Unlimited Hosting
  • Unlimited Domains
  • Unlimited Web Space
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Email Ids
  • Unlimited Database
  • Unlimited Space For Each Domain
  • Unlimited Bandwidth For Each Domain
  • World Class Data Center
  • High Speed Network
  • Server Uptime
  • Superior Control Panel
  • 24/7/365 Tech Support
  • Secure Network
  • Website Builder
  •, Asp, Php, Mysql, Mssql, Html

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Frequently asked questions for Unlimited Package

I am a complete beginner. Is it difficult to build a website?

While providing many services for the high-level professional user, many of our products and packages are designed for use by people with no computer experience.
Our Website Builder in the PEM control panel helps beginners create a fully functional website. In just a few easy steps, you can customize a number of pre-set templates, insert graphics, and create a professional-looking website in less than an hour without any designing knowledge.

What is the meaning of .COM, .NET and .ORG Domain Names?

.COM is used for commercial and personal sites.
.NET is usually recommended for companies involved in Internet infrastructure.
.ORG is recommended for Non Profit organizations.

However, there are some similarities in hosting the three domain names:
One can use only letters, numbers, or hyphen ("-") as characters for the site the domain name cannot begin or end with a hyphen Two hyphens cannot be used together
the domain name must have less than 63* characters, not including .COM, .NET and .ORG

* .com, .net and .org domain names exceeding a total of 26 characters are supported by most of the web browsers. However, certain web browsers, email programs and other Internet related applications may not support domain names over 26 characters.

What are the valid characters for a domain name?

The valid characters for a domain name include letters, numbers, and hyphen. However, a domain name cannot begin or end with a hyphen. Also, spaces and special characters are not permitted in a domain name. Some examples of a domain name are:

    • (valid)
    • (valid)
    • (not valid)
    • (not valid)
    • (valid)

How long does it take to register a domain name?

Domain name registration takes just a few minutes if the domain names are purchased online. For more details, you can visit If you payment is done offline then it takes time depending on the sequence of work.

What alternative do I have if a customer does not wish to continue using the Domain Name I registered? Will he/ she get a refund in that case?

Once a domain name is registered with us, it cannot be cancelled for the stipulated registration period. Also, the registration fee would not be refunded for the same. However, once the registration period is over, it is entirely the customer's choice whether to go for a renewal or not.

Which organizations use the .INFO Domain Names?
The .info domain name are used for both commercial and personal websites

Which organizations use the .BIZ Domain Names?
The .biz domain names are usually used by websites that are restricted to commercial and bona fide business purposes.

Which organizations use the .NAME Domain Names?
The .name Domain names are used for personal websites.
In the case of using the .name domain name, the domain names must be composed of a first and a last name ( The first name (yourname1 in the above example) must have at least 1 character and not more than 63 characters while the second name (yourname2 in the above example) must have at least 3 characters and not more than 63 characters. Also, you will be required to use only letters, numbers or hyphens ("-"). But, you cannot begin or end with a hyphen.

Which organizations use the .IN Domain Names?
The .IN is the official top-level domain in India. By using a .IN domain, your business would benefit in many ways. This will help you in developing a brand presence in the market, gaining the consumers' confidence and trust, getting more business and traffic on your website from India as well as from other countries and also getting qualified leads from companies, individuals, and organizations from across the world.

Some of the different types of .IN domains are:
.in - - - - - -

What is the address for your Datacenter?

210 North Tucker
St. Louis, Missouri 63101 USA

What is the difference between Linux accounts and Windows accounts?

Linux provides a secure and reliable environment and is perfect for most of the hosting needs. But, those who want to make use of some Windows applications such as MS Access, MS Sql and ASP.NET Scripting can choose Windows account.

What is the server configuration?

 Few years back any hosting service provider of the world were using single high configuration server to provide shared hosting, these day it’s the time of cloud hosting technologies and latest technology concept where group of server will be handling your website load. In this technology a single server is not used but multi server configuration to host a single domain.

Does Manashosting servers support JAVA pages?

In our Windows and Linux package, the servers do not support JAVA due to the maximum resource used by only java customers which will affect the customer who are not using java on the same server. However, we offer a different package for JAVA pages which is hosted in a different server. To learn more about the java package, please visit: 

What are POP3 Accounts?

POP3 accounts are e-mail accounts by using which you can receive email from your site's visitors. They allow you to receive and send emails. POP3 accounts have individual username and password to access them. You can create a very well organized site with different POP3 accounts for different areas and even configure them to your Outlook Express

What are Email auto responders?

By using email auto responders, you can setup a special type of email account. Whenever someone sends an e-mail to that account, they receive an auto-reply without any manual intervention. They look like a pop account. Usually the e-mails we receive from auto responders’ subject read as "Thanks for sending your e-mail. This is an auto generated reply." as example.

What is DNS or name server?

