Unlimited Hosting
  • Unlimited Domains
  • Unlimited Web Space
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Email Ids
  • Unlimited Database
  • Unlimited Space For Each Domain
  • Unlimited Bandwidth For Each Domain
  • World Class Data Center
  • High Speed Network
  • Server Uptime
  • Superior Control Panel
  • 24/7/365 Tech Support
  • Secure Network
  • Website Builder
  • Asp.net, Asp, Php, Mysql, Mssql, Html

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Why to choose Manashosting?

At Manashostings we are known for providing world class webhosting services at reasonable rates. Our dedication, hard work, ability to deliver what has been promised, along with a total customer oriented approach has helped us to build an extensive list of clients all throughout India, as well as other parts of the world.

We choose a company for various reasons. In most of the cases we choose company with 5 to 10 good points, but at Manashosting we have a long list of the best points than what any other hosting company can provide.

Factors that makes us stand apart from the rest of the hosting companies around the world, now after reading the complete achievements of Manashosting we are sure that it’s hard for any individual why not to choose us. Below are the few points that we would like to showcase.

Awards:Manashosting has been awarded as world's best for various segments of its services. The awards include; No 1 for Windows hosting, No 1 for Technical support, No 1 for Ethics followed in the business, No 1 for its server uptime and just not that Manashosting has been awarded with 12 International awards for its key role and actively participating in the development of hosting market. Manashosting has also bagged Asia’s top 3 award for reseller plan. This award is given for the contribution towards reseller plan Multiplatform reseller package.

PEM control panel: Manashosting is the first Indian hosting company to use the latest control panel designed by Plesk parallels called PEM. After 5 years of research and development Plesk launched this latest control panel. Currently there are only few hosting companies who use PEM control panel.

Toll Free number: This facility is provided for our customers to reach out free of cost.

Tech Support by SMS: SMS support has been introduced which has increased the mode of communication system with support team. This is the first time in hosting industry of India support by SMS has been introduced by Manashosting.

99% Customer satisfaction: Regular follow up to the clients by CRM department is carried out to ensure the clients’ satisfaction level stays high and resolve issues at the earliest.

99.3% Reseller Satisfaction: Based on the survey report by our CRM department, our resellers are satisfied with our quality, package, price etc.

Online Seminar: Frequent seminars are conducted on various topics on basis of our clients demand to help them out regarding their hosting queries and technologies.

All Call Back: Manashosting started callback facility to compensate the communication gap between those clients who couldn’t reach us over phone for technical or other hosting related queries.

Website Builder: User friendly website builder integrated with Helm panel was brought into the market by Manashosting to help out those clients who stands novice in hosting or designing industry.

Franchise: Manashosting has created more than 100 franchises in domestic and international market.

Different Server Concept:With server bifurcation method implemented by Manashosting, our clients receive utmost uptime for their applications. Managing secluded servers for web files, mails, DNS, etc has brought some innovative technologies to the limelight.

Separate server for reseller:We maintain separate server and support department for our resellers to give the best support for their hosting ground.

Own Datacenter: Manashosing has launched its own datacenter in 2009 which has enhanced data security and uptime like never before.

Online Billing System: By the help of Online Billing system, customer can give his detail information by themselves; they can edit or modify their details for eg: Address, phone number, email id etc. This facility will help them at the time of renewal of their package; they will get their reminder from Manashosting promptly. They can keep all their payment details and the id password details in the billing system.

Dedicated Server: We launched low price high configuration dedicated server for the first time in Indian Hosting Market.

Less domain price for end user: We are providing domain prices at a cheaper rate compared to the price running in the current market for all our esteemed customers.

Super Reseller: Windows is on high demand in the market and keeping that in mind we had launched super reseller package which could satisfy our reseller clients to provide unlimited space and bandwidth to their clients.

Expired domain: Even after domain expiry, one can get the domain transferred to Manashosting which have helped our clients from the mishap of discontinuation due to concerned hosting provider’s sudden closure.

V Dedicated server: Manashosting provides you with the option of going for a dedicated server solution for all your special requirements. In special cases when your website has more than normal traffic, or you need to run a host of different programs and applications, e-commerce transactions, or web intensive content, you can easily go for a dedicated server to easily fulfill any or all of these requirements. Apart from this, dedicated servers allow other users, whom you have given access, the ability to connect to your dedicated hosting server and use those same programs at the same time you do. This is why in places such as internet gaming and many other such websites, dedicated servers are a must.

Chat Software: We launched our own chat software with the help of which multiple operators can chat with customers & with different departments.

Sales Help: Voice presentation, power point, word file, and online presentation, by this customers’ get help to choose the package offline too by downloading the file to their local systems.

Bill Help: We are providing help tutorials for our clients to know the procedure to place an order for a package by themselves, which saves their time of communicating with support executives.

FTP Software and Tutorial: Ftp help tutorials have helped our clients to know the procedure for deploying web files to the assigned server space using WS_FTP LE software which we provide for free and few other ftp software’s as well.

Windows and Linux: We created some help files by which customers’ can find out what are the different between windows and Linux; this will help them to select the suitable platform to host their site.

SaaS: Manashosting is the first hosting company in India who has launched SAAS. By using of SAAS any one can manage any organization easily.

I. School Module
II. College Module
III. ERP for Manufacturing/ Pharmaceutical
IV. HR Management System
V. Hospital Management System

CCAvenue: Manashosting was the first Indian company to incorporate CCAVENUE for payment gateway.

MS SQL 2008: Manashsoting has launched MS SQL 2008.

VPS COST REDUCED: By developing our own technique Manashosting sells VPS at a very low price compared to any other hosting companies across the world.

Interactive Help Document: To help the customers Manashsoting has created Interactive help document, which will help the customer to understand the hosting procedures and techniques.

Call Verification: With certain guidelines placed by the Government of India, Manashosting verifies by phone its customers address and other document provided by its customers.

IPIN OR Identification Number: Each of our customers’ are provided with IPIN Number or Identification Number.

Dedicated Ticket system for reseller: Manashsoting has launched separate ticket system for resellers.

