VPS India
VPS India

Manashosting has implemented the Virtual Private Server (VPS) technology in its own method for the benefits of those individual or concerns who are in need of such technology for their business sake. Virtual Private Servers (VPS) is very good and affordable choice between Shared Hosting and Dedicated Servers. Virtual Private Server (VPS) physically running in shared hardware which is done by virtualization software creates and manages a number of ‘virtual servers’ within the shared hardware.

Such implementation has been done by Manashosting in its own way to make the technology more affordable for the clients. Brothering the features and its implementation in virtualization concept have helped clients to opt for the genuine web space feature they are looking for. Each VPS is like dedicated server having applications, databases, pre-set memory size, disk size and network bandwidth and allows the customer to fully configure the environment for their specific application and security needs. One ‘virtual private server’ does not relate to other ‘virtual private server’.

In VPS, other user’s applications to crash on another user’s website would never slow the system down for your applications or neither there a chance of crashing the system. If one VPS has been configured with "X" Mb of RAM, then it always has that amount of memory available to it regardless of what other ‘virtual private servers’ are requesting (even though the total pool of RAM is shared amongst all ‘virtual servers’).

Manashosting has implemented the virtual private server (VPS) in a method of partitioning a physical server computer into multiple servers such that each has the appearance and capabilities of running on its own dedicated machine. Each VPS can run its own full-fledged operating system, and each server can be independently rebooted.

The physical server boots normally. It then runs a program that boots each virtual private server (VPS) within a virtualization environment. The virtual private server (VPS) has no direct access to hardware and is usually booted from a disk image.

The software based virtualization environment created by Manashosting, has induced VPS machines with the functionality that shares the same kernel and actually require the main node's resources. This kind of virtualization normally has many benefits in a virtual private server environment because of quota incrementing and decrementing in real time with no need to restart the node. And Since we are looking for long term relationship with the customers we would like to sell the packages for one year and more

In a par virtualized environment, the client is aware of the admin and interfaces directly with the host system's resources, with the admin implementing real-time access control and resource allocation. These results in near-native performance since the client sees the same hardware as the host and can thus communicate with it natively. Linux, currently known to support this method of virtualization. However, installing operating systems as par virtualized as client tends to require more knowledge about the operating system in order to have it use special admin-aware kernels and devices. Manashosting being one among the growing companies offers virtual private server hosting, or virtual dedicated server hosting as an extension for web hosting services.

Special Offer
Purchase for 1 year get 1 month at $1 per month
Purchase for 2 year get 5 months at $1 per month
Purchase for 3 year get 8 months at $1 per month
Purchase for 5 year get 12 months at $1 per month
Purchase for 10 year get 36 months at $1 per month
$1 Per Month For The First Month
All the packages provided in Virtual Private Server comes with $1 for the first month from the 2nd month the cost of these respective packages which you have chosen. A customer needs to decide which plan they would like to purchase in the start and the same package will be continued till the entire tenure.
Free Managed Services
All the server packages comes with Free Managed for the first 3 months. L2 support will be provided free the actual cost of L2 level Managed Services cost Rs4000 per month, you save Rs4000x3=Rs12000.
Easy Monthly Installment (EMI)
First time in the hosting history across the globe Manashosting has introduced EMI facility for servers. EMI helps a client to pay the server cost easily. Customer's do not have to block their money by making payment at once but can pay through ECS or post dated cheques. To avail EMI facility send your post dated cheques to our Bangalore corporate office address. All the cheques should be dated on the 5th of respective months. To avial ECS contact our team, fill in all the details and send the hard copy to our Bangalore corporate office address.

Server Reselling concept in Virtual Private Server

Manashosting has launched “Server Reseller” for Virtual Private Server. You can earn up to 75% in selling cost. In Server Reselling a person or a company can make profit by reselling servers to their customers a Server Reseller can sell the servers depending on their time in other words, there is no stipulated time frame for a Server Reseller to sell or there are no red tapes. A Server Reseller will be provided with unique identification number which will have an active account with Manashosting for calculation of payouts. In server Reselling concept, you start to get payouts after you have crossed a few sales, once the sales are crossed Server Reseller can retain their payouts and pay the remaining amount to Manashosting.

No investment, no advertisements, no long term agreement, no marketing, no fuss, you don’t have to provide any sort of support, be it billing or technical. Reselling of servers is simple, you contact Manashosting purchase the servers at discounted price and later sell it to your customers at markup price. You do not have to provide any kind of support to your customers' we will help them out with their issues.

How does Server Reselling work?

A Server Reseller is a person or a company who can use their own brand name in other words your customer will never know from whom you purchased the service and this gives you the opportunity to sell the package at any cost you like. In this concept there is no long term agreement, no commitment, no investment, no hazel, only profit over the income.

As a Server Reseller you will be selling all the servers of Manashosting to your customers and we will provide technical support as well as customer service to your customers. As a Server Reseller you don’t have to invest a single coin, you start earning when you sell any of the server packages to your customers. It’s as simple as that.

