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Most of the corporate and organizations are converting their web mail to Exchange servers. Exchange servers have been the talk in the town of late. Let’s get to know more about Exchange servers and its benefits, who know you might just want to have one to have an organized and secure way of mailing.

Exchange Server makes email much easier to use and administer.

  • Centralized Address Lists: All email accounts are automatically added to the "Global Address List" which is available to all users.
  • Centralized Groups: Groups of users (e.g. departments, committees etc.) can be created within Exchange server and then appear in the "Global Address List" which is available to all users when addressing email.
Public Folders Public Folders are centralized folders that can be accessed by all users. Access to these folders can be restricted (by user or group) to provide whatever level of security is required. Public Folders can contain various kinds of information including contact info, appointments, Tasks, or Email. Some examples of public folders include:
  • Contact information for clients/customers or vendors.
  • Calendars to schedule the use of shared resources
    like meeting rooms.

Group Enabled Outlook Features: With Exchange Server, everything in Outlook becomes "shared". Your calendar, task list, inbox, etc. can all be viewed or modified by other users. You decide how much, if any, access you want to allow to your information.

Meeting Planner: Exchange Server features a Meeting Planner that enables you to select users for a meeting, checks each user's calendar to determine a free time, and then notifies each user and updates their calendars with the scheduled meeting.

Out of Office Assistant: Exchange Server provides a simple tool to notify others when you are out of the office. When you are preparing to be out of the office you can customize an email message, which will be automatically sent out when you receive email. You can even have your email forwarded to another person or mailbox so nothing falls through the cracks.

Outlook Web Access: Outlook Web Access is Web browser based version of Outlook with almost all the same features. It enables you to access your email, calendar, contacts, etc. any time, from any computer, via the internet.

Administration: Exchange Server provides easier and more complete administration of email. With standard POP3 email, everything is stored on each user’s individual PC. With Exchange Server, all the data is stored in a database on the server. There are many benefits to this:

  • All email, contacts, calendars, etc. are included in the daily backup of the server. When a computer crashes or experiences a hard drive failure, the email will not be lost because it is stored on the server. If the server fails, the email can be restored from the backup.
  • When a user gets a new computer, you don't need to move the email data file and email address lists to the new
    computer. When you have Exchange Server you just configure the new PC which mailbox to access on the server.
  • Exchange server has some anti-spam features in place, adding another layer to your control of unwanted emails.

The Microsoft Mail Exchange Server Alternative for your businesses and corporate mail hosting.

Access your email or chats from anywhere, at any time, using a standard Web browser: Access your email, calendars, contacts, tasks, chats and notes in the office, on the road, or at home with Smarter Mail’s leading web mail interface. The mail server’s interface combines aesthetics with the full functionality of a desktop client, giving users the ability to communicate and collaborate around the clock from anywhere there is an Internet connection.

Work at your desk or on-the-go with complete mobile and desktop collaboration and synchronization: Enjoy increased mobility with full collaboration features and synchronize your email, contacts, calendars, tasks, and notes with email clients like Microsoft Outlook and Mozilla Thunderbird or with the latest smart phones via technologies such as Exchange Web Services, Exchange ActiveSync, and SyncML.

Easily migrate from any mail service Move a single mailbox, or an entire domain, from mail services like:

  • Gmail
  • Yahoo!
  • Hotmail / Windows Live
  • Microsoft Exchange
  • Or even mail servers like Merak, iMail and MailEnable

Preserve your email and chat history with full archiving: The Our mail server provides searchable message archiving at the mailbox, domain, and system level for inbound and outbound email and chat and complies with Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX), the Health Industry Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), and other regulatory requirements.

Instant communication: In today’s fast-paced world, instant communication is critical. Discuss issues and strategies with co-workers in real time, even if they are working halfway around the world. With Smarter Mail’s instant messaging features, use your own XMPP-compatible instant messaging desktop client like Adium, Digsby or Live Messenger or mobile clients like IM+ and IMO to have instant access to anyone within your organization.