DNS stands for Domain Name System or Service or Server. Basically, the DNS system is the database that makes the Internet work. So, each time you browse a Web site or you send an e-mail, you’re using a domain name.  For example, when you go to our Web site, the URL contains the domain name, which is all nice and easy for us to remember, but it doesn’t help your computer out at all. Your machine is set up to use something called an IP address, which is a bunch of numbers instead of the letters we’re used to seeing.
Take manashosting’s IP address for example. Its, each time you go to your favorite Web site or send out a message through your e-mail, you’re using the Internet’s DNS, which translates the Web address you know by heart into an IP address that your machine is able to read. 
So, if you really think about it, you access the DNS system hundreds of times every day, without even knowing it.

After you buy a hosting package from us you will get 2 name server which you have to add in domain registration control panel .Once you will change the domain name server after that you can able to upload file to your website and you can able see your website online

Can I accept Credit Cards on my website? Will it be secured?

You can accept credit card it is completely secure.

Can I configure my Outlook Express for receiving e-mails?


Can I Configure Outlook Express with SMTP Auth Relay?


What is File Manager?

Using file manager you can manage your file of your website. Using file manager you can upload /download and create/delete folder as web based interface.

Why do I require unlimited domain package as I have just started the company?

As the name suggests unlimited, you have started the company with some name for: example www., you see that your website visitors’ increase and your business is growing. This mainly happens with your online presence and you have good ranking online. But tomorrow somebody else books your domain as www.infotech .in but it’s not your company and someone else has the idea of the same name books the domain. When any of the new visitors tries your domain online someone else’s domain opens and visitors get confused and they may not reach you for this simple reason or may tend to purchase from the other company if they too are providing the same service. In that case you can initially book the domain with different extension and park all the domains under unlimited package. You can still have your main domain or website as and redirect all the other extension to main domain name or you can have different design for different domain .So any of your visitor tries with any name it gets redirected to your main domain. Here again you need not have to design for different websites to save designing charge. Based on this scenario’s Manashosting has released the unlimited domain package with best features and promo to selected customers.

How do I trust your company?

When it comes to trust Manashosting was the first company who started to provide trail to the customers before buying the package. As you know that it is completely matter of risk to provide the space to unknown customers’. (It’s something similar allowing unknown guest to your home) but still Manashosting has complete trust with the customer and till date we are providing trail to the customers.  The customer needs to provide is ID and address proof this is to avoid the fraudulent which is increasing online these days.  Our business is completely based on trust where trust works both the sides our customers trust and we trust them. There are thousands of customers whom we have  never met or seen but still trust our customers and provide them the packages at the same time these customers have never seen us but still make the payment from all over the world and trust in us that they will get the service promised. As we work with ethics we never let any of our customers down and provide them the quality and service that they have paid us for. On a whole in our business trust plays a very important role.

Do you support audio/video in unlimited package?

As you know when it comes to unlimited domains it is on shared hosting server and cannot provide the features of dedicated server in shared hosting. Everything has its own criteria and limits. For example if you upload 100GB in shared hosting you can just think about the other customers who are sharing with you. For example you as a customer would have paid for you service and because of other customer who is abusing the service you would get affected, won’t you blame the company or the package? Similarly in shared hosting resources are shared, and just because of few customers who would abuse the service others on the same service/ server should not be affected.
Audio/video small size file up to 5MB can be used, but it must not affect the server speed, uptime and bandwidth.
To start with your business 100% you can start with unlimited package, later once you feel that usage is more you can always upgrade your package to corporate windows package just by paying the difference amount and if you still feel that you need more resources you can opt for VPS/VDS or Dedicated Server. As a company we have all the solutions for hosting under one roof.

Why are you not providing MSsql 2005 in unlimited package?

As we all know that when a new version is launched in the market it takes a while for the designer and developers to get adjusted to the changes and in India 95% of the developers and designers are experts in MsSql2000 and build their databases without any problem and if any issue arises they are savvy enough to resolve it easily. MsSql2005 is hardly used by few of the designers and developers and not many have hands on experience on the latest. Since MsSql2000 is stable and most of our customers are using, it would be difficult for us to change the database and our current customers would feel happy about it. As a hosting company to install the latest version does not take more time or effort but looking at the current demand and usage we provide what the majority of customers are looking for. Once the market is completely ready with MSSQL 2005 we will enable it in future.

Which version of ASP you provide in the unlimited package?

ASP 2.0, 3.5 & 4.0

Which version of you provide in the unlimited package?

ASP.NET 1.0, 2.0, 3.5, 4.0

I need root access in shared hosting.

You would get root access only in VPS, VDS and Dedicated servers and above. No company in the world would provide root access for shared hosting package.

Why do you have per email ID restrictions?

Instant mail delivery, perfect mail up time, mail security, advanced spam filters, pop3 facility etc are the most essential factors for an email account. Mail quality is directly reflected by the mail space provided; more space means bad quality, limited space means better the quality. We like to provide our customers better quality rather than more space. Hence we have email ID restrictions.

Getting error message while making the payment through CCavenue payment gateway.

When you are making the payment through CCavenue, once you raise the invoice and in thenext page you enter ccavenue gateway page. If you get any error message at this stage we request you to please contact from the contact us page of CCavenue and provide them the exact error. You will get 24 x 7 technical support by phone, chat and mail from who will help you to make payment safely and quickly also resolve your error in a few minutes.

Why do I need domain forwarding?