Dedicated Chat for reseller: Manashosting has launched separate chat for resellers.

Help for Transfer domain: Manashosting has a special team for domain transfer; they take complete responsibility of the customer till the domain gets transferred to us.

Transfer Domain to us without down time: When you are moving the hosting package to Manashosting, and if your site is active with another hosting provider, Manashosting has a strong technology that will keep your site up and running even during the time of migration from your current hosting provider to your new provider as Manashosting. By this your site will not face any downtime. This will help your business and keep your customers’ accessibility active to your website.

Relationship with Microsoft: We maintain a very good relationship with Microsoft.

Help Documentation: Manashosting has started providing Help file and documentation in Audio, video and screenshot formats with Interactive sessions. Manashosting has implemented this only for our customer to solve their issue themselves with in few minutes.

Instant Order activation:The hosting market is growing very fast and any time any where anyone can place an order for domain registration as per their requirement. In this case everyone will look for instant activation and response; hence we launched instant order activation facility, with the help of which our customers can register the domain and space within few min.

Suggestions: We give utmost consideration to our client’s suggestions to improve our service level. As our 1st main aim is customer satisfaction. We started collecting customers’ suggestion to satisfy them in turn.

Technical Support: Manashosting’s technical support team has been awarded the best technical support team in the year 2010. Our customer’s can contact our technical support team by Chat, SMS, Phone and Ticket system.

Cloud Hosting: Manashosting adopts Cloud Hosting technology. Manashosting has always been known for its Quality. Today, i.e. March 1st 2011, added another feather in the cap of Manashosting by adopting Cloud Hosting technology. May it be its server architecture, or its Dell Servers, or its own Data centers, or the PEM control panel or today's Cloud hosting? Manashosting has always played an important role to maintain the quality of its products & services.

Advance Technology hosting: Manashosting is the first Indian company to launch Advance Technology hosting. With this technology the customers’ site never goes down. Advance Technology hosting is the latest in webhosting market. Companies with their own datacenter, high quality server, strong security, best control panel and with cloud technology are the ones who would be able to provide Advance Technology hosting.

ISO 9001:2008: Manashosting is 9001:2008 certified. This certification is issued to companies which are audited based on QMS (quality Management system).

Trade Mark registered:Manashosting’s logo, brand, goodwill, domain name, content, package, products, presentation, explanation, templates, images, designing, resources are all patented. 24 hours a day technical support (24*7): Technical support is very essential for an online business because the safety and continuity of your site will help your customers’ do business with you globally. Understand this need Manashosting has a dedicated, friendly and expertise tech support team to help you 24/7 365 days a year to keep you happy and your site running.

3 year web space FREE with Domain transfer: If you are dissatisfied with your current hosting provider and have already invested for hosting package you need not worry. This offer is for those customers’ who would like to move their domain to Manashosting from another service provider and avail three years of web space service free of cost.

50% Discount Offer existing clients: Existing clients of Manashosting can avail an offer of 50% on their existing package at the time of renewal. To avail this offer you really don’t have to wait till you hosting renewal, you can call us and do it right away.

7 Days Free Trial: Free trail is for all those customers who would like to check our service, server quality, control panel, product, up-time etc before purchasing our product.

Advance server for Java/ Tomcat: If you would like to know the quality of servers that we use for Linux & Java, we use the latest and advanced server that would help you execute your operations or applications.

Affiliate programming: Earn money just by referring us to your friends. To know more visit our site.

All databases (MSSql/ MySql/ MSAccess) free of cost: Databases are useful to execute important operations. In other hosting companies you need to purchase databases at extra cost, but at Manashosting we provide all databases totally free.

ASP, NET Frame work, Macro media Flash, Macro media Dream weaver, Front Page: Unique control panel that supports all kind of applications to showcase your site in the same way you have created.

Auto Renewal: A unique option where you would get an automated email reminder with steps for you to renew your account online with less ease and at the comfort of your home.

Availability of MSSQL2005: Manashosting introduced the latest MSSQL 2005 for the first time In the Indian hosting market. This makes Manashosting a leader when it comes to technology and latest with the changes too.

Changing of Domains: If you think you made a wrong choice while choosing your domain, don’t worry you can get a fresh domain and upload your content at ease to the new domain that you have chosen by providing a minimal fee of ra 500/ as service charge. Please note: Domain registration charges would be extra.

Content Management System: A content management system (CMS) is the collection of procedures used to manage work flow in a collaborative environment. These procedures can be manual or computer-based. The procedures are designed to do the following: Allow for a large number of people to contribute to and share stored data, Control access to data, based on user roles (defining which information users or user groups can view, edit, publish, etc.) Aid in easy storage and retrieval of data, Reduce repetitive duplicate input, Improve the ease of report writing, Improve communication between users.

CRM: CRM team which operates to know, get and help plan to resolve our customers’ issues in the most fastest and the most effective way. Our surveys are done by our CRM team who are committed and dedicated to solve our customers’ query and act as an advocate for the customer.

Emergency issue escalator technology: Not satisfied with our technical, billing or sales answers? Write directly to our complaints department. Our senior manager will address your query and provide you the best solution to help you resolve your concern.

Fantastico in cpanel: Fantastico is a system designed to make installing popular scripts easy. If you want to improve your web site with a discussion forum or an online gallery to show everyone your latest holiday snaps, you can. With a few clicks of your mouse your web site will be transformed into a fantastic resource for you, your business or your family. You can access Fantastico through our web based Control Panel, cPanel.

Free 100 Software: Manashosting provides 100’s of free software that would help your site to be recognized in this competitive internet world.

Free 200 SEO Tools: Manashosting provides free SEO tools to its customers who are more than 2 years old completely free of cost. Manashosting knows the algorithms of search engines and help you to feature your site on the search engines.

Free 500 Source code: These source codes will help you have create an identity in the online world because mere site on the internet will make no good without the necessary codes to help our site surface while searched for.

Free 5000 Templates: A wide range of 5000 different and unique templates to choose from. By using these templates you can lessen the burden of designing cost and pick a design that would best match your needs and thoughts.

