If you want that your company web site should have more than just a web presence, host your web site through renowned web hosting company. Getting expert services of renowned web space designer can be very beneficial for your web site. With the help of his knowledge and experience, a web designer is able to create a well designed web site for your business. As a result, large number of people will visit your site.

To get a well designed web site, choose Manashosting. It is a renowned Bangalore based company that provides quality web hosting and web designing services to small and medium sized companies at a low cost.

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Manashosting understands that small and medium size business owners want to keep their web hosting cost low. It therefore keeps its operational costs low. This allows the company to offer wide range of web hosting services at very competitive rates.

You can benefit in number of ways if you host your web site through Mans Hosting. Manashosting gives unlimited web space by giving unlimited usages of website space.. Unlimited web space and bandwidth is very useful for the company who owns the website. It allows the website owner to add any amount of content to the website without worrying for space. The Linux dedicated server allows for unlimited data transfer as well. You can add more content every month and enjoy unlimited disk space and data transfer through the Manashosting server. But, there are certain constraints related to the type of material that can be added to the website. For example, the server does not allow you to upload unnecessary software, audio or video files and large sized files. For this, you may choose another package offered by Manashosting called as the Plesk package.

If you choose Manashosting, you can get innovative and expert management team that will offer you wide range of web hosting services. You can get various services like, superior uptime and performance, unlimited bandwidth space at low rates, free web site domain registration, more E-mail Ids along with 100 MB space per E-mail ID, Linux and Window 2003 server support and emergency issue escalator technology.

Mans Hosting provides various free of cost services such as, free 5000 templates, 200 SEO tools, 100 software, 500 sources code and all database (MS sequel, MY sequel and MS Access), absolutely free of cost. You also get advanced control panel (Helm, C panel, Plesk, Panel Force, H Sphere), ASP, NET Framework, PHP and e-commerce support with your web space. You also get free 7 days trial before making payment and 24 hours a day technical support to ensure seamless and uninterrupted working. So, if you want to get unlimited bandwidth space and various other web hosting in India and designing services at affordable rates, visit www.Manashosting.com