Cheap domain hosting is the latest buzz these days. Almost every web hosting company India is offering special offers, discounts, free templates, SEO tools, domain name registrations, money back guarantees, and this and that to attract customers. But, how are the web hosting companies actually able to offer cheap domain hosting and web hosting services?

Well, cheap domain hosting companies work on shared servers. They host hundreds of websites on one single physical server. If a cheap web hosting company hosts 100 websites on its single server for $3.50 each, it would earn $3500 per month. Now, that’s definitely a profitable situation for a cheap web hosting company. Further, cheap domain hosting companies Bangalore maintain few highly skilled work force, opt for limited work space, and cut down on phone, electricity, and other overheads in order to provide efficient web hosting services to their clients at cheap rates.

But, not all cheap domain hosting companies are the same. There are many who offer pathetic and extremely disappointing services. If you don’t want to get robbed by a cheap web hosting company or end yourself in a lot of problems, do your homework before choosing the web host India.

Cheap domain hosting companies usually claim that they provide unlimited bandwidth, domain, and disk space. But, you must read the Terms of Service Agreement review of manashosting customers,customers of manashosting review which states the terms and conditions for usage of disk space and bandwidth, and mentions how much of hard disk storage space is actually available to you and how much data can be actually transferred to and from the server.

Cheap hosting companies maintain poor servers which often result in slow server speed and frequent server breakdowns and disruptions. Before you choose any web hosting company, find out whether their server condition meets the latest industry standards or not, what would the web hosting company do in case of server breakdown, does it take proper back-up of all the files and data stored on its servers, and do they have a team of professionals to handle technical emergencies. If the cheap web hosting company is good, it would reply you positively to all these questions.

Quite often, cheap domain hosting companies are actually not cheap. The additional charges, taxes, and rates that they charge over and above the cheap domain hosting and cheap web hosting packages leave the customers confused manashosting customer review products,manashosting products customer review and helpless at the time of making payments. So, before you sign the contract, get a clear-cut price quote for the web hosting services. Make sure that all the web hosting services are included in the cheap hosting package and are the final price that you need to pay.

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