FREE Domain Transfer: Domain transfer is a process in which you can transfer your existing Domain Name from its current Domain registrar/ hosting company to another Hosting company/ registrar. During this process, if the website is Live, it remains functional. In this process you do not have to pay any charges to Manashosting and just not that Your site will never go down in other words your site will be running even during the transfer process.

FREE Website Owner ship Certificate: Manashosting provides all its customers with a Website ownership certificate. This will come in handy during copy right, or other legal issues to help prove that you are indeed the true owner of the website.

Full Control panel facility: At Manashosting you would receive a full access control panel facility where you can make any changes at your own without depending on the hosting company and also have freedom of ownership of your content etc of your site.

High Speed and Best server Uptime: Manashosting’s state of the art data center and server architecture gives you the best speed, quality and up-time of your site. These in turn makes your customers’ a happy lot in visiting your site and increase your business too.

Intercom facility to communicate with any department: Communication plays a vital role in an organization and an effective and on time communication is very, very fruitful. Keeping this in mind to make our customers’ life easy and to address their queries faster we have intercom facility to meet the fast demands at the best and quest possible time.

Interview in South India's most Popular Suvarna Channel, on the topic of security: Manshosting is the first Indian hosting company to be interviewed by the media with respect to security. Manashosting has the opportunity to share how security works in hosting to a popular channel called Suvarna Channel.

Launched Audio conference to reduce the phone bill and chat time of our existing customers: Reducing cost and getting a quick and best reply is something were essential in today’s fast growing economy. Keeping in mind Manashosting once again the first Indian hosting company to launch conference for our existing customers to clarify their doubts and get all hosting related answers to make their web site to be the best compared to other websites of kike kind business.

Launched Designing Per Page Just rs 39: Manashosting, a name that is known for reducing costs as low as possible introduced Designing just for Rs 39 per page when the designing cost were so high that a common man could not afford to design one.

Launching Special phone number only for complaint booking: At time when our customers were unable to find their answers and wanted to escalate the same to a higher authority to get their issues solved, Manashosting has an exclusive complaint department that could be approached to get a speedy reply. This initiative gave many customers satisfaction and faith towards Manashosting.

Live demo for dedicated server and VPS: Manashosting provides its customers a live demo for our dedicated server and virtual private server. After the demo it gives a clear picture to our customers how useful it is for them to choose either dedicated or VPS based on their requirement. This helps our customers to make the right decision before investment.

Local company (No Language problem): Manashosting is a Bangalore based Indian company and hence language barrier drawback is nowhere close. We can understand you and you too can understand us easily, be it in written communication or through telephonic.

Long year Relationship: Packages designed by Manashosting are all for the long term. This in turn proves to our customers that we are a company who would like to give you a fabulous and a quality service for a long time and this in turn also builds the confidence of our customers in doing business with us. In most cases our customers would pay for the first year and enjoy the balance years free of cost.

New payment option also available like: Pay by Pay Mate (Mobile payment), Pay by ITZ CASH CARDS – Manashosting has the latest payment potions to make life simple for our customers. Customers can choose from a wide variety of payment options to make their payment.

New Update Delude Anti spam: Spam is the most major issue a business or an individual can face. To fight this issue Manashosting uses one of the best Anti Spam software to reduce spam. Delude is the best and effective among the rest when it comes to fighting spam.

New version of Norton Anti Virus: To restrict the entry of virus in any form, Manashosting uses the best antivirus software provided by Norton. All our servers and data center are protected with unique licensed Norton Antivirus software

New Windows 2008 Server: Windows 2008 servers are used for hosting accounts. Microsoft is well known for their application and server software’s and Manshosting uses the latest version provided and available in the market to host your hosting accounts to give better quality and reliability.

Online and Offline order activation: At Manshosting we have two different types of order activation, one is online and the other is offline. With the online activation one can activate the orders quickly if the payments are done online. And with the offline activation, the order is activated for those customers who prefer to pay offline which again is activated within a few hours from the time an order is placed.

Pop3 and Web mail support: There are few other types of mail system and pop3 is the best when it comes to accurate delivery of mails. Hence Manashosting provides its customers with pop3 as well as webmail support.

Portfolio: Manashosting has 100’s of high profile customers who are happy and tension free having their hosting accounts with Manshosting be it in the form of Dedicated, VPS or shared hosting.

Renewal Discount: You get exclusive offers and discounts during renewal of your hosting package with Manashosting. Your offers and discounts don’t end only when purchasing a new package but you can enjoy the benefit staying with Manshosting even at the time of your hosting account renewal.

SEO option for existing 2 yrs customer: SEO is provided free for all those customers who have been with Manashosting. To bring your page in the first 3 pages of any search engine is not a simple task and Manashosting is providing this service free of cost to its customers who have been with us for more than 2 years.

Server Concept: In most of the cases your webhosting package, your database, your emails etc would be stored on the same server which would chock the server and in turn make your site loading slow and painful. To overcome this Manashosting has separate dedicated servers to host your hosting account, database, emails etc in separate servers. This in turn increases uptime, speed, quality and delivery of mails etc faster and gives your customers a pleasure to view your site.

Server Speed Proof: Manashosting provides the server speed and uptime on its website and can prove with relevant data to support the sever speed and uptime.

SLA: We know how important time is and in today’s world time is money. In this busy world we maintain a very short SLA to address and fix our customers query at the earliest.

Special Technical person to give technical help to client at the time of domain transfer from other hosting company to our server: During the time of domain transfer from another hosting company to Manashosting clients will be given assistance by our experts in technical team without the moving domain facing any down time while in the process.

Specialize in Hosting: Hosting is the bread and butter at Manashosting. Manashosting is known for the unique packages with better quality and low price. When it comes to Web hosting, Manashosting is the leader and all your hosting requirement right from shared hosting to Dedicated, VPS, Mail Exchange Server, CMS, SaaS etc are available under one roof.

Suggestions will get 10GB of hosting space:Manashosting provides one year web space free for just giving suggestions. Give the best suggestion that you would like us to improve of your choice and if it is selected you get one year web space absolutely free of cost.

