Linux and Windows are the basic operating choices when it comes to web hosting. These two operating systems create the foundation for a server and are vital to the proper functioning of a website. Although Linux is most popular, Windows is now increasingly being chosen which is why it important to understand why widows hosting is such a beneficial choice for any size enterprise. There are many advantages to selecting Windows hosting as your operating system.

Simple to Operate and Powerful

Today most Windows hosting packages are on 2008 operating systems. These powerful systems permit end-to-end server management as well as functions that provide for optimal security and high scalability. It also offers a fully integrated environment for web development. This allows for other Microsoft technologies to be utilized creating dynamic web applications and web pages. In addition, Windows platform provides an efficient tool for incorporating many different business functions with the internet.


If your website will be using key Microsoft products such as FrontPage, then Windows hosting can meets your needs. The FrontPage helps users develop a dynamic website which is why it is so popular. . As well, ASP integrates seamlessly with a broad range of programming languages. These Microsoft features make the Windows operating system a user-friendly hosting solution.

Easy Integration and Broad Support

With the Windows hosting platform, users will benefit from the ability to easily integrate with a wide variety of Microsoft products. As well, open-source products such as PHP, MySQL, and Perl can be effectively run on Windows unlike the Linux or Unix server.

Surprisingly Cost Efficient

Because of the tremendous popularity of the windows operating system, a number of developers have been creating a number of technologies and applications that are compatible with the Windows platform. As will windows Azure is making a tremendous impact on the hosting community with Microsoft ensuring it is a major force in the IT computing industry. Windows hosting is a more expensive solution than Linux; however, today you can find plans offered for under $20 per month. Windows hosting can meet wide ranging needs while makes a viable option for a broad range of needs while providing all of the same functionality as Linux. Although you may have to pay a bit more, the benefits make it an excellent IT investment.