Linux Plan

Processor Intel Xeon 3210 (Quad Core)
DDR Memory 4GB RAM
Disk Space 1000MB (1GB)
Bandwidth Per Month 10000 MB (10GB)
Domains Hosted 1
E-Mail IDs N/A
Setup Fee FREE
Control Panel cPanel
FREE Domain Registration NO

Domains and Sub-Domains

Domains hosted 1
Sub-domains 20
Stopgap Domain
Domain Aliases 10


PHP My Admin
PHP with GD
PHP 4.3
PHP 4.4
PHP 5.0
PHP 5.2.13
PHP support in HTML Files
Html/ Dhtml
Dream weaver
CGI with Custom Mapping

<td “=”” width=”216″ valign=”middle” height=”35″ align=”left”>Macromedia Shockwave

Site Management Tools

FTP account 1
FTP Online Tutorial
File Manager
Custom Error
Password protected Directories

Misc Features

Custom DNS Records
Own SMTP Server
Own CGI-Bin Directory
Redirect URL
Custom Directory Indexes
Transfer Log
Server Side Image Map
Virtual Directories
Referrer Log
Agent Log
Error Log
Dedicated IP Address Optional
MIME types
FTP Software

Above Plan does not Support

Multiple Domain Hosting
Multiple FTP Accounts
Multiple Control Panels
Multiple Users for Control Panel
Price for 1 year Rs600 / $11
Price for 3 years Rs1600 / $29
Price for 5 years Rs2500 / $45
Price for 10 years Rs4000 / $73
Price for 25 year Rs7500 / $136
Price for 100 years Rs20000 / $364


Customer Support

Technical Support (24 x 7)
Phone Support (24 x 7)
Tech Support by Live Chat (24 x 7)
Tech Support by Ticket System
Online Help Documentation
Extensive Online Documentation


Other Features

Ext JS
Backup for internal use
PHP file Navigator
PHP Form Generator
Open Doc Man
Fast CGI
GD 2
Custom Error Pages
Redirect URL
Web Based File Manager
PW Protected Directories
Error Logs
GD Library
Ioncube Loader
PHP 5.5.x.
Apache handler


Site Statistics

Raw access and error logs
Traffic stats
Detailed bandwidth stats




Windows live Free E-Mail ID Key Features for your own Domain
Total Email ID’s maximum
500 Email ID’s
Total Email Space 2500 GB
Email Space per Email id
5 GB
Custom email address for own domain

Cloud hosting:

As we all know that cloud hosting is the latest in the hosting market and have created a big impression world-wide, right from shared hosting customers to corporate customers are emphasizing and opting for cloud hosting. As there is a high demand for cloud hosting technology, in the future we would incorporate cloud hosting in this package.

Cpanel control panel:

Cpanel is one of the stable control panel that is used in Linux based hosting world over. Cpanel is so easy to operate and there are various tutorials available online in case if you wish to troubleshoot any issues related to the Cpanel control panel. Cpanel is the most user friendly control panel available which is easy to navigate and self explanatory which has made this control panel being one of the preferred and chosen among the webmasters and hosting companies alike. Any person who knows how to use internet can easily operate and use Cpanel control panel without any help or assistance what so ever and it gives the user to identify the issues and fix them in no time.

This package is best suitable for all those customers who would like to have better uptime, speed and service. Shared hosting packages are better without email address and database to experience better speed, uptime and service. Most of the customers most of the times do not use their database or emails in shared hosting and there are very few who overuse the database and email space and since very few customers overuse database and email space other customers who are hosted on the same server start to experience slowness in page loading and latency in mail delivery etc. This plan is made for customers who would like to have better uptime and speed on their websites. At the same time if you are looking for database and email id you may purchase our Unlimited Windows or Unlimited Linux packages.

What are the advantages of a hosting package without email id and Databases with the package?
Shared hosting is a concept where the resources are being shared with several website uploaded on the same server. When many websites are using the same resources some utilize more resources and other websites few. In most of the cases customers who like to use others resources use the shared hosting service as they are aware that very few websites might use databases or email id and email id spaces and also since the cost of shared hosting is far way too less compared to a VPS or a Dedicated server Hosting. And when these other websites try to use database or email id once in a while they experience severe problem as these other few website are using their allocated resources all the time. To overcome this problem and to provide better speed, uptime, service and quality it is always better to purchase shared hosting packages without email id and database. There are thousands of customers who have hosted their website on this package and are happy they chose the right one for their websites. More than 90% of the customer do not use database for their websites and hence if you are one among them this would be right choice for you. Email ids can be used free with this package either from Windows Live.