Superior uptime and performance: The state of the art data center with Dell servers and an unique server architecture with multiple ISP providers and 24/7 server administrators gives us the Superior uptime and performance which our customers can enjoy when they subscribe for a package.

Testimonials: There are thousands of satisfied customers of Manashosting sharing their testimonials about the kind of service received and the value for the price paid.

To satisfy high volume of Technical calls Manashosting launched new PRI line: Manashosting introduced hot line or PRIs to satisfy our customers when reaching Manashosting. This in turn has helped us to serve our customers better and our customers did not have to wait on hold.

Toll Free no. for Technical Support: Manashosting has launched click and we will call you back facility for its customers acting as a toll free, within few minutes after filling the form you would receive a call from Manashosting to solve your issues without any phone call charges.

Transfer money from Abroad through JP Morgan: If you are out of India and would like to subscribe to a package provided by Manashosting you can transfer money through JP Morgan.

Unlimited space at lower costs: Manashosting has huge servers with its own data center in the USA is able to provide unlimited space at lower cost. Manashosting always wanted to give the best at the lowest possible price available in the market.

Visitor’s hits per year 5, 27, 49,411: In a year there are almost 5 + crore visitors reaching Manahsosting site for their requirement to be full filled. This shows the popularity and the trust that customers have towards the company and making Manashosting a leader in the hosting market.

We have introduced advanced technologies according to the new IT market: Manashosting is always ahead in the hosting market, be it in innovative ideas or implementing the same and sharing those benefits to its customers. Manashostings’ packages are very unique and latest compared to any other hosting companies’ packages.

ASP, .NET Framework, MarcoMedia Flash, MarcoMedia Dreamweaver, FrontPage, Photoshop, MS SQL Server, MySql, MS Access, PHP, Ecommerce support with your web space.

Advanced Server concept.
  • Control panel
  • Web server
  • Mail server
  • DNS server
  • Ms sql 2005.


Anti spam and anti virus protection. Full technical support by Online Live chat, Phone, Ticket System, without stopping, you can transfer your old website to our server.

You will get Domain control panel as the owner of domain, you can move or transfer your Domain from our hosting company to any other hosting company. There will be no restriction from our side.

  • You will get 5000 templates.
  • You will get 200 SEO Tools /  Software’s /  Web links.
  • Pay for 2 years and get 3rd year totally FREE.
  • Host more domain in your web sapce package by paying extra ra 100/-.
  • 7 Days FREE Trial.
  • Instant order Activation.
New payment option also available like :

• Pay by PayMate (Mobile payment)

You will get 24 hours online technical support (24/7). You can assign Account Exec. for your package.

High availability server:

Manashosting launched High availability server in the dedicated server package after incorporating major technological changes in the datacenter. Our customers’ can now use the service to meet their requirement.

Technical challenge:
"Technical Challenge 2011" in which technical manager challenged the customers to fix their issues. Our expertise technical team along with the technical manager wanted to prove that our technical team is the best in the hosting market took up this challenge and were successful.

Launch of low cost VDS:
First time in the hosting industry of India Manashosting launched low price VDS. As we are always know for low costing in shared hosting now we will be known for low cost VDS too.

Release of security package:
First time in the Indian hosting industry Manashosting launched security package to the market. As we all are aware that online is not safer anymore and vulnerable with information we wanted to bring the change and after a thorough study and research we launched security package.

Virtual product adviser:
For the very first time in the hosting industry Manashosting has launched Virtual Product Adviser. A customer can watch a video in which details of complete hosting scenario is provided and also provide advice to the customers to purchase the package that is best suitable.

Low price Unlimited Domains hosting product:
After a break Manashosting hit the shared hosting market with a bang by launching Unlimited Domains package. This package reduces the hosting cost of customers as they keep adding domains to the same hosting account.

Mail exchange server:
A package which most of the corporate clients are looking to have a more secure, reliable and fast email service. The cost of the package is just right to fit the pockets of the customer as we are known for low cost.

Unlimited web pages for Just Rs 10:
Any customer who has no knowledge of designing or developing can now create unlimited web pages just for Rs10 per month. This package is just right for anyone who is looking for less designing cost.

Since the company is an Indian based company and has compassion towards the Indian society, Manashosting has always been there to bridge the gap between weak segments of the country. There have been various instances where Manashosting has provided free hosting accounts to physically challenged, NGO, charitable organization, artist and more. Currently the company is providing Rs1000 to a charitable organization based in Mumbai. This organization is supporting artist who use their mouth and foot to create art works. Each time any customer purchases the package from us without promo or offer we contribute to this organization.

Powered by:
Free Domain Health Check-up and Hosting Health Check-up will be provided to all those customers who would add “Powered by Manashosting” on their homepage for a period of one year, after which the customers would receive Domain Health Check-up and Hosting Health Check-up consultation report free of cost.

Wide range of free products:
According to the customers’ need we provide them with variety of free product s when they purchase Unlimited Domains hosting package without any offers or promos.

Expertise in hosting:
Our main expertise is in hosting as it says in the name. Hosting is our main business we focus on hosting future, past and present its growth in India and the what would happen in the future of hosting in India. When you visit our site you can find variety of packages and technology of hosting as our expertise is In hosting.

10 Web page Content Writing by our Expert Content Writer:
If Manashosting’s customers have problems while creating their website and are not aware what content needs to be posted on their website we have an add on where our customers can avail this facility.

Easy upgrade:
There are various packages available for our clients’ right from starter package to Unlimited Domains, Corporate, VOS, VDS, Dedicated Server etc at any point of time if our clients would like to upgrade they can do so without any hassle.

More add on products:
There are several add on products available exclusively to Manashosting’s customers only. These varieties of products available to the customers provides complete solution right from designing, hosting, marketing, SEO, SMO and more.

Low domain cost for resellers:
At Manashosting domain resellers can get domain package price lesser than any other packages. Our resellers enjoy huge benefits with this package.

No slab for resellers:
Manashosting is the only hosting company who provides Domain registration to our resellers without any slab. Here the resellers do not have to wait to reach certain level to get low price because right from the first domain they get it at the lowest cost.