Domain forwarding is used o safe guard branding of your company. Many companies in the world today register more domain names with different TLD’s to safe guard their branding. And not all the domains would be having different web pages. You can always have the same designing for 2 domain names. For example you have and Both can have same designing and content, by using domain forwarding or domain redirection. This as stated will protect your company’s branding and goodwill.

Can I use video streaming in shared hosting?

As you know that audio/video takes huge resources, if your video or audio is with small MB space you can use our shared hosting package. As it is clear that audio/video uses lot of resources we suggest you to go for our VPS or dedicated server package, If cost is the reason initially you can go for our corporate package and still your usage is high you can move to VPS package based on your business growth.

What are measures for security?
We know how important are your information on the website hence we have 4 levels of security in our datacenter. The first level is with hardware firewall, second level is software firewall, third level is with antivirus, anti phishing, anti malware, anti spyware software, and the fourth level is with our control panel. The latest PEM control panel which we use stores your information in encrypted mode which makes it very secure and totally hack proof. Security and quality has been given the paramount importance in our packages and that is another reason why our package prices are costly too.

If I am facing any problem in the middle of placing an order, what are the solutions.

You can visit our help tutorial pages for online help

We also require designing along with hosting.

The main focus of the company is web hosting service providing.
As we have lot of customers in queue with designing requirement, once our team is free with the designing we will get in touch further request you to please provide your contact details for the same. If you require instant and immediate you get website builder and templates for instant designing to start your business.

Few days back you gave were giving in low price but now why has the prices increased?

The low price was a promo provided few days back and as promos gets changed at any given point of time and we are not sure of the present promo and tomorrow’s promo. You may have to pay 10000 for 1 year if you would miss this promo offer. Please don’t miss the opportunity of the promo provided and purchase the package at a lesser price at the earliest.

Can I provide the PDC cheque for the offer?

All the packages are sold with a onetime payment and if you are purchasing the package using cheque the order activation is done only after the cheque is cleared and we would be able to activate your order after the payment is cleared as this is an online business.

Do I get EMI facility?

Sorry, we do not provide EMI or monthly scheme as we are looking for long term relationship. But you can contact your credit card provider bank customer care some time they have EMI facility on the basis of your credit card feature.

Can I change the platform?

Yes you can always change the platform you need to pay extra Rs.500 for changing the platform.

How I can make the payment at night time?

You can come online through chat and you can get our chat assistance for making the payment or you will get step by step help from the below urls.

I am now in abroad and how Can I make the payment?

You can pay us by wire transfer or by ccavenue payment gateway through you credit card. For more details visit

I require dedicated IP, with my share hosting.

Dedicated IP will cost Rs 1000 as add on product

Why should I bear extra transaction charge by bank at the time of cash deposit?

Manshosting does not charge any transaction charges, transaction charges are levied by the banks and banks have the authority to collect transaction charges according to their policies and rules. If you would like to avoid the transaction charges you may use internet banking or pay us by direct banking facility.

Reason for the error transaction while paying by card through ccavenue?

Error while transaction depends on the payment gateway, it may be due to security which is followed by different banks to avoid fraudulent as it is an online transaction. When you are placing the order it takes you through and while making the payment you are redirected to payment gateway page, there you get the error message. We request you to kindly contact the payment gateway by visiting www.ccavenue .com immediately to fix the error.

Before you were allowing to active the order through email but why now only ticket system.

Ticket system is a high level of interaction with the customers. In the ticket system you have complete past documentation of your interaction with the company. Email is a very old concept of interaction. Tomorrow you may miss the email or delete it by accident and you won’t have any record of the previous interaction you had with the company. But in ticket system you will get all your past interactions with the company and can be used for reference.

What do you mean by unlimited?  

Unlimited is provided unlimited we always have followed the ethics. To know the answer of Unlimited please visit

Will 10MB MSSql database be sufficient for me?

With 10MB database one can store huge information. More space per database will reduce the quality and connectivity of your site. Many customers in the market today are unable to get quality because they prefer to opt for unlimited database packages which results in poor quality, poor service and dissatisfaction.

Quality is the most prior aspect with our packages. Having said that, we can provide unlimited database space with our new cloud hosting technology but due to the misuse of the database space by other users which could hamper your website, we provide limited database space per domain which will improve the quality, uptime, speed and connectivity of your website.
Further you feel 10 MB is less, we are happy that you are increasing your business and you are growing with huge customer based and your interactions with your customers are also huge. In that case you can always move to our corporate windows package, still you if want more database space then you may move to our VPS packages.

Do you support ajax, drupal.

To know about the same please use our 7 days trial, test it from your end and then you can purchase the package.

Why are you not providing free domain registration?

Manashosting was the first company that started providing free domain registration. When it comes to free domain registration as you know that free registration you cannot get the complete control panel, as you know now the domain registration is increasing and as per the awareness lot of domains are getting registered in the market and now with domain registration also we are asking for ID and address proof due to the security threat in the industry. As Manashosting was further looking into quality in hosting and we are basically the hosting service provider and as we are expertise on the. We are providing the world’s lowest domain price and not seeking any margin in domain registration.