Server Reseller Remuneration

Units Percentage Yes
5 - 10 25%
11 - 50 35%
51 - 100 50%
101 - 250 25%
251 & above 75%
Space 10GB 20 GB 50GB 100GB 500GB
Bandwidth 100GB 500GB Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
RAM 512MB 512MB 2GB 4GB 8GB
Guaranteed CPU 3.4 GHZ 13.6 GHZ Single Core Dual Core Dual Core + Dual Core
OS Win/Lin Win/Lin Win/Lin Win/Lin Win/Lin
Dedicated IPS 1 1 1 1 1
Network Speed 100MBPS 100MBPS 100MBPS 100MBPS 100MBPS
Open Source Hosting Control Panel Free Free Free Free Free
Open Source WebMail Interface Free Free Free Free Free
Root access Free Free Free Free Free
Website Allowed Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Raid 10 Fault Tolerant Drive
Supporting Code, ASP, PHP, ASP.NET and Other
Firewall Protection Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional
24X7 Network and System Monitoring
Hardware Management
Reboot Request
Full Admin/ Root Access
Private Name Server
Account Manager
Trouble Ticket System
Advance Features
Unlimited E-mail Accounts
Unlimited FTP Accounts
Unlimited MsSQL databases
Unlimited MySQL Databases
Server Side Includes (SSI)
Technology Features
Dell Servers
Backup Generator
UPS power
100% power uptime
Special Promo Price For 3 Months in $ $1 $1 $1 $1 $1
Monthly Price (INR) 417 834 2083 4167 8333
Yearly Price (INR) 5000 10000 25000 50000 100000
Monthly Price in $ 6 13 32 64 128
Yearly Price in $ 77 154 385 769 1538
2 Year Price in $ 146 293 731 1461 2922
3 Year Price in $ 208 416 1039 2076 4153
5 Year Price in $ 327 654 1636 3268 6536
10 Year Price in $ 577 1155 2887 5767 11532
Note : The price mentioned above is for multiple years only, clients who make complete payment at once will be entitled to the price mentioned in the multiple years plan. This price is not valid for EMI scheme clients even if they are purchasing for multiple years.
Free Products
OS Windows web edition 2008 Redhat Enterprise Linux Free Free Free Free
Hardware and Network support Free Free Free Free
1 hour advice on how to use server worth $199 Free Free Free Free
Security consultant worth $499 Free Free Free Free
Server health check up monthly worth $ 199 Free Free Free Free
Server performance consulting worth $ 299 Free Free Free Free
Manual migration worth $499 Free Free Free Free
Migration by automated software worth $299 Free Free Free Free
Managed Services Price List
Starter L1: Rs 2500 per month
Premium L2: Rs 4000 Per month
Advance L3: Rs 7500 per month
Specialized L4: Rs 10000 per month
Compare Manashosting Package  with market
Internation market price In Rs (Per Year) 25,000 + very Low Bandwidth 44,000 + very Low Bandwidth 55,000 + very Low Bandwidth 1,10,000 + very Low Bandwidth
National market price In Rs
(per year)
30,000 + very Low Bandwidth 44,000 + very Low Bandwidth 60,000 + very Low Bandwidth 1,21,000 + very Low Bandwidth
Compare Manashosting Package with Unlimited Bandwidth and Market have 1 TB Bandwidth with same Hardware configuration.
Internation market price In Rs (Per Year) 75,000 80,000 90,000 1,50,000
National market price In Rs
(per year)
81,000 92,000 1,70,000 1,67,000

ADD-ON 50% Discounts on add on

Secure Socket Layer, Random Access Memory and Internet Protocol
2 Gigabyte DDR III Random Access Memory ra500 /month
250 Gigabyte SATA Hard Disk Drive ra250 /month
500 Gigabyte SATA Hard Disk Drive ra500 /month
1000 Gigabyte SATA Hard Disk Drive ra950 /month
300 Gigabyte Software as a Service Hard Disk Drive   ra3500 /month
Internet Protocol Address ra1000 per IP
Secure Socket Layer ra1200         
Additional Memory 1 GB
 ra550 /month
Additional Disk Space 25 GB  ra475 /month
Disaster Recovery $199(INR 9350)
Comprehensive DR consultation
Scalable off-site backups
Multiple data centre failovers
Private networks and VPNs
High security Tier II/III facilities
Interconnects and IP transit
Off-site backups   ra6400 /month
Shared Load Balancing for 2 Web Servers      ra120000 /Yearly
Shared Load Balancing for Additional Web Server    ra37992 /Yearly
SpamAssassin for Plesk  ra3410 /Yearly
Dr. Web Anti-virus for Plesk    ra15000 /Yearly
Windows 2003/2008 Datacenter Edition Proc License 64 Bit   ra3600 /month
Windows 2003/2008 Enterprise Edition 64 Bit   ra4800 /month
Managed Services
L1 Managed Service - ra1500 /month
Basic Port monitoring, Ping Monitoring and Email Alerts on high resource utlization
L2 OS management - ra5000 /month
O/S Design & Implementation
Hardening & Performance Management
Server Monitoring
L3 Database management @ ra6000 /month
Database Design & Implementation
Performance Management
Availability (Clustering) Management
Resource Management
Capacity Planning
Fully Managed Service (Includes L1, L2 & L3 For ra12000 /month)
Monthly customized technical support    ra10000 /month
Monthly server management fee  ra5000 /month