Industry-standard antispam and antivirus ensures mail server security around the clock: Smarter Mail boasts the strongest anti spam and antivirus features out-of-the-box, achieving 97% spam protection upon setup and installation. Plus, Smarter Mail includes a variety of intrusion detection methods to prevent the mail server from being compromised.

Features :-

  • Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync  
  • Microsoft Exchange Web Services 
  • Advanced collaboration–shared calendars, contacts, tasks and notes
  • Integrated instant messaging server
  • LDAP support
  • Global Address List (GAL)
  • Message prioritization and throttling
  • Active directory authentication
  • Message archiving
  • Over-the-air synchronization for Android, iOS and Windows Phone devices
  • Two-way synchronization for Microsoft Outlook
  • Mailing list management functions
  • Custom and emailed reports

One Mail Box Rs 4000 per year : 25GB Mail Space

Microsoft® Exchange ActiveSync (Add-on) : One Mail Box Rs 2000 per year

CommTouch® Premium Anti-Spam (Add-on) : One Mail Box Rs 2000 per year

CommTouch® Zero-Hour Anti-Virus : One Mail Box Rs 2000 per year

Dedicated Account Manager for Mail Service : One Mail Box Rs 5000 per year

Unlimited Storage:-
Take advantage of Unlimited Storage in the user's personal outlook archive in your own computer or laptop. By using outlook you can store unlimited emails on your own PC or Laptops. This facility helps you to store emails as much as you want without paying a dime (at no extra cost) and you can retrieve the mails at any time without worrying about the security because its only you who has the access to your mails.

Unlimited Bandwidth:-
Take advantage of Unlimited Bandwidth in our mail server. With our mailserver package you get Unlimited Bandwidth. This facility will help you to access your mails faster, plus deliver the mails faster too. To add more smile the Unlimited Bandwidth come at no extra cost.