When 50 Rs domain registration will be enabled.

In next few months we will start it.

When is the last day of the promo offer?

Offer or discount cannot be predicted as per the demand in the market offer changes. So when you get the promo we request you to opt and buy the same immediately without a second thought as offer prices keep changing.

Can you provide templates and free source code for 7 days free trial?

We are providing this service to our valuable customers and not before purchasing. To see the demo as how it looks please visit to have a look and feel of the free products.

Can you send a person who can collect the money?

As you know webhosting is online business and we do not have any option of field visit to the customers’ place. Instead to get the complete solution please go through our payment page which provides different modes of making payment and when you go through the same you will feel that you don’t need any person to visit your place for collection.

For my complete website example:, , etc... Want to host but every website has different content, with 1 ftp can I differentiate the website content?


Is Zipped file supported in share hosting?


Why 10 databases of 100MB are given rather one database of 1000MB could have been provided to the customers depending on their requirement?

In share hosting all client package will be equally divided packages cannot be customize based on the customers’ requirement in shared hosting. If the need for database is more, you can choose our corporate hosting package.

Are you providing free technical support for joomla, wordpress or any 3rd party software which I downloaded by myself by search engine?

Before buying the package you can always test using our trial plan and once you feel you’re your software’s are compatible you can buy our package. We don’t provide free technical support for 3rd party software and sources code.

When package cost is Rs10000 then why are you giving at more than 80% offer?

We as a company believe in the purchasing capacity of our Indian customers and hence provide offer and discounts as we too are an Indian company. Each time we release a package we make a survey to understand the spending capacity of our Indian customer and later tag the price for our products. This has helped us to always provide the best price to our customers year after year by which any one can create a website in India. Manashosting has high quality datacenter and as the hosting expertise providing the package was never the concern for the company. As international companies are proving at very high cost we wanted to provide the value product with technology and quality to our customers. Always Manashosting has provided the unique package with best cost in the industry.

Maximum how many mails can be sent in one day?

In a day you can send 500 genuine mails per email id.

Whether unlimited domains have to be added in a single stretch or can be added later?

Always it is under your control, you can add your domain at any given point of time till the validity period of your hosting package is active.

Can I use the domains which are registered in different companies?

Yes, you can always change the name servers to Manashosting and use Manashosting webhosting service though the domains that are registered or hosted in different hosting companies.

How can we know what is supported in PEM? Where do we have to contact for more information?

Please visit and to know the superior technology with regards to control panel   Further you can opt for 7 days trial to check our control panel.

Is shell supported so that we can manage?


I created my company’s website to start our online business, is it essential for me to choose SSL?

Since your company is into e-commerce and you accept credit card payments on your site, it is a must. But if you are transferring the user to payment gateway sites to make the payment - SSL is not required.

What do I need to host multimedia content on my server?

You can always go with our shared hosting packages as per the space requirement for your multimedia content, once the visitors are more and your business grows you can always go with our next package with corporate Windows/Linux and further to VPS/dedicated server. You can always invest according to your growth and need for your business.

How long you have been in the business?

To know more about Manashosting’s history please visit

I am a complete beginner. Is it difficult to build a website?

While providing many services for the high-level professional user, many of our
products and packages are designed for use by people with no computer experience.

Our Website Builder in the PEM control panel helps beginners create a fully functional website. In just a few easy steps, you can customize a number of pre-set templates, insert graphics, and
create a professional-looking website in less than an hour without any designing knowledge.

Can you host international (country specific) domain names?

Yes you can host. For more details please visit our site  to know the domain extension you wish to register.

Can I do bulk mailing.

Manashosting doesn’t allow bulk mailing facility.

If I pay by cheque when will my order get activated?

In case of cheque payment once the amount is credited to our account your order activation will be done according to the queue for order activation. Cheque clearance duration differs from bank to bank and city to city.

If I do bank to bank transfer how much time will it take to get my order activated?

Manashosting has different bank accounts; netbanking transaction of the same bank will be done quickly. For third party account transfer  for example : Citibank bank to our ICICI bank or SBI bank transfer will take 24- 48 hours depend on bank internal rule and regulation. Once the transaction is completed and it will reflect in our bank a/c after which your order will be activated.

How much time it will take for order activation?

If you are making the payment through ccavenue payment gateway order activation will take minimum 24 hours and maximum depend on your order verification and order in queue. As you know that it is online service and as it is an online payment we will cross check manually before activating the order for security reasons.
For instant order activation we do have premier account setup package, please find the below link for the same.

Can I run .exe file in shared hosting.

You can run the .exe file is dedicated server and not in shared hosting.

How to do domain transfer?

Please go through our transfer page to know completely about domain transfer.

How to do domain transfer with renew?

If you transfer your domain to us then you will get 1 year domain renew free along with transfer.

In next 1 month my domain will get expired, how to transfer and renew?

You need to renew from old service provider only due to less time in your hand for domain transfer. After renew you can apply with us for domain transfer.

My domain status is shown as pending restorable how to retrieve the domain?

If you have purchased domain from us please contact our billing team, they will guide you. If domains were registered from other service provider then wait for domain to come in to the market as fresh domain or apply for backordering domain registration.

