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  • Unlimited space at lowest cost
  • Superior uptime and performance
  • High Speed and Best server Uptime
  • Award winning technical team
  • Advance server for Java/ Tomcat
  • Support by Chat, Phone, Ticket
  • Domain Transfer without downtime
  • Full control panel facility
  • Latest Anti Spam and Anti Virus protection
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Smart Reseller Windows

General Features (Smart Reseller Windows)

Disk Space 10GB 
Bandwidth 1000GB / month
Sub Domains Unlimited
Control Panel Plesk 11
Domain Setup Unlimited
Domain Aliases
Windows 2003 Server
FTP Accounts
Web Based FTP
FIle Manager
ASP 3.5
ASP 4.0
ASP Jpeg
ASP Upload
ASP Image
ASP Grid
Java/ Tomcat
PHP 5.2.6
PHP 5.3.18
PHP My Admin
PHP list
PHP Project
PHP Ads New
Perl with GD
Tiki Wiki
Ruby On Rails
Lime Survey
Dew-New PHP Links
Noahs Classifieds
Image Galleries
Web Shell
Dot Project
MIME types
Raw Log Manager
Advanced Poll
Transfer Log
W3J mail
Miva support
Front Page
Dream Weaver
404 Customized Error
Pre-registered ActiveX Components
IIS Web Server
GD 2
Chili soft ASP
Bulletin Boards YaBB
Bulletin Boards PHP BB
Bulletin Boards PHP BB3
Click Cart Pro

Manual Installation

Text pattern
Open Blog
egg Blog
Wordpress MU
Blog Engine.NET
Website Baker
Site frame
Bitrix Site Manager - Standard
XMB Forum
Pun BB
Use BB
Blab! Light
Copper mine
4 Images Gallery
Tiny Web Gallery
Pixel post
Zen Photo
php Album
Zen Cart
Pos Commerce
Cube Cart
Open Cart
Presta Shop
PHP Shop
BV Commerce
Doku Wiki
Advanced Guestbook
PHP Book
Bella Book
VX Guestbook
Noah's Classifieds
PHP ads
Web Calendar
PHP iCalendar
PHP ScheduleIt
PHP List
Advanced Poll
Lime Survey
Easy Poll
Little Poll
Simple PHP Poll
CJ Dynamic Poll
Aardvark Top sites
php surveyor
Sugar CRM
PHP Collab
Net Office
Project Pier
eGroup Ware
Smarter Track
Crafty Syntax
Exo PHP Desk
Web Messenger
PHP Online
Perl Desk
Support Logic Help Desk
Support Services Manager
FAQ Master Flex
Price for 1 Year Rs 20,000

Other Features

Help Documentation
Your Own Reseller Domain Control Panel Free
Your Own Reseller space Control Panel Free
Total number of domain hosting Unlimited
Free Domain Name Registration No
Firewall Protection
Web Site Statistics
DNS Management
Fraud, Virus & Spam Protection
Trouble Ticket
Server Side Includes
Visitor Statistics
Backup Scheduler
99.9% Uptime
Sub Reseller No
Your Own Name servers
Generic Name servers

Key Account Manager

In this package we provide Accounts Manager to handle and manage your account throughout the validity of your package (in this case, for one year). Our key accounts manager will take care of Technical, Customer service and CRM related queries. Our key accounts manager will handle and maintain your hosting right from checking the resources, usage, speed, up-time, website statistics and also will coordinate with the respective departments to fix the issues even before it would reach to your websites. Our Key Accounts manager' will closely monitor your site 24/7/365 days with multiple software, tools and hardware to make sure that your site gets maximum uptime, maximum speed at the same time with maximum care and protection. Our Key Accounts Manager will also be updating your hosting plan with the latest technology available in the hosting industry which a normal website owner will not know. Our key accounts manager will be working close with you and provide you all the updates about the server on a daily basis by making outgoing calls, emails and sms to keep you up to date on all the latest as well as the resolutions that have been made. Our key accounts manager will also give you the insight about the latest and what's new in hosting industry which will help you to know what best is available in the hosting industry and how it can be useful for your website. Our key accounts manager will provide you required recommendations as and when your site needs and help you upgrade your site to be competitive in this competitive world. Our key accounts manager will help you facilitate all the required amenities for you to be satisfied with your hosting plan at the same time your visitors and business partners would appreciate their experience when visiting your website. Our key accounts manager will also take special care of your site from all possible threats which occur online and provide a special protection to your data as well as your website using latest and high-end encrypted codlings when you choose to use our Matrix Hosting Package.

