General Features

Domains Unlimited
Disk space 250GB
Bandwidth Unlimited
Email IDs Unlimited
Database Unlimited
Sub Domains Unlimited
Control Panel WHM/ Cpanel
FTP Accounts Unlimited
Email Aliases Yes
Catch email Yes
Domain Aliases Yes
Operating System Linux
My SQL Yes
Database Publishing Wizard Yes
Web Mail Yes
Auto-Responder Yes
Mail Forwarding Yes
Web Based FTP Yes
FIle Manager Yes
Flash Yes
PHP My Admin Yes
Blogging Yes
PHP-Nuke Yes
Post-Nuke Yes
PHP list Yes
PHP Project Yes
PHP Ads New Yes
PHP Wiki Yes
Perl Yes
Perl with GD Yes
Drupal Yes
Wiki Yes
Tiki Wiki Yes
Nucleus Yes
Xoops Yes
Dew-New PHP Links Yes
Open-Realty Yes
Noahs Classifieds Yes
Image Galleries Yes
Dot Project Yes
MIME types Yes
Raw Log Manager Yes
Advanced Poll Yes
Transfer Log Yes
Geeklog Yes
W3J mail Yes
Miva support Yes
Front Page Yes
404 Customized Error Yes
Pre-registered ActiveX Components Yes
Moodle Yes
GD 2 Yes
Curl Yes
Bulletin Boards YaBB Yes
Bulletin Boards phpBB Yes
Bulletin Boards phpBB3 Yes

Other Features

Help Documentation Yes
Your Own Reseller Domain Control Panel Free
Your Own Reseller space Control Panel Free
Your Own company Name server Yes
Firewall Protection Yes
Web Site Statistics Yes
DNS Management Yes
Fraud, Virus & Spam Protection Yes
Trouble Ticket Yes
Server Side Includes Yes
Visitor Statistics Yes
Backup Scheduler Yes

One Click Installation – 239 scrips

WordPress Yes
b2evolution Yes
LifeType Yes
Dotclear Yes
Textpattern Yes
Nucleus Yes
Serendipity Yes
Open Blog Yes
eggBlog Yes
Pixie Yes
PivotX Yes
StatusNet Yes
PageCookery Yes
Sharetronix Yes
Zikula Yes
Joomla Yes
Geeklog Yes
Drupal Yes
Mambo Yes
PHP-Nuke Yes
SilverStripe Yes
Website Baker Yes
sNews Yes
Pligg Yes
MODx Yes
Xoops Yes
Typo3 Yes
Concrete5 Yes
phpwcms Yes
e107 Yes
CMS Made Simple Yes
Joomla 1.7 Yes
Drupal 6 Yes
Contao Yes
ocPortal Yes
PyroCMS Yes
Zazavi Yes
PHP-Fusion Yes
Silex Yes
Saurus Yes
jCore Yes
phpBB Yes
MyBB Yes
Phorum Yes
PunBB Yes
UseBB Yes
FluxBB Yes
bbPress Yes
Vanilla Yes
Coppermine Yes
TinyWebGallery Yes
Gallery Yes
LinPHA Yes
Piwigo Yes
Pixelpost Yes
ZenPhoto Yes
phpAlbum Yes
Shutter Yes
4images Yes
Plogger Yes
MediaWiki Yes
DokuWiki Yes
PhpWiki Yes
PmWiki Yes
TikiWiki Yes
WikkaWiki Yes
ClipBucket Yes
VidiScript Yes
videoDB Yes
Seo Panel Yes
Soholaunch Yes
jobberBase Yes
Question2Answer Yes
JoobsBox Yes

One Click Installation (239 Scripts)

