Following are few achievement of the company from its vault:

Award: Manashosting has been awarded as world’s best for various segments of its services. The awards include; No 1 for Windows hosting, No 1 for Technical support, No 1 for Ethics followed in the business, No 1 for its server uptime and just not that Manashosting has been awarded with 12 International awards for its key role and actively participating in the development of hosting market.

Panel Force Control Panel: In the history of hosting industry for the 1st time, Manashosting launched Panel Force Control panel, with compatible platforms of Windows, Linux & Java server, Simple readable user interface with enhanced functionalities gave our clients best and reliable services.

Tech Support by SMS: SMS support has been introduced which has increased the mode of communication system with support team. This is the first time in hosting industry of India support by SMS has been introduced by Manashosting.

99% Customer satisfaction: Regular follow up to the clients by CRM department is carried out to ensure the clients’ satisfaction level stays high and resolve issues at the earliest.

99.3% Reseller Satisfaction: Based on the survey report by our CRM department, our resellers are satisfied with our quality, package, price etc.

Online Seminar: Frequent seminars are conducted on various topics on basis of our clients demand to help them out regarding their hosting queries and technologies.

All Call Back: Manashosting started callback facility to compensate the communication gap between those clients who couldn’t reach us over phone for technical or other hosting related queries.

Website Builder: User friendly website builder integrated with Helm panel was brought into the market by Manashosting to help out those clients who stands novice in hosting or designing industry.

Franchise: Manashosting has created more than 100 franchises in domestic and international market. Sub Reseller: Sub reseller account creation was started in panel force which gives a reseller the authority to assign reseller status to their clients.

Different Server Concept: With server bifurcation method implemented by Manashosting, our clients receive utmost uptime for their applications. Managing secluded servers for web files, mails, DNS, etc has brought some innovative technologies to the limelight.

Separate server for reseller: We maintain separate server and support department for our resellers to give the best support for their hosting ground.

Own Datacenter: Manashosing has launched its own datacenter in 2009 which has enhanced data security and uptime like never before.

Corporate Package: Manashosting has launched corporate package, where clients will get dedicated support by special team.

Online Billing System: By the help of Online Billing system, customer can give his detail information by themselves; they can edit or modify their details for eg; Address, phone number, email id etc. This facility will help them at the time of renewal of their package; they will get their reminder from Manashosting promptly. They can keep all their payment details and the id password details in the billing system.

Dedicated Server: We launched low price high configuration dedicated server for the first time in Indian Hosting Market.

Less domain price for end user: We are providing domain prices at a cheaper rate compared to the price running in the current market for all our esteemed customers.

Super Reseller: Windows is on high demand in the market and keeping that in mind we had launched super reseller package which could satisfy our reseller clients to provide unlimited space and bandwidth to their clients.

Expired domain: Even after domain expiry, one can get the domain transferred to Manashosting which have helped our clients from the mishap of discontinuation due to concerned hosting provider’s sudden closure.

V Dedicated server: Manashosting provides you with the option of going for a dedicated server solution for all your special requirements. In special cases when your website has more than normal traffic, or you need to run a host of different programs and applications, e-commerce transactions, or web intensive content, you can easily go for a dedicated server to easily fulfill any or all of these requirements. Apart from this, dedicated servers allow other users, whom you have given access, the ability to connect to your dedicated hosting server and use those same programs at the same time you do. This is why in places such as internet gaming and many other such websites, dedicated servers are a must.

7 Day’s Trial: Manashosting provide 7 days Trial FREE of cost. This has left hosting seekers with the choice to test and opt for the server space according to their requirement.

Chat Software: We launched our own chat software with the help of which multiple operators can chat with customers & with different departments.

FREE Product: Free product (Help to customers). Like: 5000 Templates, Website Builder, 500 Source Code, 200 Seo Tools/ software/ web links and 100 Software.

Sales Help: Voice presentation, power point, word file, and online presentation, by this customers’ get help to choose the package offline too by downloading the file to their local systems.

Manashosting Products: Manashosting provides 36 different types of product to their customer according to their choice & 46 type of extension for domain which customer can select and register.

Ms SQL 2005: We started providing upgraded mssql version i.e mssql 2005 database for free to our clients using windows platform.