Multi platform reseller package:
This package was launched by Manashosting for the first time in the world. With the multiplatform reseller package, resellers get 3 platforms namely windows, Linux and Java in a single package. You need not have to purchase Windows, Linux and Java separate. If any of your customers would have a requirement of any of these platforms you can accordingly provide them without having to invest.

Multi level reseller package:
In this package a reseller has an option to create sub-resellers under him and at no point of time the sub-resellers will know who the actual hosting company. This package gave opportunity to various resellers to full fill their dream of having their own hosting company with less investment.

Unlimited Domains hosting in cpanel reseller:
With the release of Unlimited Domains hosting in Cpanel the resellers of India have an opportunity to provide the same package which many of the international hosting companies provide to their customers and at low cost.

239 one click installation:
One click installation has created a huge boom in the hosting market in the Cpanel control panel. Most of the companies in the world provide a maximum of 50 to 60 scripts installation, but Manashosting is providing 239 one click installation script in the Cpanel control panel which is again first time in the Indian hosting industry.

Unlimited website builders:
With the Capnel reseller ship Manashosting is providing Unlimited website builders in the package. Many a times resellers choose shared hosting package just because they could not provide website builders to their customers. Now after the package been released most of the resellers have appreciated the Unlimited Website Builders option.

Get free 250GB web space when using generic name server:
As a reseller the motto is to get more with less cost, as we understand the resellers we have provided an opportunity to the resellers to get 250GB of space free just by using generic name servers. Resellers now can make more profit.

Reseller certificate:
First time in the world Manashosting launched Reseller Certificate. Our resellers can apply for this certificate and can frame and hang it in their office as a registered reseller of Manashosting. It will also act as a legal document when needed.

Up-coming Ecommerce on cpanel reseller:
Manashosting will very shortly bring Ecommerce site linked with the Cpanel reseller package. If our resellers clients require an ecommerce website our reseller just need to go to their control panel and activate ecommerce certification just by a click.

Up-coming Integrated payment gateway on cpanel reseller:
Manashosting will very shortly bring payment gateway site linked with the Cpanel reseller package. If our resellers clients require an ecommerce website our reseller just need to go to their control panel and activate just by a click.

Up-coming Sub-resellers on cpanel reseller:
In a short while we would be launching multilevel reseller ship in Cpanel.

Up-coming Multiplatform on cpanel reseller:
As an innovative thought and with the help of technology Manashosting would be lauching Multiplatform in Cpanel where resellers will have an option of Windows, Linux and Java with Cpanel as the server interface.

Unlimited website builder in cpanel reseller:
In the currently Cpanel reseller package our resellers can provide website builders to all their customers without any worried as they are getting unlimited website builders with this package.

Tenant Isolation:
With tenant isolation technology all the clients using the server will be isolated in separate segment and each of them will have individual slots in the same server. By tenant isolation even if one tenant goes down all the other tenants are safe and stable.

Hosting alliance:
In the marketing scenario Manashosting will launch hosting alliance in a very short span of time. Here the alliance of the company will get huge monitory benefits.

Corporate package for corporate clients:
This package has been designed for corporate clients who would like to have their websites hosted in a separate server. In the corporate package the customer has the option for uploading small size audio/video files and to use unlimited database of Mssql or Mysql. Customers who have a need of database can opt for this package.

Different payment options:
Manashosting is the first company to provide you various mode of payment. We are reachable to customers through offline and online. Please visit our payment page to see our different modes of payment from money order to payment gateway payment. You have special privilege to use cash card, bank transfer…Variety of payment option is available in manashosting

Up-coming 17 different reseller packages:
Manashosting will launch 17 different type of reseller packages that would best suit the requirement of all types of resellers.

Control panel live demo:
Before purchase customer can have a live demo of the control panel.

Wide choice in cloud server packages:
As the company is moving towards B2B and B2E segments, companies has understood the requirement of each category of clients and accordingly have launched variety of packages that would be right for the clients requirement.

Customer Card facility:
Manashosting is the first hosting company in the world to launch customer card. This card is more like an identification card provided by the company to our customers with their details on it. Customers with customer card get more privilege than normal customers.

Availability of SEO and SMO in add on:
At any point customers of Manashosting are unable to find the right SEO or SMO team they can approach us. This facility is available only for existing customers of Manashosting.

Inclusion of Java package:
We provide a high quality high demand Java package for our customers in shared hosting. This package is a hot selling product right from the time it was been launched and is till in great demand.

Employee recruitment:
Employees with vast experience are hired to provide the best customer support our HR team works very hard to find the right employees by which we can provide the best service to our customers without compromising on quality of the employees.

Employee Self Training center:
At Manashosting an employee have the facility to learn hosting Sale, technical and customer service all by themselves. The self training center is designed where even if a person is a layman to hosting will become an expert in just few weeks.

Web Protection Software:
Free software to protect your website from external attack.

PC Health Check Up:
Software for health check up for your PC or lap top

Training by our Expert:
If the customer is new to hosting and requires hosting training our customer can avail this facility.

Dedicated IP with your own Indian postal address:
At any point if a customer would like to have their own Indian postal address we can configure it with a Dedicated IP.

New technology:
We as a company do not accept any of the technology without verifying how it would yield result to our customers as they are investing huge money in creating their website. We do not like to like to provide any such technology that would cause harm to our clients’ website or service. On the other hand after doing a thorough study we also implement those technologies which would be beneficial for our clients and put them one step ahead compared to their competitors. Since we have immense technical and hosting knowledge on that basis we provide only those technologies that Is profitable to our clients.

Customer ID number:
As our company has provided customer ID number to all our customers with the correct contact details and payment details for availing support and since you do not have the customer id we ask you for the payment proof. With customer ID a customer gets quicker service and other benefits which other do not get.

Elastic Load Balancing in cloud servers:
Manashosting has a technology through which at any point of time if the clients’ usage increases on the cloud servers it would automatically balance through which the customers site will never go down by this a customer can get 100% uptime guaranteed.

Zero downtime architecture:
The high end technology on which the cloud servers are loaded helps provide the customer without any drop in their service even if the server crashes on which the website is uploaded.

