Manashosting has produced hundreds of projects requiring 3D animation either as a support element or a core feature in the creative process. Although MediaFreaks is now offering a lot more than just 3D animation services, 3D animation has been and remains the soul of MediaFreaks’s identity.

The video featured here is our general show reel, a consolidation of our projects over the past year and a testament of the talent and creativity we inject into our 3D animation projects. We hope that you enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed producing it.

There are tons of good reasons you really should have a 3D animation. If you are one of these individuals, you most likely have your own good reasons. However, if you are looking to decide for sure whether you would like to have 3D animation, you should look at the possible reasons below.

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One further matter you might need to consider is your competition. This specific good reason might just tip the scales for you because you really need to have better web site than your competition.