Backup Maintenance for every 25 GB of backup space and
support calculated in 25 GB blocks

 ra550 /month
Fixing of issues without support contract
Level 2 Support  ra1100 /month
Advanced Support Services  ra5500 /month
In National ra 36000 per year to ra 60000 per year
As your know that international man power cost is very high compare to Indian market so
In international market managed service if it is full managed services and not partially managed services then 
ra50,000 to ra1,00,000 per year.
In international market Fixing of issues per hour cost is ra 10,000 to ra 50,000.
Control Panel
CPanel Unlimited Domains  ra1500 /month
Plesk 10 Domains ra206.25 /month
Plesk 100 Domains  ra412.50 /month
Plesk Unlimited Domains  ra717.75 /month
AddOn- Plesk Power Pack
Power Pack required for SpamAssassin and SQL Integration in Plesk
 ra255.75 /month
Cpanel (Unix Only)  ra1,031.25/month
Data Backup
Database Backup ra600 UPTO 10GB Storage 1 Backup agent
OS Backup ra499 Windows Desktop (Win 98, XP, Vista) Windows Server (2000, 2003, 2008) or Linux/Unix Server Upto 10 GB Flat File Backup 1 Backup Agent
Data backupra399 UPTO 10GB Storage 1 Backup agent
MS SQL Web Edition 2005/2008 Processor License    ra1,500 /month
MS SQL Workgroup Edition 2005/2008 Processor License    ra2,400 /month
MS SQL Standard Edition 2005/2008 Processor License     ra12,500 /month
MS SQL Enterprise Edition 2005/2008 Processor License      ra52,500 /month
Red Hat Enterprise Linux with Apache, PHP, MYSQL, Bind   ra2500 /month
Red Aplication Platform ra6200         
Extra Free Products
Manage multiple Web sites: Host multiple Web sites on one server account.
24/7 physical security
24/7 network monitoring
Your server becomes unreachable due to a network failure within our facility. Free Support  
Your server becomes unreachable due to a hardware failure within our facility. Free Support  
The hosting service setup process failed to complete successfully. Free Support  
A root user password change request failed to resolve successfully. Free Support  
upgradation advise on basis of your uses Free
Front Page support
MS Access Free
Back Up In same Server Free
Microsoft FTP  Server Free
Anti-Virus Free
Anti-SPAM Free
Hardware Technical Support Free
Server can be managed through control panels
One Domain Plesk control panel Free
Asp/ ASP.Net/ PHP Free
Windows 2003/2008 Web Edition 32/64 Bit
Windows 2003/2008 Standard Edition 32/64 Bit
MS SQL Express Edition 2005/2008 Free
Linux Options
CentOS-32/64 Bit with Apache, PHP, MYSQL, Bind Free
Installation of operating system and Parallels Plesk Panel. Free
Setup Domain Name & DNS Free
Setup Resource Allocation Free
Security Services Monthly scans, as well as real-time on-access virus scanning of files Optional
Security Services: we scans your server once a month, to provide you with any recommended remediation actions. Optional
Emergency Services
Service restart or reboot
Server or service down
Tier-3 Support troubleshooting
Patching Services:
Patching services for the base operating system, such as Fedora or Windows, which includes: - Official updates, bug fixes and security patches released by Microsoft.
Official updates released by the Fedora or Fedora Legacy Project.
Monitoring Services
Per server monitoring of basic services such as Ping and HTTP.
Diagnosis Free
Advanced security - outstanding data centre security
A wide choice of services including, hosting, business continuity, virtualisation, security, backups, storage, remote
System Monitoring
Hardware Replacement
All our Servers Support the following:
Scripting Languages; ASP.NET 4.0 ASP.NET 3.5 PHP MVC 2.0 MVC 1.0
Database Platforms; SQL Server 2008 SQL Server 2005 My SQL
Additional Technologies; IIS Remote IIS Smooth Streaming URL Rewrite SEO Web PI WebMatrix Compatability
Publishing Protocols; FTPS FTP Web Deploy WebDav
Be notified of any problems with our system monitoring service
Spread traffic over your servers avoiding bottle necks with our load balancing service
Ensure availability of your sites using our managed DNS service
.NET framework
Support for other Microsoft applications
24/7 Server Reboot
24/7 Access to BIOS
24/7 Access to KVM
24/7 Access to RAID
24/7 Access to Sensor
High quality hardware
Uptime monitoring and downtime alerts Free
Speed of response to your support tickets
Courtesy, Quality of Service and Competency.
Server Migrations from your Existing Host Free
Server management tools
Easily Upgrade Any Time
Server Hardware Fully Guaranteed
Tutorials and Support Documentation
Bandwidth Graphs
Easy Upgrades With No Downtime

We are known in the hosting industry for best quality and lowest price in all the segments of hosting solutions and we can prove what we say. We can beat any quotes provided by any company in the world in VPS/VDS/DS/Cloud server.

It’s an open challenge to all the visitors of our website with assured guarantee of world’s lowest price quote without compromising on quality and services.

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