How do I transfer my webhosting without transferring domain?

This is the simplest process. Once you register the domain name you get your domain control panel. Please login with the domain control panel and click on manage services and change the name servers to manashosting, please collect the name server details from our team while changing the name servers (Eg:, the name servers are changed you can host with Manashosting.

How to migrate the hosting?

Migration procedure:-
1. Please take the file/mail/database backup from your old registrar.
2. Once you have taken the package from Manashosting kindly add the domain name, create email id, database and ftp login.
3. When everything is setup kindly change the name servers according to the control panel and package chosen.
4. Upload all designing file by IP address through new ftp login.
5. Old backup database with same version you can restore in your new hosting account.
6. Once the name servers are changed as you done the complete setup your site will start working without downtime.
7. At the same emails also will start working.
8. Please take advice from our technical team before start the process.

How to transfer designing from my current service provider to you?

First and foremost you need to take the backup from your current service provider. Same content can be uploaded by using IP with new ftp login. After which you have to change the name server. By this your website will not go down while transfer.

How to do mail transfer?

Once the package is taken from Manashosting, you need to create the email IDs, after the creating and setup is completed you can check your email either through webmail or through outlook express after changing the name server. Don’t forget to take old mail backup.
Once you opt for our service complete setup instruction will be provided through which you can create and use our service easily without any Issue.

How to do database transfer?

You can take database backup from old service provider and restore it to us as your new service provider the database has to be of the same version.

Without downtime how to do hosting transfer?

Step will be given by our technical team after your order activation.

Do you provide free technical support for 3rd party software?

Compatibility of 3rd party software in the server side can be checked through our 7days trial. We always recommend to check and raise the ticket to our sales team before you invest as we want our customers to get the returns for their investment. We don’t provide free technical support for 3rd party software.

Do you give free technical support for my own or designer written script or coding issue?

As you know that your own or designer written script can be checked using our 7 days trial and once application is supported you can purchase our hosting package. Always you have the freedom to check before you invest and further you can also raise ticket to our sales team for any further query. We do not give free technical support for your own or designer written script or coding.

I like to host portals, which package do I choose?

When you are looking at Manashosting hosting technology always you can start with shared hosting for portals as we provide you with superior technology of hosting, PEM control panel, high quality datacenter and with cloud hosting technology which makes your life easy and have the growth in your business. Obviously once you grow you will have more visitors during that time you can easily upgrade your package to next level. As you grow in the business you can also opt for betterment of your service. To provide the best to your customers you can upgrade your package according to your need. To start you can always go with shared hosting.

Tell me about your reseller plan.

Please visit

I want to enter into the online hosting business, how I can start with the same?

You can start with our domain and hosting reseller plan.

What is the benefit I will get if I refer my friend to purchase webhosting from you?

If you refer 3 customers/friends and after they buy our service you will be getting the hosting service free for 1 yr.

Why do you have per domain limit?

As there are various customers who abuse the service by over using and through which our other customers face problem. To avoid these overuse customers we have per domain limit by which we would be able to provide the right service and quality to our genuine customers. As it is shared hosting the complete resources would be utilized if there are any customers who misuse the service and it affects the other customers who are on that server.

Why don’t you provide toll free number for tech support too?

As we are providing free service to our customers for technical support we incur a huge manpower cost. Once our customers’ are in a position to pay for technical support we would provide toll free number for technical support too.

Can I create ecommerce site?

Yes you can create ecommerce website and use 3rd party payment gateway. If you would like to have your own payment gateway you can choose our VPS/VDS and dedicated server package with SSL certification for your gateway page.

Why do I need SSL?

SSL is a certification provided by various companies who are into online security. Using SSL your payment page would be completely encrypted and the information like credit card number, customers’ name etc will be encrypted which provides confidence and security to your customers.

Why do I need dedicated IP?

A dedicated IP means that a website has its own IP address. In that case, when you type in your URL or the IP address, both will bring you to the same domain name.  
We generally recommend using a dedicated IP when you need a Private SSL Certificate for your website.

Is IIS 6.0 supported?


Do you support Front Page Extension?


Can I add payment gateway in my website?


Can I show advertisement in my website?

You can show advertisement in your website but in most of the cases your visitors would not like your web site as the advertisements will make your site to load slowly and your users would close the browser. More over advertisements on your website will consume your bandwidth in a faster pace.

Can I take hosting service behalf of others?

You can take hosting services on others behalf provided you are the owner of the website.

Can I resell the unlimited package?

We do not like to over load our servers and maintain good relationship with our clients. As our product price is less you may want to resell the package to make profit but as your clients they will know where you have hosted them and next year during renew they would come straight to us and not to you. At the same time most of the clients of your will not have proper contact details. It is better that you refer to 3 friends of your and after they have purchased the package we would get a package free. If you would still like to resell, please purchase our reseller packages.

Can I host other person’s domain in my hosting account?

No, if found we would suspend your account without any prior notice. Please read our terms of service for more details.

I need instant domain registration?

Please visit to get your domains registered instantly.

Why PEM control panel why not cpanel, plesk, helm?