Pay as you grow option:
With the easy growth option in cloud customers do not have to spend much money in the starting stage as there are several opportunity provided for the customer to pay for the services which has been used.

Free Web space:
Get free web space easily by referring only 3 friends to purchase shared hosting package. In today’s world websites are playing a very important role and most of the individuals and companies alike know the importance of having a website. This is the time for you to get free web space from a renowned hosting company of India. When these friends of your purchase minimum 3 packages from us, you would get web hosting package free of cost for one year.

Free Domain Name:
Get free domain registration and hosting for one year just by referring 4 friends to purchase shared hosting package. "Get domain extension of your choice registered free for 1 year with unlimited windows or Linux web space package free for 1 year” , after selling 4 shared hosting package to your friends. When 4 of your friends have purchased shared hosting package, you get 2 domains registered free of cost with the extension of your choice (.COM, .NET, .CO.IN etc) to get your free domain and hosting sell shared hosting package to 4 friends of yours.

Free web space Renewal:
If you are an existing client and are looking for free Web space renewal in the current year, refer 3 friends to purchase shared hosting package and get one year hosting renewal free.

Free Domain Renewal:
If you are an existing client and are looking for free Domain renewal in the current year, refer your friends to purchase shared hosting package. On the 4th order for shared hosting package purchased from your side you will get 2 domain renewal free for one year or 1 domain renewal for 2 years. You would have already got free web space after 3 friends of your have purchased the hosting package. Now when your 4th friend purchases shared hosting package then you would get free domain renewal.

First time in the world providing of free domain registration:
Manashosting was the first hosting company in the world who provided its customers with free domain registration, which in the current scenario most of the companies national and international alike have adopted.

Microsoft and Redhat certified engineers:
All our server engineers in our datacenter are Microsfot and Redhhat certified. These certified technicians work day and night to provide you uninterrupted hosting service.

100% customer satisfaction:
In the customer challenge taken by our technical team to resolve all the customer related issues and provided 100% customer satisfaction which is just unrealistic to think, but at Manashosting you can expect all the unexpected as there has been various changes so far.

Quality hosting packages:
All the hosting packages before being delivered to our customers we do a thorough quality check to see if all the functions are working without any issues and only then deliver the same to our customers.

High level Security:
Our data center has 4 levels of security which makes it just impossible for the intruders to enter into our server thereby providing maximum security to our servers and all the details available in the servers.

Complaints department:
At any point if our customers are dis-satisfied with the type of service provided by our sales, billing or technical team, the customers have an option to raise a complaint to our complaints department which one of the manager from the respective team would check and solve the issues at a short span of time and also update the client about the resolved issue.

Vmware control panel dashboard in Cloud servers:
We provide one of the faster and widely used control panel in our cloud servers called as VMWare control panels.

Automatic fail over protocol:
Our datacenter technology is such designed that it automatically detects any sort of failover and switches automatically without any human interventions in few mille seconds.

Free Website Migration:
Free website migration was provided by our expert technical team without any downtime of the current site. Today we have taught out customers to migrate their website without any down time.

Account Manager:
You can appoint an Account Manager who would take care of your hosting account completely without your interference for a nominal fee.

No overloaded servers:
Manashosting has always worked hard towards quality and as quality is the main focus which all of our customers are asking we do not overload the servers. As we have our won datacenter and there are many servers allotted for shared hosting. We run a technology through which auto overload switch over happen. By this technology at no point of time the servers get overloaded.

No long term contact:
When you are hosting your service with us you can move anytime you would like as we do not have any lock on your account. You can change your DNS and move even without our notice to any other company where you feel that they their service is better than ours. We don’t have money back guarantee as we believe in long term relationship with our customers just to know our company and technology. In between if any our clients would like to move to another provider they are free to do so at any time.

Cutting edge technology:
Just by using technology is not be useful, the technology that we used should be able to reduce the cost of manufacturing through which we would be able to provide at low cost to our customers with more features to enhance our clients business. By using cutting edge technology we have provided better quality and unlimited concept at low price.

We are built to handle highly customized hosting environment our model is build to adjust to customers’ needs quickly and efficiently. As we do a lot of research and take suggestions and feedbacks from the customer we know what our customers want and accordingly provide them with the solution as per their need and also upgrade our technology is been upgraded.

We're passionate about the hosting business and we're here to stay, we believe what we are doing makes a difference. We would always like to create a milestone and achieve goals that have been fixed by doing hard work day and night to reach the goal in hosting. With the passion it is guiding s to bring new plans, strategies, technology, packages and features shows our passion for hosting.

Creating the path for future:
Right from the start of the company we have always created new path in the hosting industry by providing lot of free features and innovative packages and technology that we have shared with our clients. After we entered the hosting market lots of Indian providers have changed their technology and packages, features etc, we believe that various people are adopting us which has always made us to provide more features and facilities to our clients. Due to these new thoughts and innovations lot of clients like to have business with us.

Quality equipment:
Talking about quality we use high speed internet bandwidth, Dell servers, top quality security features, load balancing, and firewall. As we use Dell servers if a problem arises we contact Dell and they replace the servers as we have agreement with Dell. By this we can provide quality and better uptime. All the software and hardware used are of high quality through which we can provide good quality to our clients.

Highly functional tools for administration of server and data center:
Just having a datacenter is not going to resolve any issue but monitoring the datacenter 24/7, monitoring our clients website and tools that is used for monitoring to administer mail server, DNS server, Database Server etc are vital. These software helps in preventing attacks created on the websites or external attacks and keep the datacenter safe.

Flexible Approach:
As and when there is a change in the market we upgrade and migrate and introduce new technology to the hosting packages. Even in future when market changes we are quite flexible in changing and providing the right solutions required by our clients. As there are various changing happening in hosting technology we as accompany adopt these technology to provide best quality to our existing and future clients.

Communication is Key:
As we conduct various voting, surveys, feedbacks from the clients we know that communication is very important and is the master key to solve various issues. By this we care able to understand what our clients expects from us and provide them the right solution and packages that they require based on their visitors and their future business. Through this communication we are able to provide new packages and service to our clients.