What will I do if I need email ids?
Keeping in mind for those customers who would like to use email ids we are providing free Windows Live account. Windows live uses their own mail servers through which one can send and receive mails without worrying about the delivery of the mails. Most of the customers still use Gmail and Windows Live to send and receive their mails. These mails can also be configured to your outlook express for easy access and storage.

Whom will we contact for email support?
Email service is provided by Windows live.If you have configured Windows Live kindly contact MSN for assistance with email related queries.

I would like to have email id from Manashosting, what should I do?
If you want us to provide email id kindly upgrade your current package to Unlimited Windows or Unlimited Linux depending on your requirement.

Anti Spam filters:

Spam’s are a major concern for company who are providing email ids to their customers and the customers satisfaction becomes less when the mail boxes are filled in with unwanted emails or spam emails. After a close study in the market we adopted a new technology which is specially incorporated in this package. The latest anti spam filters set in this package are for individual email ids which means you can control the spam setting on each email id created. Here you can set the control to High, Medium or low based on your preference. Usually the spam filters are set on the email servers but with this package we provide the anti-spam filter for each email id created, this will help your customer experience a whole new level of security with our latest anti-spam function.

Superior Server Stability:

With Dell server and cloud technology giving the best hardware resource functionality. Its reliable, secure giving high uptime and speed to the application. Remote monitoring provides 24×7 monitoring and alerts, and customizable options to allow ongoing access to a skilled, remote support team. Round the clock monitoring and alerts – 24/7/365 alerts and monitoring of key metrics, including processor, memory, network and disk storage capacity, and up/down availability of clusters and hosts.

See our helpful Video Tutorials to configure Windows Live email to your own Domain Click Here
See our helpful Audio Tutorials to configure Windows Live email to your own Domain Click Here


See our helpful Presentation Tutorials to configure Windows Live email to your own Domain Click Here


See our helpful Step by Step procedure to configure Windows Live email to your own Domain Click Here



Difference between Gmail and Windows Live:


Live Hotmail will be familiar and friendly for Outlook users. You can drag and drop messages into your folders, use a variety of pull-down menus to perform basic tasks without launching a new page, and quickly access other Outlook-esque features like your calendar and task list..
Meanwhile, Gmail employs text links most of the main features are accessed. This makes Gmail faster loading, especially on slower connections. When navigating Live Hotmail account latency is experienced, whereas most of it on Gmail happens instantaneously. There are even occasional wait screens in the Live Hotmail interface.
Finally, Gmail groups emails on the same thread into a single item in the Inbox, whereas Live Hotmail employs the more traditional approach of breaking out each reply individually. The Gmail approach is unique in this regard, which could create confusion for first-time users and Outlook users.


Windows Live Hotmail debuts with 2GB of storage. Gmail is now up to 10GB.


Live Hotmail takes an Outlook-style approach to organizing messages, allowing you to create folders and drag and drop messages into them. Gmail takes a more Web approach, allowing you to assign multiple “labels” (tags) to your messages.


Live Hotmail features a prominent search box, where you can search your mail and/or the Web.

Personalization Options

A rich text editor is no big deal anymore, but the Live Hotmail editor does have a few added features over Gmail worth noting. Emoticons are the most visible bonus, but Live Hotmail also allows you to enter custom font and background colors, and includes the “Lucida Handwriting” font. Live Hotmail also let’s you choose from a variety of different themes for the interface.


For Windows Live support click here
Customers who have activated their emails using either Windows Live should approach their respective mail provider and Manashosting will not provide support for mail issues as you have configured the mails with Windows Live. Since we do not have the control over the mail servers which you have configured with Windows Live we would like you to contact Windows Live for email support.

However, if you would like to use our technical support for your issues you can do so by upgrading your current package to Windows Unlimited domains package or Linux Unlimited domains package.

To know more click her Unlimited Domains Windows packageand Unlimited Domains Linux package


This offer is limited offer and is provided on first come first serve basis. If you fail to signup with the given time you will no be eligible for the promo offer. Once the timer clock stops on the page the offer valid is closed. Any customer approaching us after the offer time ends neither company nor the employee will not be responsible. After the offer date the prices of the same product can be doubled or tripled and neither the company nor the employees will be held responsible.


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