Is This Mail Server Right for Me?
  • Do you have a need to share calendars, contacts, or tasks with colleagues (groupware)?
  • Will the mail server run under Active Directory?
  • Do you require synchronization with mobile devices (such as Blackberry or iPhone) via SyncML or Exchange ActiveSync?
  • Do you have a need for users to chat with other users on a domain?
  • Do you require immediate access and search ability in email archives for SOX, HIPAA, or other regulatory requirements?
  • Do you have the need for a global address list?
  • Do you use LDAP to get directory information about contacts?
  • Do you want to throttle users to prevent abuse and delays for other users?
  • Do you want to prioritize or de-prioritize certain types of messages and/or certain domains or users to ensure message delivery performance?
  • Do you need to synchronize SmarterMail contacts and calendar items with Microsoft Outlook?
If your response to any of the questions above was “Yes,” then Mail Server is right for you. In comparison with Microsoft mail exchange server, extra feature available in Smarter Mail Enterprise Edition.
SmarterMail Edition Comparison
Features Availability
Mailbox migration for email, calendar, contacts and tasks Yes
Compatible with wide variety of control panel companies Yes
Add/edit domains and users Yes
Add/edit calendars, tasks and notes Yes
Add/edit RSS feeds Yes
Retrieve user and domain statistics via Web services3 Yes
SyncML support Yes
Exchange ActiveSync support Yes
CalDAV and CardDAV support Yes
Exchange Web Services support Yes
Microsoft Outlook 2007 (2-way) synchronization Yes
Microsoft Outlook 2000 and higher synchronization Yes
Mozilla Thunderbird and Lightning synchronization Yes
Web mail reminders system Yes
Web mail availability of attendees Yes
Web mail personal contacts Yes
Web mail personal calendars, tasks and notes Yes
Shared calendars, contacts, tasks and notes Yes
Instant messaging server Yes
Search, view and print archived chats Yes
Compatible with XMPP-supported chat clients Yes
POP3 Yes
Message retrieval via POP and IMAP Yes
COM touch Premium Anti spam Yes
Incoming and outbound spam checking Yes
Spam quarantine (outgoing messages only) Yes
Spam checking on POP3 message retrieval Yes
Outgoing spammer detection and limiting Yes
Spam Assassin-based Pattern Matching Engine Yes
Support for distributed Spam Assassin servers (Linux or Windows) Yes
SPF record checking Yes
RBL listing detection Yes
Bayesian filtering Yes
Reverse DNS checking Yes
Grey listing (based on IP, sender location, spam weight, etc.) Yes
Domain Keys and DKIM Yes
Configurable spam weights for system, domain and users Yes
Configurable spam headers Yes
Trusted senders Yes
Requiring SMTP authentication for outgoing messages Yes
Support for Declude Yes
COM touch Zero-hour Antivirus Yes
Out-of-the-box ClamAV Yes
Support for third-party real-time antivirus solutions Yes
Support for third-party command-line antivirus solutions Yes
Support for a remote ClamAV server (Linux or Windows)
Virus quarantine (outgoing messages only)
Incoming and outgoing SSL/TLS
Active Directory Authentication (ADX)
Optional alternate SMTP port
SMTP authentication by domain
Restrict administrator access via IP
Manual and automatic IP whitelisting/blacklisting
Brute force detection for Webmail
Manual and automatic IP whitelisting/blacklisting
Automatic harvest attack prevention
Automatic denial of service prevention
Malicious script filtering in webmail
Throttle user and domain activity
Throttle incoming bounces to prevent saturation
Real-time performance dashboards (traffic stats)
Basic reports (disk usage, file storage, etc.)
Advanced summary/trend reports (connections, traffic, spam, virus, etc.)
Data drill down for summary reports
Define custom reports
Scheduled and on-demand email reports
Reporting statistics exposed as PerfMon counters
Export reports to CSV and tab formats
Event-driven architecture
Notification profiles
Configurable system, domain and user events
Assign actions to events (e.g. command-line, notifications, etc.)
Default notification to all users when disk quotas are reached
Sarbanes-Oxley compliance4
Enable message archiving by domain
Messages .ZIP compressed to reduce space necessary
Search, view and print archived messages
Messages stored in .EML format
Administration from a Web browser
Custom skinning
Multiple system administrator accounts
Review and download log files from interface
Users can be limited to specific protocols (IMAP, POP, SMTP)
Mass propagation of settings for domains/users
Mass messaging to some or all users and domain administrators
Prioritize SMTP based on message type, domain or user
Spool functionality that allows third-party integration
Configurable outbound SMTP IP addresses
Multiple spools (smart spooling)
Manage all connections
Manage current blocks
Immediate blacklisting of connections and sessions
Configurable user password strength requirements
Configurable user settings by domain
Configurable logging for all protocols
Password compliance reporting and enforcement
Folder auto-clean to enforce user quotas
Domain-wide and system-wide footers
SmarterMail search indexing
Multi-language compatible
Optimized AJAX controls provide desktop application performance
Compatible with most mobile devices and tablets (iPad, iPhone, Android, etc.)
Preview message attachments
New message notifications from anywhere in interface
Thumbnails for image file attachments
Download all attachments as .ZIP
Upload attachments in the background
File storage
Automatic save as draft
Click-to-map, click-to-call and click-to-mail functionality
Follow-up flagging
Linked emails and tasks
Advanced content filtering
Advanced spam filtering rules
User-level auto-clean
Spell-check in 15 languages
Email address auto-complete similar to Microsoft Outlook
Import and export contacts
Support for user and domain aliases
Multiple signatures support
Multiple identity/SMTP support
Bounce detection
Automatic removal of subscribers on bounces
Optional double opt-in
Subscriber custom fields
Unsubscribe links in messages
Common subscriber database for all mailing lists
Merge variables and custom fields into messages (mail merge)
Toggle auto-generated response to mailing list commands
Enhanced mailing list compose with attachments
Customized command messages
Mail logging per subscriber
Message prioritization of mailing list
Throttling of mailing lists
Use as Smart Host or incoming gateway
Use as backup MX server
Use as outgoing gateway
User authentication and SSL/TLS support for outgoing gateways
Gateway authentication with other Smarter Mail servers
Gateway can have domain exceptions
Spam checking available on gateways
Grey listing available on gateways

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