First time in India, Manashosting introduced PEM technology in shared hosting industry. After five years of dedicated work, Parallels with three thousand technician and programmers team developed this technology and several other technicians tested the functionality before releasing it to the market. Using PEM technology customer will get reliable, secure and flexible shared hosting account.

PEM has been developed to manage millions of domain hosting account parallel. As this technology has generally been developed for high end customers so obviously quality will be main focus. As this technology has a capacity to manage hundreds of servers at a time hence uptime and speed will be very high compared to other past technology. Plesk control panel was built for small or mid size hosting companies to give average quality, reliability, security, speed and uptime. If any small or mid size hosting company hosts more domains or overloads the dedicated server then there's a high chance for the server to malfunction resulting in unstable services which eventually is a negative point for the customers. Once Manashosting released PEM our 90% call to technical team was reduced. 70% chat request was reduced. 60% new tickets or technical tickets were reduced. Hence nowadays our technical team can focus more on server maintenance and monitoring. As a result our SLA has improved a lot compared to past years. Main advantage of PEM is lot of new and fresh templates which are included along with the website builder. Hence using such site builder one can save the charge of web designing as well.

PEM is more focusing on the security of the server specially on antivirus, anti spam, mass mailing, phishing. Once after its release complaints based on virus, spamming reduced dramatically.


PEM cannot be installed in any ordinary server as its been developed for the maximum quality and output. Hence ordinary server cannot take the load of the precise architecture of PEM. PEM has specialized hardware requirement for high end dell server and similar to such high end facilities. Specially in the shared hosting as the client is sharing the server resources with other customer if any one misuses the server resources it affects the others as well however PEM technology is maintaining the security in a such fashion that it will restrict from misusing the server space.

Integrating the new plesk to our server has eventually helped in creating the web hosting packages on variety of hosting concept that is quite unique in the current market. Using this new plesk version a web hosting concern can integrate servers based on different platforms which eventually can help the clients to host their domains based on Windows and Linux including java with associated functionality of tomcat. Multiplatform feature comes into the benefit of resellers as they have customers looking to host domains based on all three above mentioned platforms. Website builder is included in the panel using which a client can easily develop the web page layout. Readymade templates are included in the website builder which a person can opt for while designing the web page layout. Using new plesk packages can be created based on the features like CMS, share point, mail exchange record, saas, etc which are readily available in the panel itself. Even dedicated servers and VPS can be managed using the panel.

Managing multiple units of server using new plesk becomes easier which eventually decides to maintain the load balance of the server space depending upon the saturation level of resource for every server unit. This functionality works automatically and it helps the client domains to get hosted at ease. Manashosting has done a huge investment to bring the world's latest technology to Indian shared hosting market which eventually has helped Indian customers to get world's superior quality at reasonable rate. As company invested a huge amount so company would like to maintain the long term relationship with customer by providing security, high uptime and speed and quality. So if any Indian customer looking for the long term stability of his website in hosting industry then PEM technology is excellent choice for him/her.


The antispam included in panel doesn't allow unwanted data or information to enter the server via mails. It restricts unauthorized entries. The antivirus helps to restrict the viruses from affecting the server. It detects and automatically deletes unauthorized or suspicious files if by any chance it enters the server also.

Manashosting has the dell server incorporated with the latest technology which gives the best hardware resource functionality. Its reliable, secure giving high uptime and speed to the applications associated with it. The new technology of the new plesk has the facility to upgrade the technology on the basis of the market demands. It can adapt to the changes that has to be done for the server up gradation. It's not only confined to the above technology but in case if our clients wants to experiment with different hosting technology they can opt one from the variety of packages that Manashosting has.

Manashosting has kept the motion steady in the market by providing unlimited web space and unlimited bandwidth which nowadays is a primal concern for a client at an unbelievable low price. This helps a client to use the resource to its maximum on the basis of the website requirements.

Parallels panel integration to the server has been an important module for Manashosting which it has cashed upon to provide the best services to clients. Manashosting has utilized different versions of parallel plesk by integrating to its server which has been successful throughout.

As per the old hosting technology your website has to be hosted in a single server only, however in this new technology of PEM if we host one domain it will be hosted in separate server for site, mail, databases, dns, panel, etc and hence if one server goes down also PEM will manage in such a way that customer will not face much downtime. Therefore after releasing PEM the uptime has increased which you can check from URL


There is variety of mail interfaces which Manashosting has implemented starting from squirrel mail, horde, smarter mail latest versions, round cube which clients have gladly accepted.

Manashosting has kept the option for its clients to opt for the desired database like ms access, mysql, mssql 2000 and 2005 whichever they have used for their development purpose. Even Manashosting provides both mysql and mssql database for free.

Ticket system being another mode of communication has helped clients to opt for respective department to post their query based on the specific hosting issues. For the issue reference one can utilize the ticket id in case the same has to be followed up which in fact minimizes the trouble of submitting same query repeatedly and keeps aside the cost of communication over phone.

Manashosting’s advance billing system has helped in processing order activation within a short span and hence clients need not have to wait much for the sake of hosting panel credentials in case of any urgency for deploying website contents.

Chat facility has always been helpful for our clients to connect to respective department and submit queries of respective topics and keeps aside the cost of communication over phone.

First time in the hosting industry Manashosting came up with the concept of tech support by sms. Never before such concept was utilized in the hosting market for clients benefit. This concept has broadened the mode of communication.

Complain booking using the ticket system has also been an important aspect where dedicated higher official employees of the company are being given the task specifically to take care of urgent issues for our clients.

Manashosting has also opened up channel to unify the thoughts of its clients and to implement the demands along with their package for better service using the feedback form which one can see from our portal.

Being one among the veteran concern in the hosting market Manashosting has created its unique identity and brand all over the domestic or international market and it is one among the top web hosting company of India.