Bill Help: We are providing help tutorials for our clients to know the procedure to place an order for a package by themselves, which saves their time of communicating with support executives.

FTP Software and Tutorial: Ftp help tutorials have helped our clients to know the procedure for deploying web files to the assigned server space using WS_FTP LE software which we provide for free and few other ftp software’s as well.

Windows and Linux: We created some help files by which customers’ can find out what are the different between windows and Linux; this will help them to select the suitable platform to host their site.

Add On Product: Through this, if in future any client of Manashosting wants more facility apart from the package credentials then they can pay and get that facility for their package. The cost is very nominal which is affordable by clients.

Saas: Manashosting is the first hosting company in India who has launched SAAS. By using of SAAS any one can manage any organization easily.

I. School Module II. College Module III. ERP for Manufacturing/ Pharmaceutical IV. HR Management System V. Hospital Management System SMS GATEWAY: Manashosting has launched SMS Gateway in 2009 at the lowest cost in India.

CCAvenue: Manashosting was the first Indian company to incorporate CCAVENUE for payment gateway.

MS SQL 2008: Manashsoting has launched MS SQL 2008.

VPS COST REDUCED: By developing our own technique Manashosting sells VPS at a very low price compared to any other hosting companies across the world.

Interactive Help Document: To help the customers Manashsoting has created Interactive help document, which will help the customer to understand the hosting procedures and techniques.

Client verification by Billing Team: Customers verification is done by our billing team before order activation.

IPIN OR Identification Number: Each of our customers’ are provided with IPIN Number or Identification Number. Dedicated Ticket system for reseller: Manashsoting has launched separate ticket system for resellers.

Dedicated Chat for reseller: Manashosting has launched separate chat for resellers.

Help for Transfer domain: Manashosting has a special team for domain transfer; they take complete responsibility of the customer till the domain gets transferred to us.

Transfer your domain without down time: If a customer wants to move his Hosting package from a different company to Manashosting and if their site is active, we have a technology where the customers’ site will be functional during transfer.

Re 1 Plan: Manashosting launched Re 1 plan for its customer. $ ONE PACKAGE: Manashosting has started $ 1 package. Customer can purchase hosting in just Rs 45 for one year.

Relationship with Microsoft: We maintain a very good relationship with Microsoft.

Help Documentation: Manashosting has started providing Help file and documentation in Audio, video and screenshot formats with Interactive sessions. Manashosting has implemented this only for our customer to solve their issue themselves with in few minutes.

Instant Order activation: The hosting market is growing very fast and any time any where anyone can place an order for domain registration as per their requirement. In this case everyone will look for instant activation and response; hence we launched instant order activation facility, with the help of which our customers can register the domain and space within few min.

Suggestions: We give utmost consideration to our client’s suggestions to improve our service level. As our 1st main aim is customer satisfaction. We started collecting customers’ suggestion to satisfy them in turn.

Technical Support: Manashosting’s technical support team has been awarded the best technical support team in the year 2010. Our customer’s can contact our technical support team by Chat, SMS, Phone and Ticket system.

Successful Completion of Beta Version: Manashosting Succeeds in its Beta Version of Unlimited Domain/ Unlimited Space package for end user. Feel the Reality of hosting everything that seemed to be impossible to others in the hosting market has been made possible by Manashosting. After long perseverance & hard work the beta version of its upcoming unlimited package has been tested & proved successful.

Cloud Hosting: Manashosting adopts Cloud Hosting technology. Manashosting has always been known for its Quality. Today, ie March 1st 2011, added another feather in the cap of Manashosting by adopting Cloud Hosting technology. May it be its server architecture, or its Dell Servers, or its own Data centers, or the PEM control panel or today’s Cloud hosting? Manashosting has always played an important role to maintain the quality of its products & services.

Mail Exchange server: Manashosting has launched mail exchange server for business solutions. Mail exchange server is usually costs on the higher end and small or medium sized companies cannot afford to use this service. To bridge this gap of cost and usage Manashosting have started to provide mail exchange service at a lower cost to its customers. Mail exchange server was added into Manashosting’s vault on the 1st of March 2011.