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Manashosting helps you to create large
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arrow_sky  Is to facilitate our customers to gain    access when they need a call back    from our sales department.

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arrow_sky The most widely-used security    protocol on the Internet, often used    for online shopping sites.

                                              +read more
arrow_sky  A virtual private server provides the    features of a dedicated server on a    machine.

                                              +read more
Dedicated Server
arrow_sky  A dedicated hosting service,    dedicated server, or managed    hosting service.

                                              +read more
Multiplatform Reseller
arrow_sky  In our Multi Platform reseller    packages, we provide Windows,    Linux,Java hosting.

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What is Domain?
arrow_sky  A domain name is an online    identification label that an individual    or an organization.

                                                +read more
What is Web Hosting?
arrow_sky  A web hosting service is a type of    Internet hosting service that allows    individuals

                                                +read more
What is Web Space?
arrow_sky  Web space is the space provided on     the web server to host websites. In     other words

                                                +read more
What is Web Server?
arrow_sky  Manashosting has dell server    incorporated with the latest    technology.

                                                +read more
What is Webmail?
arrow_sky  Web mail is one of the most useful     web applications on the Internet,
    it allows

                                                +read more
What is Control Panel?
arrow_sky  A control panel, in web hosting, is a    web-based interface provided by the    hosting company.

                                                +read more
What is FTP?
arrow_sky  FTP stands for File Transfer     Protocol. FTP is used to connect two     computers

                                                +read more
What is a File Manager?
arrow_sky  A file manager or file browser is a    computer program that provides a    user interface

                                                +read more
What is Sub-domain?
arrow_sky  Sub domains are part of the main    domain name they don't need to be    registered

                                                +read more
What is Bandwidth?
arrow_sky  Bandwidth is a measure of the     amount of data that people     download

                                                +read more
Click We Will Call You
arrow_sky  Is to facilitate our customers to gain    access when they need a call back    from our sales

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7 Days Free Trial
arrow_sky  we provide you the opportunity to     determine the utility and applicability     of the services.

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Why to Choose Us?
arrow_sky  Superior uptime and performance |     Unlimited space at lower costs |         Latest Anti Spam.

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Customer Satisfaction
Spam Protection
arrow_sky  Inbuilt spam protection surge on our    servers helps us to fight malicious    spam.

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Web space Transfer
arrow_sky  When you are moving the hosting     package to Manashosting, and if     your site is active with another     hosting provider,

                                                +read more
Website Builder
arrow_sky  An easy tool though which any     person who do not have designing     knowledge can create their own     website with just few clicks.

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Ownership Certificate
arrow_sky  A Web Ownership Certificate is a     legal document that we provide to     our customers who purchase Web     space and Domain from us.

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Corporate Windows
arrow_sky  Looking for unlimited database
    MySql 2005, host your website on
    corporate Windows package.

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Corporate Linux
arrow_sky  Looking for MySql unlimited
   database with Cpanel control panel,
   a package that you can rely upon.

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Java Package
arrow_sky  Fulfill your Java requirement by     hosting your website on our Java     platform. Amazing features that is
     just right for your requirement.

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Renew Hosting
arrow_sky  Renewing you hosting account is as      important as renewing your
     passport or license if your website      generates revenue.

                                                +read more
Load Balancing
arrow_sky  The Server Architecture is so     designed that at no given point of     time

                                                +read more
arrow_sky  We provide more than 5000 unique    templates that would best match your    needs.

                                                +read more
arrow_sky Manashosting is proud to receive 12    international awards. After doing hard    labor, innovative

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World’s Lowest Price hosting
arrow_sky  The packages are such designed to     provide world’s lowest price without     compromising

                                                +read more
arrow_sky  World class datacenter,    Superior control panel, high    configuration

                                                +read more
What is Unlimited?
arrow_sky  Manashosting helps you to create    large websites without worrying    about ‘ceiling’.

                                                +read more
What is PHP?
arrow_sky  PHP is a general-purpose scripting     language originally designed for     web development.

                                                +read more
What is ODBC?
arrow_sky  ODBC is an Open Database     Connectivity, and is an interface to     access databases.

                                                +read more
What is TOMCAT?
arrow_sky  A popular Java servlet container from     the Apache Jakarta project. Tomcat     uses the Jasper

                                                +read more
What is ASP.NET?
arrow_sky  It is a server-side scripting     technology that can be used to     create dynamic

                                                +read more
What is JAVA?
arrow_sky  Java supports programming for the     Internet in the form of platform-     independent

                                                +read more
What is MsSql?
arrow_sky  MSSQL is a database system from     Microsoft, mostly used on high traffic     web sites.