Cpanel, Plesk and Helm control panels were used in the past but when our clients required us to provide reliable and quality, uptime, security then the advanced version of control panel called as PEM were installed on shared hosting company did huge investment to bring this control panel and we are the only Indian hosting company to provide PEM in shared hosting. PEM has advanced features compared with the old control panels. The architecture of PEM is such designed that all the information is encrypted which makes it hack proof.

After making a payment what to do?

After the payment is made please raise a ticket to our billing department with your payment details for the order activation. To raise a ticket visit

What is the difference between online payment and offline payment?

In offline payment your order activation would take time where as in online payment your order activation happens faster. In offline payment you need to go to the bank to deposit. In online payment you do it at the comfort of your home.

What is the difference between net transfer by ccavenue payment gateway and direct bank to bank net transfer?

Net transfer by CCAvenue payment gateway make sure that there are no fraudulent transactions are done immediately but through direct bank to bank a customer gets to only after few days depending on the banks.

How to make mobile payment?

Please visit for more details.

How to make by cash cards?

Please visit for more details.

I am new to this hosting industry I need help from some person step by step for 1 month?

You may opt for account manager for one month by paying a nominal fee.

What is E-mail Aliases?

An email address (also referred to as Real Name, Real Email Address or POP3 account) is basically an account located on an email server, where incoming emails are stored for the user of that account to get them. In order to see emails received on your email address, you must login with your logon name on the mail server of that account. In order to use emails, everyone needs an email address. It is like your postal mail address: if you wish to receive mail, you must supply a mail address.
An Alias name looks like an email address (it is an address), but it is a name defined within a host to represent a logon name within another network. The Alias Name is defined to a name translation program, like a mail server, when the Alias Name does not match the real name.
Let's take for example the following case:
Real Email Address:
Alias Name:

Practically, you can have as many alias names as you like, associated with your real email address. When someone sends you an email to the alias name (, the mail server of that domain name will forward the email message to the real address ( If you wish to check if you have new mail at, you will have to check the email account of
You can use both the alias and the real email address to send emails, but the replies will always be received at your real account.

What is Mailing lists?

A list of e-mail addresses identified by a single name, such as When an e-mail message is sent to the mailing list name, it is automatically forwarded to all the addresses in the list.
Most e-mail clients support mailing lists, which enables you to broadcast e-mail messages to groups that you define. In addition, there are mailing list servers that manage centralized mailing lists for groups of users.

What is Catch-all E-Mails?

The Catch-All email option is essentially a funnel for any message that is sent to your domain - specifically for mailboxes that do not exist. This can be crucial for ensuring that all messages intended for you arrive on time. Basically, as long as the address has your domain in it, Catch-all will make sure you receive it.

Catch-all also allows you to create unlimited incoming email addresses that support different business functions and special promotions, such as [] or [julypromotion@] without having to create another mailbox.

What is IMAP Support?

IMAP supports both on-line and off-line modes of operation. E-mail clients using IMAP generally leave messages on the server until the user explicitly deletes them. This and other characteristics of IMAP operation allow multiple clients to manage the same mailbox. Most e-mail clients support IMAP in addition to POP to retrieve messages; however, fewer email services support IMAP.[2] IMAP offers access to the mail storage. Clients may store local copies of the messages, but these are considered to be a temporary cache.

Incoming e-mail messages are sent to an e-mail server that stores messages in the recipient's email box. The user retrieves the messages with an e-mail client that uses one of a number of e-mail retrieval protocols. Some clients and servers preferentially use vendor-specific, proprietary protocols, but most support the Internet standard protocols, SMTP for sending e-mail and POP and IMAP for retrieving e-mail, allowing interoperability with other servers and clients. For example, Microsoft's Outlook client uses a proprietary protocol to communicate with a Microsoft Exchange Server as does IBM's Notes client when communicating with a Domino server, but all of these products also support POP, IMAP, and outgoing SMTP. Support for the Internet standard protocols allows many e-mail clients such as Pegasus Mail or Mozilla Thunderbird (see comparison of e-mail clients) to access these servers, and allows the clients to be used with other servers

What is E-Mail Forwarding?

Email forwarding involves passing email along from one address to another. It can also be used to pass groups of messages such as listservs.

Email forwarding services automatically forward all mail received at one of your addresses to another address. This can be handy if you have a web based email alias but would rather not have to surf to the website each day to check your mail. Using a forwarding service, the mail received at the website would automatically be passed to your main email address (or another address of your choice). This allows you the convenience of utilizing multiple email addresses while keeping your main email address private, and still collecting all of your mail in one place.

Mail forwarding services are also handy for people that change their ISP (and therefore main email address) often. With some forwarding services, you are simply give out our one address no matter what ISP you have; the address might look something like: Friends will always have a current address to send mail, and when your main address changes you only have to notify one party (the forwarding service) rather than dozens.

What is SMTP?

SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) is a TCP/IP protocol used in sending and receiving e-mail. However, since it is limited in its ability to queue messages at the receiving end, it is usually used with one of two other protocols, POP3 or IMAP, that let the user save messages in a server mailbox and download them periodically from the server. In other words, users typically use a program that uses SMTP for sending e-mail and either POP3 or IMAP for receiving e-mail. On Unix-based systems, sendmail is the most widely-used SMTP server for e-mail. A commercial package, Sendmail, includes a POP3 server. Microsoft Exchange includes an SMTP server and can also be set up to include POP3 support.

What is CGI with Custom Mapping?

Allow you to map file extensions, so they are treated as CGI scripts. E.g.: Files with *.PHP, *Cgi, and *.pl extensions will be executed as CGI scripts even though they are located outside your Cgi-bin directory.

Why I need Password protected Directories?

Your information in the directories will be safe if it is password protected.

What is Visitor Statistics and why I need it?

Visitors stats is a toll that can be used to check the number of visitors accessing your website using different keyword in search engines. Using visitors stats you can understand what type of customers are visiting your website and make changes accordingly and it is also useful to forecast your online business and presence.

What Web Shell?

WebShell is a web-based ssh shell. It runs on any browser capable of JavaScript and AJAX.

What is Virtual Directories?

Virtual directory is a software layer that delivers a single access point for identity management applications and service platforms. A virtual directory operates as a high-performance, lightweight abstraction layer that resides between client applications and disparate types of identity-data repositories, such as proprietary and standard directories, databases, web services, and applications.

A virtual directory receives queries and directs them to the appropriate data sources by abstracting and virtual zing data. The virtual directory integrates identity data from multiple heterogeneous data stores and presents it as though it were coming from one source. This ability to reach into disparate repositories makes virtual directory technology ideal for consolidating data stored in a distributed environment.

What is ODBC DSNs?

Please visit:

What is MIME types?

MIME stands for Multi-purpose Internet Mail Extensions. MIME types form a standard way of classifying file types on the Internet. Internet programs such as Web servers and browsers all have a list of MIME types, so that they can transfer files of the same type in the same way, no matter what operating system they are working in.

A MIME type has two parts: a type and a subtype. They are separated by a slash (/). For example, the MIME type for Microsoft Word files is application and the subtype is msword. Together, the complete MIME type is application/msword.

What are WAP/ WML?

Wireless Markup Language (WML), based on XML, is a markup language intended for devices that implement the Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) specification, such as mobile phones. It provides navigational support, data input, hyperlinks, text and image presentation, and forms, much like HTML (HyperText Markup Language). It preceded the use of other markup languages now used with WAP, such as HTML itself, and XHTML (which are gaining in popularity as processing power in mobile devices increases).

What is CSS?

CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets
Styles define how to display HTML elements
Styles were added to HTML 4.0 to solve a problem
External Style Sheets can save a lot of work
External Style Sheets are stored in CSS files

What is Front page Extension?

Front Page extensions are a type of language used involved in building the website. You will never even really know they are there. Before using Front Page as your website builder, make sure your web hosting provider supports Front Page extensions. If it does not, you will either need to find a web host that does or will need to change to a compatible site builder program.

What is Stop-Gap Domain?

Stopgap domain, you get no dns zone, and you cannot use e-mail service.

What is Domain Aliases?

A domain alias is an alternate name for an Internet domain.

The name of a user's domain appears after the @ symbol in his or her email address. By adding a domain alias, you give every user in your domain a second email address (with the alias after the @). For example, if your domain is and you add as a domain alias, every will also receive mail addressed to

There are two main reasons you might want users to have multiple email addresses:

For branding purposes. If your organization uses different names as part of its brand identity, you might want your users to have email addresses reflecting the different names.

To route email to different email inboxes. A user can have a separate inbox for each email address. This routing option is useful for configuring dual delivery, where a user receives mail both in Gmail and in the legacy email system.

Is Custom Error supported


Is Own CGI-Bin Directory?


What is Backup for internal use?

Backup for internal use is nothing but in case if there are any problems with the server on which the site is loaded we would activate the backup that we have there by providing you the best uptime. This backup is only used when there is a server issue and is not given to the clients free of cost. Customers can maintain backup of their site on their own PC or lap top.

Is Custom Directory Indexes supported?


Do you support Server Side Image Map?


Do you provide detailed bandwidth stats?


Provide me the idea which Free Features I will get?

Free features depends on the number of years that you purchase the package without promo or offer. Bronze Free Features (1 Year Minimum Purchase of Rs10000)
Silver Free Features (3 Year Minimum Purchase of Rs30000)
Gold Free Features (5 Year Minimum Purchase of Rs 50000)
Platinum Free Features (8 Year Minimum Purchase of Rs 80000)
Diamond Free Features (10 Year Minimum Purchase of Rs 100000)

What is one click installation script and by through ftp installation?

This is a feature where a customer would get to install the scripts just by a click and does not have to download it manually and later upload it through the FTP.

I don’t want any promotional call mail and SMS from Manashosting how to stop it?

Please register your email ID and contact details by visiting

Can I buy only domain without web space?


Can I buy web space without buy domain from you?


I know your server is fast but how fast my website will open for my visitor?

Website loading just does not depend on the server speed it also depends on the internet speed of your visitor and the size of your website.

Do you provide any training for hosting?