Elgg Yes
Dolphin Yes
Jcow Yes
Oxwall Yes
Beatz Yes
Etano Yes
PeoplePods Yes
Noahs Classifieds Yes
OpenX Yes
Kamads Yes
PHPads Yes
OpenClassifieds Yes
GPixPixel Yes
OSClass Yes
WebCalendar Yes
phpicalendar Yes
phpScheduleIt Yes
ExtCalendar Yes
Shadows Rising Yes
Word Search Puzzle Yes
Multiplayer Checkers Yes
BlackNova Traders Yes
phpList Yes
Webinsta Maillist Yes
poMMo Yes
SquirrelMail Yes
ccMail Yes
OpenNewsletter Yes
LimeSurvey Yes
phpESP Yes
EasyPoll Yes
LittlePoll Yes
Simple PHP Poll Yes
CJ Dynamic Poll Yes
Aardvark Topsites Yes
Advanced Poll Yes
Piwik Yes
dotProject Yes
phpCollab Yes
PHProjekt Yes
ProjectPier Yes
Mantis Bug Tracker Yes
SugarCRM Yes
Feng Office Yes
eyeOS Yes
Mound Yes
The Bug Genie Yes
TaskFreak Yes
Collabtive Yes
Zen Cart Yes
Freeway Yes
osCommerce Yes
OpenCart Yes
PrestaShop Yes
phpShop Yes
Magento Yes
CubeCart Yes
AccountLab Plus Yes
PHP Point Of Sale Yes
TheHostingTool Yes
TomatoCart Yes
Avactis Yes
phpCOIN Yes
Quick.Cart Yes
Axis Yes
osCommerce3 Yes
AlegroCart Yes
OrangeHRM Yes
FrontAccounting Yes
SimpleInvoices Yes
Dolibarr Yes
Vtiger Yes
BlueERP Yes
Tine Yes
EGroupware Yes
Advanced Guestbook Yes
phpBook Yes
BellaBook Yes
VX Guestbook Yes
Lazarus Yes
RicarGBooK Yes
PHPKode Guestbook Yes
Crafty Syntax Yes
Help Center Live Yes
osTicket Yes
ExoPHPDesk Yes
phpSupport Yes
Open Web Messenger Yes
phpOnline Yes
phpMyFAQ Yes
iQDesk Yes
Trellis Desk Yes
CodeIgniter Yes
PHPDevShell Yes
Symfony Yes
yii Yes
Zend Yes
PhpOpenBiz Yes
xAjax Yes
AjaxAC Yes
Kohana Yes
Smarty Yes
Moodle Yes
Claroline Yes
ATutor Yes
TCExam Yes
DoceboLMS Yes
Omeka Yes
eFront Yes
Moodle_2.0 Yes
phpMyAdmin Yes
Adminer Yes
SQLiteManager Yes
Vty Yes
MyWebSQL Yes
kPlaylist Yes
Podcast Generator Yes
Impleo Yes
AmpJuke Yes
FAQMasterFlex Yes
phpLD Yes
Open-Realty Yes
WeBid Yes
PHPfileNavigator Yes
cFTP Yes
PhpGedView Yes
phpFormGenerator Yes
OpenDocMan Yes
phpFreeChat Yes
PHP QR Code Yes
LetoDMS Yes
Form Tools Yes
phpDocumentor Yes
Hablator Yes
PHPWeby Yes
Arfooo Yes
Open Journal Systems Yes
OpenBiblio Yes
Feed On Feeds Yes
Price for One month Rs 2000

Price for Quarterly Rs 4000

Price for Half yearly Rs 6000

Price for Annually Rs 9000           ordernow

Price for Two years Rs 12000

Price for Three years Rs 15000

Special features

Cloud hosting:
As we all know that cloud hosting is the latest in the hosting market and have created a big impression world-wide, right from shared hosting customers to corporate customers are emphasizing and opting for cloud hosting. As there is a high demand for cloud hosting technology, in the future we would incorporate cloud hosting in this package.
Anti Spam filters: Spam’s are a major concern for company who are providing email ids to their customers and the customers satisfaction becomes less when the mail boxes are filled in with unwanted emails or spam emails. After a close study in the market we adopted a new technology which is specially incorporated in this package. The latest anti spam filters set in this package are for individual email ids which means you can control the spam setting on each email id created. Here you can set the control to High, Medium or low based on your preference. Usually the spam filters are set on the email servers but with this package we provide the anti-spam filter for each email id created, this will help your customer experience a whole new level of security with our latest anti-spam function.

Generic name server: Get 250GB web space free for using generic name server, which means 250GB+250GB=500GB web space. In this package, you receive 250GB of web space with your own name server, which is more than what you get in the current market, but we would like to provide you with an additional of 250GB of web space for using generic name server which means 250GB+250GB= total of 500GB web space.

One click install: Many customers prefer to use the one click install. This will save more time for the customers since they do not have to search the web or test the scripts before using them. These scripts are all installed in the control panel and just by clicking the option these scripts would be enabled in their hosting account with much ease. Many companies in the world provide a maximum of 50 to 60 scripts but we are providing 239 one click install scripts. These scripts will enable the following features which most customers would love to have on their website some of these important features are Blogs, Micro blogs, Portals/CMS, Project management, E-Commerce, ERP, Forums, Wikis, Image Galleries, Guest Books, Customer Support, Frameworks, Social Networking, Ad Management, Calendars, Gaming, Mails, Educational, DB Tools, Music, RSS, Others, Polls and surveys and Videos. Using these features customers can create the desired website.

Tenant Isolation: With tenant isolation technology all the clients using the server will be isolated in separate segment and each of them will have individual slots in the same server. By tenant isolation even if one tenant goes down all the other tenants are safe and stable.

Superior Server Stability: With Dell server and cloud technology giving the best hardware resource functionality. Its reliable, secure giving high uptime and speed to the application. Remote monitoring provides 24×7 monitoring and alerts, and customizable options to allow ongoing access to a skilled, remote support team. Round the clock monitoring and alerts – 24/7/365 alerts and monitoring of key metrics, including processor, memory, network and disk storage capacity, and up/down availability of clusters and hosts.

Secure Network: The network is completely secured from virus, spam, phishing, hacking etc which are considered to be the major threats in the online world. With the state of the art security system incorporated with firewalls (software and hardware) antivirus software, anti spamming system etc makes our network complete secure and safe from all online threats and provides peace of mind.
Unlimited Domains: With this package you receive Unlimited Domains you can host any number of domains without any restrictions. Here you would have the liberty to add as many domains as you want in a single package. This package will surely increase the profit to a greater extent since there is no limitation to the number of domains hosted.