3rd party valuable script installations:
Using ftp you can install any 3rd party installation script at it is your own website and you’re won code that you would like to use. While doing this all we would check is if it would hamper our servers, processor, RAM, bandwidth and other customers who are on that server. You may use the FTP provided to you and upload any of the 3rd party script or software on your hosting.

Always be up-to-date in market:
We always want our clients to be update in the market through the service we provide. We provide stable version to our clients through which they would not face issues. We also provide our clients with innovative ideas, packages and technology with lots of free features by which they would be up-to-date in the market.

High speed:
You may opt for corporate Windows or Linux or can choose from VPS, VDS or Dedicated Server where you would get your requirements met.

Website Statistics:
Website statistic is very vital for you to track the visitors of your website and get to know the result of your online presence. We provide website statistic in our control panel where you can monitor visitors 24x7 of your website.

Features Compatibility:
The features that we provide are more stable and does not enter into error and if there are any those would be very minor which could be solved in a very minimal time. We will also enable various features in upcoming time to provide our clients better and p-to-date service.

Flexibility and room for growth to the clients’ website:
There are various packages available for our clients’ right from starter package to Unlimited Domains, Corporate, VOS, VDS, Dedicated Server etc at any point of time if our clients would like to upgrade they can do so without any hassle.

Reputation in market:
Reputation is brought by doing hard labor, marketing, and proving what we mention on our website. Even during downtime of 2009 our company provided service to our customers where other companies failed to provide services as they were incurring huge loss. The company started from low price, then maximum quantity at low cost and currently high quality, latest technology, high uptime, speed, PEM, lots of free features,. Our branding is showcased for these very reasons a we have various clients in Indian and international and they are spreading our name in the market and we would like to specially thank them.

Latest generation of hosting:
Latest generation of hosting consist of Load balancing, Cloud Hosting, Security, PEM technology. Having brought this all in one platform our existing clients are using and even in future if there are any changes we would incorporate them into our packages and there by provide better service to our customers.

No Hidden charges:
As we have already mentioned everything in the package age there is nothing left to hide. If you see we are the only hosting company in the world who mention everything on the site so that there will be no problem with the customer in the future. As we are looking for long term relationship we do not want to hide anything.

Your vote counts:
As a company we approach our customers we believe in socialism and ask our customers to provide vote while we want to bring any new concept or any changes in technology. We agree to what maximum customers of ours have to say and accordingly make the changes because it is the customer who would be using our services.

Server and datacenter:
There are hardly few hosting companies in India who have their own datacenter. Manashosting has its datacenter in St. Louis USA. Our datacenter is situated in a top tire facility which is linked with high speed internet providers. In our datacenter building even AT&T has their datacenter. The building has been awarded for best datacenter in the USA. And we provide our all our hosting package on Dell servers. We have a contract with Dell and each time we come across any server issues Dell provides us with onsite support 24/7. Our relationship with Dell has been close to a decade now.

When it comes to backup manashosting as the complete system of daily the backup on daily basis, weekly basis and at regular interval and this is as per the company policy. Similarly you can maintain your own backup in CD or in your system. But when it comes to go for backup we request customer to make the payment as this involves the manpower.

Spam filter:
As internet usage in increasing so is unwanted spam mails. Even though there has been various laws to govern the bulk mailing segment still per day there are millions of mails of the same copy that keeps flowing into the mail boxes of people. To fight the spam we have installed high end spam filers on our servers where most of these spam mails are stopped even before they could land in your mail boxes. Spam is a major problem any one would encounter when using emails at the same time technology is also helping us to reduce the number of mails that would end up in the mail boxes.

Mode of support:
We believe that support after sale is vital for any organizations stability and growth. Having said this support also should be made easy and available. Manashosting has variety of support option that you can opt for depending on the urgency of your issue. When it comes to support we have major two: one is billing support and the other technical support. Now billing team could be reached from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday to Saturday through Phone, Chat and Ticket system. Technical support could be approached by Phone, Chat and Ticket system 24 x 7. If you have any query that is not resolved you can also approach our complaints team department. To raise a ticket click here (www. manashosting.co.in)

Easy movement at anytime to anywhere that you want:
At Manashosting we do not have any sort of contract with the hosting package. We give provide complete freedom to our customers to move from us if they are not satisfied with our service anytime to any other company. As a company who would like to provide quality service and also want our customers to have long relationship with us but if customers want to move to other services they may do so. To avoid this types of confusion we provide customers with 7 days free trail, they can opt for 7 days free trail to check our servers, quality and service if a customer is satisfied then they can proceed to purchases the package thereby having a long term relationship with the company.

Looking for quality or quantity:
Most of the times we tend to choose more for less ignoring the quality of the products and services that we would receive. As a normal tendency we always want to have more at lesser cost and forget to think about quality of the service or the product that we purchase. If we are looking at a longer run quality is the best approach and if we are looking at more demand quantity would be the best approach. At Manashosting we provide our customers with both the options. If they are looking for quality shared hosting we provide Corporate Windows and Linux. If the customer wants more quantity then we provide Unlimited Windows and Linux.

Run .exe files and zip files:
Since your requirement is more on executing files and running zip files the best option available for you would be VPS package and above. We have wide range of packages from where you can choose depending on your budget. VPS/VDS/Dedicated servers are servers where you would get root logins and you can run or execute any type of file that you want. These packages are the right choice for your requirement as there will be no restrictions.

Audio video files:
Since your basic requirement is for audio video file there are various options available. Now the question that you would like to ask yourself is, are these files too huge and where you get more visitors on your website like youtube, google video etc? Or is that you have a corporate website with just 2 to 3 small audio video files with minimal traffic on your site? If your requirement is the first option then you would have to purchase VPS/VDS/Dedicated/Cloud Server depending on your budget and if your requirement is the second option then you may choose our corporate package.