Windows live Free E-Mail ID Key Features for each Domain
Total Email ID's maximum
50 Email ID's
Total Email Space Unlimited
Email Space per Email id
Custom email address for own domain

Windows reseller package has always been in huge demand in the market from many years and 10GB windows reseller package is what most of the resellers wanted. Now after doing immense research “Smart Windows Reseller” package is offered to our resellers. In this package your control panel will be Plesk Expand and your customers will get plesk control panel. The specialty of this package is the technical support, since this package does not have database or emails, a reseller will not have to waste much time, resources and money for providing technical support to their customers. However in cases where technical support is required we have Special Expertise Technical Support Team, only for Resellers. So you will get advance technical support by Ticket, Phone and Live CHAT in a timely fashion. The vivid support facility will help you resolve your customers’ issue and provide maximum client satisfaction.

Is 10GB enough for my company?

In the normal scenario an average static html, php .net websites contains 3 pages and each page requires only 10MB of space amounting to 30MB space per website. If we are looking at the calculation very closely on an average if 30MB space is used for one website then in 10GB you can easily host 342 websites with 3 pages easily. However not all the websites have 3 pages there are so many websites which will have just one page or maximum 2 web pages. In most of the cases if the web pages are designed using website builder the file size decreases even more there by providing you as a reseller the opportunity increase your hosting revenue when you purchase the “Smart Windows Reseller” package. Now let’s do a further more calculation to know how you are benefited as a reseller. Each hosting account is sold on an average of Rs1000 for a year and in a year if you are hosting 342 website you make 1000 X 342 = 342000 per year (Please note this calculation is provided to explain the benefit of the package)

A reseller package which gives complete satisfaction and freedom to maintain your customers’ accounts. Our Smart Reseller package reseller package is powered with Windows operating system. Windows 10GB reseller package is one of the most sought after packages across the world and this package has provided satisfaction to the resellers from past decade. Now, we have launched the same package for our resellers. After a through study of the market and after more than thousands of resellers’ request and suggestion we have launched this package. The specialty of this package is resellers don’t have to spend time and for major technical support issues and can provide the best packages to your customers. Since this package does not contain email ids and database the complete 10GB can be used by the resellers to create packages that are best suitable for their customers. As the research report states that more than 90% of Indian customers do not use dynamic websites it give more advantage for the resellers to use the 10GB space to create packages to their customers. Most of the 5 page static website uses only 8MB space and in this package resellers get unlimited domains control panel that will help them to host as many websites as possible. Just not that with this package our resellers can provide email ids to their clients using Google Apps or Windows Live accounts that is totally free. Apart from this, we also facilitate the provision of .Net support in Smart Reseller Package.

Simple Control Panel is provided by which your clients will not be confused to use your control panel and you need not invest more time for support in explaining your customers how to operate the control panel as Plesk Expand is very popular control panel. All the resellers will get their own Brand name and DNS to provide your customers. You can create your own brand in the hosting market and make your dreams come true of starting your own web hosting company.

Here is a small calculation with respect to the number of hosting accounts you can host on this 10GB package.

Normal 5 pages static website uses only 8MB space.
1GB is equal to 1024MB
1024MB X 10GB = 10240MB
Space used by a 5 pages static website 8MB
10240/8 = 1280 domains can be hosted
Each hosting package sold on an average cost Rs 1000
1000 X 1280 = Rupees 1,280,000 per year.
The cost of the package per year is Rs 7000
1,280,000 – 7000 = 1,273,000 profit

Anti Spam filters:

Spam’s are a major concern for company who are providing email ids to their customers and the customers satisfaction becomes less when the mail boxes are filled in with unwanted emails or spam emails. After a close study in the market we adopted a new technology which is specially incorporated in this package. The latest anti spam filters set in this package are for individual email ids which means you can control the spam setting on each email id created. Here you can set the control to High, Medium or low based on your preference. Usually the spam filters are set on the email servers but with this package we provide the anti-spam filter for each email id created, this will help your customer experience a whole new level of security with our latest anti-spam function.