Manashosting has the innovative webhosting technology to implement in the web hosting domestic market. The web hosting Panel provided by Manashosting as control panel of your domain is one among the best in the current market. It has become more user-friendly and more reliable. We service all business sectors at very competitive rates. Our areas of strength are our innovation, out-of-the-box thinking and commitment to quality.

Unlike o helm, cpanel, old plesk, one can easily navigate from one to other platform using PEM. Other panels are focused mainly based on limited server access however PEM is an enterprise edition which manufactured to maintain the quality, reliability and security.

Using PEM one can install the desired php, asp, mail functions for web developing applications from the panel itself which minimized the trouble of compiling live codes or searching and implementation of source codes.

PEM is the next generation of hosting industry. Manashosting is proud to introduce PEM first time in India for Indian shared hosting customer.


Dell’s Data Center Management services are designed to allow IT to outsource some of the core administration tasks associated with storage management, backup management and virtual server management. By outsourcing these tasks using Dell’s Data Center management suite of services, organizations can regain resources and use them to grow and transform their businesses rather than on managing their existing infrastructures. Dell’s Data Center Management services help:

  • Ensure that storage operations are being successfully managed and that measurable improvements are being made to manage growth.

  • Optimize backup environments with full remote management, including remote reporting, monitoring and alerts to help your organization identify and deal with problems in a timely manner.

  • Improve the efficiency and performance of virtual server environments, with early alerts about capacity and performance problems, as well as potential resource bottlenecks.

Dell Data Center backup management simplifies your backup management and helps to improve reliability by providing a complete view of your entire backup infrastructure and process - from backup time frames to the ability to compare groups of servers. Services include:

  • Backup advisory and reporting - Provides a real-time, enterprise-wide view of your backup environment through Web-based dashboard reporting.

  • Remote monitoring - Provides 24x7 monitoring and alerts, and customizable options to allow ongoing access to a skilled, remote support team.

  • Backup management services- Allow you to fully outsource the management and operation of your backup infrastructure to Dell’s backup professionals.


Remote monitoring and reporting help you to get the most out of your virtual server environment by combining 24/7 monitoring, alerts and reporting with expert analysis and advice. Benefits include:

Better understanding of system performance - Gain insight into virtual machine and host performance to optimize your infrastructure through detailed, comprehensive reports.

  • Improved capacity planning - Get weekly reports and monthly in-depth reviews that can help you evaluate usage to better predict bottlenecks and improve performance, so that you scale only when needed.

  • Around - the-clock monitoring and alerts - 24/7/365 alerts and monitoring of key metrics, including processor, memory, network and disk storage capacity, and up/down availability of clusters, hosts and virtual machines.
Storage optimization and management helps improve the efficiency of your storage environment through 24/7 monitoring, real-time reports and the option to have Dell fully manage your storage environment. Services include:
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  • Remote monitoring - Provides 24/7 monitoring and alerts, and the option to have ongoing access to a skilled, remote support team.

  • Storage management services -Allows you to fully outsource the management and operation of your backup infrastructure to Dell’s backup professionals.

Data continues to grow at an exponential rate, and organizations struggle to accommodate this growth based on incomplete information and limited visibility. Without clear visibility into the storage environment, enterprises struggle to manage current storage needs and anticipate future growth, resulting in overspending and missed service levels.

Dell’s Storage Optimization & Management Service simplifies the management of your storage environment, and helps provide assurance that storage operations are being successfully managed and making measurable improvements. Dell's Storage Optimization & Management Service can:

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Dell’s Storage Optimization & Management Service helps simplify and improve storage environment management. This service can help you realize cost savings quickly and increase storage utilization, gaining the benefits of effective planning. Through 24/7 monitoring services and Web-based reports dashboard, Dell provides you with detailed capacity and utilization information. The end result is visibility into your storage environment to help your IT team identify and remedy potential issues regarding storage availability and reliability. This service helps ensure that your storage environment is optimized and operating according to industry best practices.

Dell Storage Optimization & Management provides a real-time, enterprise-wide view of your storage environment through Web-based dashboard reports. With enhanced visibility, trending and metrics, you can improve the efficiency of your storage assets and this can result in improved storage costs. The Dell Storage Optimization & Management provides:

  • Web-based service portal to access reports and trends

  • Automated reports delivered via email for your convenience

  • A technical account manager assigned to your account to help analyze and monitor your service

  • Complete training of your in-house team

Dell Storage Optimization & Management Service is cloud optimized and delivered as software as a service (SaaS), with no additional hardware or software to procure and virtually no infrastructure maintenance or software to support, resulting in a low initial cost and an overall lower total cost of ownership. The service can be deployed quickly for rapid access and results. And, with flexible deployment options, you can tailor fit the service to the needs and capabilities of your IT organization.

Our data center is considered a top tier facility in terms of network connectivity and infrastructure design. Our data center is in U.S.A. It is a strategic hub in the United States that makes it an ideal location web data are navigated throughout the United States and around the world. It has been ranked no. 6 for IT IQ among all United States cities.

Our Data Center can accommodate large server farms, data cages, and even private suites. We maintain direct multi-Gigabit bandwidth connections into four of the tier 1 international Internet backbone providers. We currently host thousands of Internet web, mail and application servers, network routers, switches, fire walls and load balancers.
The building receives electricity from three separate power feeds on a spot network that provides for automatic fail over capabilities. Our Data Center maintains level current and short term power backup through a complex UPS system, and protects against possible long-term power failures with diesel generators. Ideal temperature and humidity is accurately controlled with redundant cooling systems.

If you have any questions related to the technicality of the product or need assistance with the product that you are interested in please fill the below form, our manager would revert to you and clarify your queries.

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