MsSql 2005/2008:
As we all know that when a new version is launched in the market it takes a while for the designer and developers to get adjusted to the changes and in India 95% of the developers and designers are experts in MsSql2000 and build their databases without any problem and if any issue arises they are savvy enough to resolve it easily. MsSql2005 is hardly used by few of the designers and developers and not many have hands on experience on the latest. Since MsSql2000 is stable and most of our customers are using, it would be difficult for us to change the database and our current customers would feel happy about it. As a hosting company to install the latest version does not take more time or effort but looking at the current demand and usage we provide what the majority of customers are looking for, but if you are insisting that you want MsSql2005 you may purchase our corporate package. The cost of the package is only Rs14000 per year. Or you may purchase VPS, VDS, Dedicated server etc. and install any type or version of database that your site requires.

Video presentation:
Manashosting is the first hosting company to have our own virtual product adviser. Our VPA would help you provide a presentation through which you would get all your queries answered plus our VPA would also suggest you the best package suitable for you

Safe emails:
Mail exchange service would be the right option for you, don’t worry it does not cost you in lakhs but just in few thousands.

Ethics is an important attribute in any company or person, but in today’s world it is tough to find ethics be it in an individual or in a company. Having said that we are different, we are a company who has strong principals and follow ethics very strongly. Few of them are: we do not take our competitors name. We do not criticize our competitors

Dynamic team work:
Our team members are very dynamic in nature and doing their work by always keeping a watch on the international and national’s new technology, software, coding, source code and the latest platform available in the hosting industry which is utilized maximum by our Indian customer or International customers with upcoming features etc

Work for future of India:
As we see that there has been huge demand in the stream of internet, mobile etc and as we are also aware that the next industry would be hosting and in future most of the people would like to have their website and web presence because individual identity will be more focused on, having said this we have equipped ourselves and the team to meet the future requirement of hosting for our Indian customers

About our team:
The second line up of our company are young, dynamic, talented members who are from vivid background like software, networking, hardware and customer support with immense experience in their respective roles and have joined hands in this company to fulfill their dream of meeting the needs of our Indian customers of providing top class quality and service to our Indian customers. They are totally committed towards the hosting era that would approach in the future and work day and night to provide the best in everything to our Indian customer and to maintain the standards with respect to the past achievements of the company

Indian customer care support:
As it is evident that India has multiple languages and communication barrier is too high especially when they are approaching any international providers it becomes very difficult for Indian customers to understand what is been communicated. Our technical team is from different part of India by which they are able to understand what our clients’ issues are through ticket, chat and phone and are able to provide best service to our Indian customers. Looking at these scenarios most of the Indian customers prefer to have Indian customer care where it would be easy for them to understand and resolve their issues in a speedy fashion.

Unique, valuable and innovative hosting packages:
As a company we do not run behind huge volume to make quick money. We would like to provide the best service to our customers. Our key person spends more time in brining unique, valuable and innovative technology to hosting through which we are wanting the customers to identify the differences between us and other providers available in the market. Various innovation like multiplatform, multi level, PEM have been brought to the hosting by which our customer have already identified the unique, valuable and innovation that is with the company and always like to have a long term relationship with the company.

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What is Web Hosting?
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arrow_sky  We provide more than 5000 unique    templates that would best match your    needs.

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arrow_sky Manashosting is proud to receive 12    international awards. After doing hard    labor, innovative

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arrow_sky  Manashosting helps you to create    large websites without worrying    about ‘ceiling’.

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What is MySql?
arrow_sky  It is used to store information.     MySQL can store many types of data     from something.

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What is MySql?
arrow_sky  It is used to store information.     MySQL can store many types of data     from something.

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What is Mambo?
arrow_sky  Mambo is one of the most powerful Open Source Content Management Systems on the planet. It is used all over the world for everything

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ecommerce hosting?
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What is Windows server?
arrow_sky  A network server that uses the    Windows operating system, also    called “Win2K"

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What is a Linux Server?
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   A very popular

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What is Database?
arrow_sky  Collection of data or information     organized for rapid search and     retrieval.

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Audio & Video Presentation
arrow_sky  To help our new clients and     customers to familiarize with control     panel, placing

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arrow_sky  Our servers are installed and     regularly updated by the latest     antivirus

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arrow_sky  Manashosting provides the most     widely-used security protocol on the     Internet, used

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arrow_sky  Amazing features, new hardware,    high quality configuration, choice of    managed

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V-Dedicated Servers
arrow_sky  A technology that gives the feel of    using a Dedicated Server but at the    cost of a VPS

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Dedicated Servers
arrow_sky  A complete independent single use    machine with scalable configuration    and easy

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arrow_sky  Cloud hosting is also known as enterprise or cluster hosting. It is a web hosting service which is offered from a network of servers.

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arrow_sky  SaaS is a software delivery method that provides access to software and its functions remotely as a Web-based service.

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Dedicated IP
arrow_sky  Dedicated IP refers to web hosting that provides the user with an IP address which is used solely by their website's server space and domain.

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Account manager:
arrow_sky  You can use our Account Manager option who will take care of your hosting account and do all the necessary steps and procedures to keep your account up and running.
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What’s New?
arrow_sky  All the latest updates of technology,    changes and much more happening    at Manashosting

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How to Renew?
arrow_sky  Renewal is as important as    purchasing of a new account.
   Most of the

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Free Products
arrow_sky  Various free products that would     help Manashosting’s customers not     just online

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arrow_sky  Network plays a vital role when     providing hosting to our clients
    and hence

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Testimonial & Portfolio
arrow_sky  Hundreds and thousands of happy     customers have said what they have     truly experienced

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arrow_sky  In today’s internet world
   security is of primal importance
   and Manashosting

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Domain Transfer
arrow_sky  Manashosting’s technology helps a     customer to transfer their domain     from another

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arrow_sky  Discounts are provided only to our     esteemed clients and specially     those chosen

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arrow_sky  With different top brass ISP     providers, powerful Dell servers and     with auto

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arrow_sky  Manashosting’s unique server    architecture and the latest cloud    technology deliver

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How to Raise a Ticket?
arrow_sky  Customers can enter into our archive     of support and help through raising     a ticket

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How to Place an Order?
arrow_sky  The help file to guide a customer     without any human assistance and
    a step by

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How to Pay?
arrow_sky  Manashosting has provided various    payment options for our customers
   to choose

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