This package is not for sale, it completely free exclusively for old Customers who were with us earlier and moved their hosting to another provider. This package is provided only to try and test our servers and services, after using services the services please provide us with your valuable comments and feedback about the service, also share the points of improvements.

Why are we providing 24 months free corporate package?

In the initial stages customers have trusted and helped us grow in hosting business. Since our old customers trusted us and helped us grow in business, we now would like to provide them with free service without any obligations of continuing the service after the free period. This free package is only for customers who were with us and left us for various reasons like package, service, resources, price, technical support, duration of the package etc. We have done lots of transformations and have overcome all the areas of improvement that we had mainly revamp of the technical team with experts in hosting and internal team SLA and now would like to invite our old customers who had left us to try the 24 months free service without any obligation of renewing the package or with any sort of hidden catch. We welcome you to try our service and feel the reality of hosting.

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