If you have created a website and want it to park it on server, you need to go for domain hosting. However, domain hosting cannot be put to practical form until and unless you go for domain name registration. The registration for domain is offered by domain name registrar. Domain name as well as domain hosting service is provided by a professional web hosting company in a lump sum. Domain registration and domain hosting are two unique yet integrated processes and for hassle free launch of your website on web server you need to go for both of them.

There are several types of domain hosting plans offered by web hosting companies. The two most common plans which are opted and also quite popular amongst small, medium and large business enterprises include Shared Web Hosting and Dedicated Server Web Hosting. Shared web hosting is a perfect option to go ahead with for startup companies as well as small business enterprises. Likewise, server web hosting plans are ideal for medium and large scale business groups. The choice of domain hosting plan depends entirely upon the personal choice of the company and also the annual budget which the company would like to allocate for it. In case you are going for shared web hosting initially, and after a period of time you find that your business has grown and you want a dedicated server space, it is easy to change your plan. Here are few points which you need to keep in your mind when selecting a web hosting company:

Make sure that you are ready to go for the best domain hosting plan