We do not provide any hosting for free of cost, but for our customers’ help we have provided various help links and URLS through which a customer can learn hosting by themselves.

Where to apply 7 days free trial?

Please visit:

Is it compulsory to renew hosting domain from you only for next year?


have less money in hand what to do? Can I get small package?

Our company in start giving less price hosting like Rs 49, Rs,99, Rs 555 .As our client demand for quality after that only we adopt lot of new technologies therefore price now Rs 10,000 per year. To get quality you have invest good money. Company is not ready to give in low cost for cheap level quality product and services.

Can I get domain control panel


Why you have only long term package why not short term package?

Firstly any person who would like to have their business will surely look for long term business hence they would always like to create their website in such a fashion where don’t have to keep modifying. As a customer depending on your budget you would find the best designer to design your webpage. At no point you would like to give it to someone whom you don’t know or who is new in the market because you are investing and your website show cases your company’s brand. Likewise, hosting is just like a house that you would like to maintain for years to come. As you are investing for a house so it is for hosting too and we as a company want to provide our customers with best service for a longer term and in most of the cases we provide our customers with discounts plus free years. As the company is looking for long term relationship with the customers, company is providing offers and promos. With these promo customers would get the benefits of being with the company for a longer duration, customers get various benefits when they stay with the company for a longer term and will be in a position to have a better relationship with the company. Auto upgrades, migrations services etc are the benefits that customers would receive when they have a long term relationship with the company without extra cost. And with the long term relationship customers can have a better experience. If you see right from the start of the company we always been providing long term packages to our customers and there are thousands of customers who have been with us right from the start of the company.

How to place an order?

Click on sign up you would be redirected you to the order form, Please fill all the details and follow the online instruction. You can view our video presentation by clicking here.

How to raise a ticket?

Click on log in you would be redirected to a customer log in page. Log in with your user name and password and follow the online instruction. You can view our video presentation by clicking here.

How to contact sales team?

You can reach our sales team by phone, ticket or email. Our contact number is 080-42400333 extent 1, login to your account and raise a ticket to sales team or email:

How to contact billing team?

You can reach our billing team by phone, ticket or email. Our contact number is 080-42400333 extent 2, login to your account and raise a ticket to billing team or email:

What are the different payment options available?

We have various mode of payments made available for the ease of our customers. You can pay by Cash Deposit, Net Banking, Credit card, Debit card, Wire Transfer, Mobile Banking, Cash card, Cheque/DD, Pay from ATM, Money Order.

How to clear my pre-sales technical query?

Please raise a ticket to sales team and an expert product adviser would reply to all your query at the earliest or mail us at

I would like to reconfirm the version of scripting?

You can raise a ticket to sales team and an expert product adviser would reply to all your query at the earliest or mail us at

What is website ownership certificate?

It’s a document that would be couriered to you at your door step authenticating the ownership of your hosting account with us.

Why don't you support few latest scripting versions?

Most of the latest scripting version are in the beta version period with too many errors. Since we would like to provide the best service to our customers' we do not support till those versions are launched in the market. Enabling these latest beta version is just few clicks away but keeping in mind the quality and the problem arise to our customers there after we do not support those beta version.

Do you provide backup?

We maintain Backup for internal server use only. Maintaining regular backup for unlimited resources is challenging task but we still make sure the backups are maintained on regular basis for internal use. If you would like to purchase backup please click here.

How do we get MS SQL 2005/2008?

You could upgrade your package to our corporatewindows package. Kindly find the below link

Does the package include Free website builder?


Are there any hidden charges?


Are there any add-ons available?


Can I get more resources Like: More Mail/ Database/ Sub domain?


What is the procedure to register Unlimited domains?

To add an extra domain please raise a ticket to billing team with your payment details. All the domains must be registered with the same name of a company and/or a person with the same contact information.

What if my requirement is 1GB database?

You can try our corporate package where you get 1GB database plus you get high end security, better uptime and ultimate speed for your website.

How many sub – domain’s are provided per domain in the Unlimited domain’s package?

You would receive 10 Sub – domain’s per domain in the Unlimited domain package.

How many ftp logins are provided with this package?

FTP is used only to upload and download content to your home page, The FTP that we are providing has the best connection strings attached to it that would help you to upload and download quickie and hence we are providing one FTP for better quality.

Do you provide free domain registration?

With free domain you don't get the owner ship and hence we are not giving free domain registration but give free ownership certificate.

Will I get a cPanel for unlimited Linux and Plesk 9.5 for Unlimited Windows?

With the unlimited package windows/Linux we are providing Plesk(PEM) control panel which would give you easy access high Speed & security level on Plesk(PEM) is higher compare to the others. If you still like to opt for Cpanel or Plesk 9.5 you can purchase our Corporate Linux or Corporate Windows packages.

How is unlimited space provided?

Unlimited space is one of the major challenge for any hosting company. Thanks to today's technology where we can use cloud hosting/server which makes us possible to provide our customers with better quality unlimited space.

I receive an error while paying through credit card. Where am I going wrong?

At times filling the information provided on the credit card payment option, the original information like phone number, email id ect.., should match the actual ones that was provided during the purchase of the credit card.

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