the maximum amount of web space and bandwidth. This enables you to put as much content on your website as you wish. There are many companies that promise to provide unlimited web space and band width. Now, coming to designing, it is also as important as web hosting if not more. A good designer will try to incorporate attractive motifs and designs and a carefully color co-ordination to make your page look readable that would attract more visitors.

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There could be only one possible answer to the debate over the importance level of web designing and web hosting, that is they are complimentary to each other and both are equally important to promote your business in the right way. Thus to ensure that you get only the best, you must choose the right designing and hosting company for yourself. Presently, there are many companies that offer these services. Out of these, Manashosting, a Bangalore based company deserved special mention. Manashosting, with their experience and expertise strive to provide you with the best made and hosted website at the competitive market rates.

While on one hand they provide you with the most innovative website’s that attract many readers, on the other they also provide you with unlimited web space and bandwidth, thus allowing you to accommodate as much content as you wish to on the other. The company has self owned servers, which enables smooth operations and lowered costs. With vast experience in web hosting and designing, they try to create an ideal balance between web design and development of your website. Further, the company also offers a wide range of service packages that you may choose from, depending upon your requirements. For more information, you can log on to