Superior Server Stability:

With Dell server and cloud technology giving the best hardware resource functionality. Its reliable, secure giving high uptime and speed to the application. Remote monitoring provides 24x7 monitoring and alerts, and customizable options to allow ongoing access to a skilled, remote support team. Round the clock monitoring and alerts - 24/7/365 alerts and monitoring of key metrics, including processor, memory, network and disk storage capacity, and up/down availability of clusters and hosts.


See our helpful Video Tutorials to configure Windows Live email / Google Apps email to your own Domain Click Here


See our helpful Audio Tutorials to configure Windows Live email / Google Apps email to your own Domain Click Here


See our helpful Presentation Tutorials to configure Windows Live email / Google Apps email to your own Domain Click Here


See our helpful Step by Step procedure to configure Windows Live email / Google Apps email to your own Domain Click Here

Difference between Gmail and Windows Live:


Live Hotmail will be familiar and friendly for Outlook users. You can drag and drop messages into your folders, use a variety of pull-down menus to perform basic tasks without launching a new page, and quickly access other Outlook-express features like your calendar and task list..
Meanwhile, Gmail employs text links most of the main features are accessed. This makes Gmail faster loading, especially on slower connections. When navigating Live Hotmail account latency is experienced, whereas most of it on Gmail happens instantaneously. There are even occasional wait screens in the Live Hotmail interface.
Finally, Gmail groups emails on the same thread into a single item in the Inbox, whereas Live Hotmail employs the more traditional approach of breaking out each reply individually. The Gmail approach is unique in this regard, which could create confusion for first-time users and Outlook users.


Windows Live Hotmail debuts with 2GB of storage. Gmail is now up to 10GB.


Live Hotmail takes an Outlook-style approach to organizing messages, allowing you to create folders and drag and drop messages into them. Gmail takes a more Web approach, allowing you to assign multiple “labels” (tags) to your messages.


Live Hotmail features a prominent search box, where you can search your mail and/or the Web. Gmail has always had this feature included, with the search quality reflecting Google’s leadership in this area.

Personalization Options

A rich text editor is no big deal anymore, but the Live Hotmail editor does have a few added features over Gmail worth noting. Emoticons are the most visible bonus, but Live Hotmail also allows you to enter custom font and background colors, and includes the “Lucida Handwriting” font. Live Hotmail also let’s you choose from a variety of different themes for the interface.


For Google Apps support click here (
For Windows Live support click here
Customers who have activated their emails using either Windows Live or Google Apps should approach their respective mail provider and Manashosting will not provide support for mail issues as you have configured the mails with Windows Live/ Google Apps. Since we do not have the control over the mail servers which you have configured with Windows Live/ Google Apps we would like you to contact Windows Live/ Google Apps for email support.

This offer is limited offer and is provided only on first come first serve basis. If you fail to sign up within the given time you will not be eligible for the promo offer. Any customer approaching us after the offer time ends neither company nor the employee will not be responsible. After the offer date the prices of the same product can be doubled or tripled and neither the company nor the employees will be held responsible.

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What is Web Server?
arrow_sky  Manashosting has dell server    incorporated with the latest    technology.

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Data center is considered a top tier facility in terms of network connectivity and infrastructure design.

Online website Builder

You can design your own website with our free website builder in just few clicks. Design your own page

Free Products

Free source codes 5000 plus templates with free SEO tools to increase your page ranking.

Award winning Technical team

Our friendly technical support team is access able by chat, phone, ticket system, email and by SMS too.

Dell server

Servers are powered by Dell. These servers are high-end servers with high configuration

24x7 Customer support

Our technical team works round the clock to fix your issues in a speedy and effective manner

Super Fast Servers

We provide our customers with the best servers with high configuration super fast servers.

Secure Environment

Our servers are installed with the latest anti spam & antivirus software, with power backups

7 days free trial

Free trial is provided for customers to try our service and choose the best package for their business

Control Panel

Using Plesk(PEM) technology customer will get reliable, secure and flexible shared hosting account.

Superior Uptime

We provide 99.99% uptime. Our server structure is designed to provide the best uptime

How to Pay?

You can pay by Cash Deposit, Net Banking, Credit card, Debit card, Cheque/DD