                                                +read more
What is Mambo?
arrow_sky  Mambo is one of the most powerful Open Source Content Management Systems on the planet. It is used all over the world for everything

                                                +read more
What is PHPNuke?
arrow_sky  PHP-Nuke is a full-featured, completely customizable content management system that includes everything you'll need to organize

                                                +read more
What is XOOPS?
arrow_sky  XOOPS is an acronym of extensible Object Oriented Portal System. Though started as a portal system, XOOPS is in fact striving

                                                +read more
ecommerce hosting?
arrow_sky  When setting up your eCommerce business, it is crucial to choose the right web hosting provider. You want your online store

                                                +read more
What is Domain Reseller?
arrow_sky  It is very possible for you to make money when you enroll in domain reseller programs. Registering for a domain reselling program

                                                +read more
What is Website?
arrow_sky  A website, is a collection of webpages, that is, HTML/ XHTML documents accessible via HTTP on the Internet, all publicly accessible.

                                                +read more
What is PHPBB?
arrow_sky  PHPBB is a free flat-forum bulletin board software solution that can be used to stay in touch with a group of people or can power your entire.

                                                +read more
What is TYPO3?
arrow_sky  TYPO3 is a free and open source web content management system. It is released under the GNU General Public License.

                                                +read more
What is Geeklog?
arrow_sky  Geeklog is CMS with comments, spam protection and trackback support as like as many more. This make it blog oriented CMS.

                                                +read more
What is .netnuke?
arrow_sky  DotNetNuke is an open source web content management system based on Microsoft .NET technology. DotNetNuke is written in VB.NET.

                                                +read more
What is Drupal?
arrow_sky  Drupal is a content management system that makes use of modules to allow site administrators to organize and display content, customize.

                                                +read more
What is Joomla?
arrow_sky  Joomla is a free content management system used to create websites. Joomla allows web designers to construct sites by combining modules.
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What is Xaraya?
arrow_sky  Xaraya is a web application development framework. What this means is that Xaraya provides the core functionality you can use to build web applications.
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What is Windows server?
arrow_sky  A network server that uses the    Windows operating system, also    called “Win2K"

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What is a Linux Server?
arrow_sky  A network server that uses the    Windows operating system.
   A very popular

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What is Database?
arrow_sky  Collection of data or information     organized for rapid search and     retrieval.

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Audio & Video Presentation
arrow_sky  To help our new clients and     customers to familiarize with control     panel, placing

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arrow_sky  Our servers are installed and     regularly updated by the latest     antivirus

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V-Dedicated Servers
arrow_sky  A technology that gives the feel of    using a Dedicated Server but at the    cost of a VPS

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Dedicated Servers
arrow_sky  A complete independent single use    machine with scalable configuration    and easy

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arrow_sky  Cloud hosting is also known as enterprise or cluster hosting. It is a web hosting service which is offered from a network of servers.

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arrow_sky  SaaS is a software delivery method that provides access to software and its functions remotely as a Web-based service.

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Dedicated IP
arrow_sky  Dedicated IP refers to web hosting that provides the user with an IP address which is used solely by their website's server space and domain.

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Account manager:
arrow_sky  You can use our Account Manager option who will take care of your hosting account and do all the necessary steps and procedures to keep your account up and running.
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What’s New?
arrow_sky  All the latest updates of technology,    changes and much more happening    at Manashosting

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How to Renew?
arrow_sky  Renewal is as important as    purchasing of a new account.
   Most of the

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Free Products
arrow_sky  Various free products that would     help Manashosting’s customers not     just online

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arrow_sky  Network plays a vital role when     providing hosting to our clients
    and hence

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A Domain Characters
arrow_sky  The valid characters for a domain name.

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Meaning of TLDs
arrow_sky  Meaning of .COm .Net .Org and other tlds.

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Domain forwarding?
arrow_sky  Domain forwarding is used o safe guard branding of your company.

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E-mail Aliases
arrow_sky  An Alias name looks like an email address (it is an address), but it is a name defined within a host to represent a logon name within another network.  
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Mailing lists
arrow_sky  A list of e-mail addresses identified by a single name, such as

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Catch-all E-Mails
arrow_sky  The Catch-All email option is essentially a funnel for any message that is sent to your domain - specifically for mailboxes that do not exist.
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Is 10 K reasonable for 1 year
arrow_sky  Manashosting was the first company in hosting industry who successfully used and is still using the unlimited concept?

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10 years hosting free
arrow_sky  Host a website for 10 years and get 10 years hosting free, we like to invite all our existing and new customer

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ecommerce hosting?
arrow_sky  When setting up your eCommerce business, it is crucial to choose the right web hosting provider. You want your online store

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Free Domain Registration
arrow_sky  "Get domain extension of your choice registered free for 1 year with unlimited Windows or Linux web space package free for 1 year "

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Free Web space renewal
arrow_sky  If you are an existing client and are looking for free Web space renewal in the current year, refer 3 friends

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Life time free hosting
arrow_sky  Each year refer only 4 friends of yours to purchase the shared hosting package and each year you would get your domain

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How to Pay?
arrow_sky  Manashosting has provided various    payment options for our customers
   to choose

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