World’s Lowest Price (WLP) Domain reseller package: After researching and analyzing the domain reseller market, we have come up with the low cost domain price which is nowhere available in the market. We are certain that, the WLP is the best option for you, because it is designed on low cost and maximum returns. There are no hidden costs or any slabs, you receive the same price for the domains right from the first domain you register. Our Lowest Price domains are one of the fastest selling product because our resellers get the domains that are priced low compared to any other domain provider. By reselling the domains you can easily generate higher revenue with the World’s Low Price Domains package.

Special dedicated server team and technical team: With this package we have a special well trained dedicated server team and technical team who are well versed with the Linux operating system and Cpanel. The expertise of the team members will help resolve any complicated issues with ease. The dedicated team would work only for our reseller’s issues who have purchased our package and these experts will not be handling any other queries apart from the reseller issues. This will provide you with a better and a faster service which will keep your customers satisfaction level high.

Low Price hosting reseller Package: Price is one of the major factors why many customers are more satisfied with us. Again as the history repeats we are offering this package at a very competitive price compared to what you would receive in the Indian or International market.The package cost in the Indian or International market is anywhere between Rs 40000 to Rs 70000, but here you are getting this package just for Rs 25000, plus you would get another 250GB of free web space if you would use the generic name server, features like Unlimited Bandwidth, latest Anti-Spam Filter, 239 one click install codes, Dedicated Server Team and Dedicated Technical Team are just to name a few.

Reseller certificate: With this package you would receive a “Reseller Certificate” when the package is purchased for 10 years. The certificate provided will increase the esteem of your company and the same could be displayed in your office. This is a recognition certificate approving that you are the Authorized Reseller of Manashosting. The hard copy of the certificate would be mailed to your mailing address.

Franchisee: If you are looking to become the franchisee of Manashosting in your local area and make more profit with all the packages that are available we got a simple method for you. All you need to do is bring in huge volume of business with this reseller package. Isn’t that simple? Just make more selling and you could be Manashosting’s esteemed franchisee and sell all the products of Manashosting with high margin.

Unlimited Bandwidth: With the state of the art datacenter, direct multi-Gigabit bandwidth connections with auto switchover facility and fiber optics connections Manashosting is able to provide Unlimited Bandwidth. With this package you need not worry about the traffic since the bandwidth provided is unlimited.


Overselling: In this package our resellers can oversell the package to their customers that is sell more than what is allocated. For example currently if you have 100GB of web space and you allot 1GB each of 100 plans, your 100GB web space quota is reached, however when checked only 30GB of space is consumed by your clients. Here you can sell over the 100GB limit of web space

Attractive offers:
It’s a limited time offer for our resellers who purchase the Unlimited Domains cpanel reseller ship. All the resellers who purchase this package will get 10% off on VPS, 15% off on Virtual Dedicated Servers and 25% off on Dedicated Servers. This is a onetime offer. If you are planning to develop your business, this is the right time to get these exclusive offers on these packages.

Upcoming features

The upcoming features with this package are very unique and most of these features are new in the hosting market which will be incorporated with the Cpanel/WHMC. These features will just not benefit the resellers but will increase their business to a great level because the reseller’s customers would be more satisfied with these features.

Ecommerce: Our resellers will be provided with an ecommerce option in their control panel to activate Ecommerce website all you have to do is just a click. This feature is provided for the convenience of the resellers’ to receive payment online. An online shopping cart with secure payment gateway would be added by which your customers can make their payment online. Currently these ecommerce website designing’s average costs are at Rs5000000 in the market which the resellers’ would get it just by a click and it’s totally free.

Integrated payment gateway: The payment gateways would be integrated free of cost for the resellers through which they could get more branding and business from their customers. Resellers’ customers’ would be in a position to make online payment through wire transfers, credit and debit card payments without hazel.

Sub-resellers: With this package incorporation of sub-reseller also would be done. This would help the resellers to in-turn resell the space to other resellers by creating sub-resellers under them. This feature will increase the resellers business and just not limit it to the end users only. The scope of growth will be on a higher scale for the resellers of this package.

Free Migration: All the resellers who are using the WHMC/Cpanel can migrate free of cost without paying a single penny. These migrations would be handled by our special migration team who are specialized in migration of reseller hosting accounts.

Multiplatform: In the future the same package would be available with different operating system Windows/Linux/Java. These platforms would be incorporated with the existing WHMC/Cpanel. This will help the reseller to reduce cost in the investing for different operating system while still using Cpanel that is much user friendly and widely used control panel in the world.


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Why Choose Manashosting?
Outstanding Support – Speed – Flexibility
  • Unlimited Bandwidth Free
  • High Speed and Best server Uptime
  • Award winning technical team
  • Advanced Linux server
  • Expert Linux server team
  • Support by Chat, Phone and Ticket
  • Domain Transfer without downtime
  • Full control panel facility
  • Latest Anti Spam and Anti Virus protection
  • 239 One Click installation scripts