Main Features Windows

Domain Hosted 5
Disk Space 25GB
Bandwidth 250GB
MSSQL Database 10
MSSQL Database Quota per Database 10MB
Total MSSQL space 100MB
MySQL Database 10
MySQL Database Quota per Database 10MB
Total MySQL space 100MB
MS Access 50
MS Access Quota per Database 50MB
Total MS Access space 2500MB
E-Mail IDs 100
Email id Space 100MB
Total E-mail space 10000MB
Setup Fee Free
Control Panel Plesk
Website Builder

Free Features

Open Blog
Life Type
Text pattern
WordPress MU
Website Baker
XMB Forum
Use BB
Pun BB
Flux BB
Copper mine
Tiny Web Gallery
Pixel post
Zen Photo
PHP Album
Doku Wiki
Media Wiki
PHP Wiki

Tiki Wiki
Noah’s Classifieds
PHP ads
Web Calendar
PHP iCalendar
PHP ScheduleIt
PHP List
Webinsta Maillist
Squirrel Mail
Lime Survey
CJ Dynamic Poll
Easy Poll
Little Poll
Simple PHP Poll
Aardvark Top sites
Advanced Poll
Dot Project
PHP Collab
PHP Project
Net Office
Project Pier
Mantis Bug Tracker
Sugar CRM
Open Cart
Account Lab Plus
Bella Book
VX Guestbook
Advanced Guestbook
Help Center Live
Open Web Messenger
PHP Support Tickets
FAQ Master Flex
We Bid
PHP Form Generator
Open Doc Man
Ext JS
Proto type
Code Igniter
PHP file Navigator
PHP Ged View
Price for 1 years Rs 2500
Price for 2 years Rs 3500
Price for 5 years Rs 4000

Mail Features

POP3 E-Mail Accounts
E-mail Aliases
Mailing Lists
Spam Filter
E-Mail Filter
Web Mail
POP3 Server
Auto Responder E-Mails
Catch-all E-Mails
IMAP Support
E-Mail Forwarding
IMAP Server
SMTP Server

Scripting Features

PHP 4.3
PHP 4.4
PHP 5.0
PHP 5.2.9
PHP 5.3.18
PHP support in HTML Files
ASP 4.0
MSSQL 2008
Ms Access
ASP .Net 1.0
ASP .Net 1.1
ASP .Net 2.0
ASP .Net 3.5
ASP .Net 4.0
ASP .Net 4.5
ASP Secured
Html/ Dhtml
CGI with Custom Mapping
Password protected Directories
Macromedia Shockwave
Visitor Statistics
Web Shell
Virtual Directories
MIME types
Front page Extention

Other Features

Stop-Gap Domain
Domain Aliases
Anti-Virus Protection
FTP account
File Manager
Custom Error
Own SMTP Server
Own CGI-Bin Directory
Backup for internal use
Redirect URL
Custom Directory Indexes
Transfer Log
Server Side Image Map
Referrer Log
Agent Log
Error Log
IIS Web Server 6.0
Raw access and error logs
Traffic stats
Detailed bandwidth stats

Customer Support

Technical Support (24 x 7)
Phone Support (24 x 7)
Tech Support by Live Chat (24 x 7)
Tech Support by Ticket System
Extensive online documentation
Online Help Documentation

Extra Features

Zen Cart
PHP Shop
Presta Shop
Cube Cart
PHP Book
Crafty Syntax
Exo PHP Desk
PHP Support
PHP Online
templ2 SEO sourcecode pc based webbased software add-on

* Free domain extension available in .com and few more extensions. Contact sales team to know more.

Heavy size Audio/Video/Pdf/Zip/Rar/Dll etc cannot be uploaded in this package.

Salient free features:

Following are the 5 different free options available for customers of Manashosting which they can use free of cost. These features have been provided by our third party partners, which our customers can utilize and bring a major difference in their business and stay different from the rest of their competitors. The free features available to our customers are:

1) Audio video files uploading
2) Transfer high size files
3) Maintain Back-up
4) Ad Coupons
5) Bulk mailing

Audio video files uploading:

We all know that action speaks louder than words. As an entrepreneur you may wish to showcase few video, audio or image files to your prospect customers who would be attracted to purchase your product or service. These videos can be a demonstration, tutorials, PPTs, or anything that could be related to the product and services that your company provides. Hence the need of audio video files becomes essential and since we have understood the need we would like our customers to be benefited by using the third party servers to upload their audio, video and image files.

Transfer high size files for free:

Customer can now easily transfer big size files from one destination to another free without investing a single rupee. Usually if you would like to transfer files over an email there have always been a size limitation and worries of mail being delivered, but with this free feature you can transfer big size files without worrying of the size or of the delivery. Our third party partners help you to send huge size files from one designation to another at ease.

Maintain Back-up:

Back-up maintenance always incurs huge costing and most of the times customer do require back-ups of their own websites, emails and databases but fail to maintain one because of the costing. Now you can maintain your complete websites back-up free of cost and retrieve at any point of time from any systems that is connected to the internet. This feature is provided by our third party partners free of cost.

Ad coupons:

Woodfo Add Coupons of $200:

Creating Your Ads
You can create your own pay per click banner or text ads immediately after you register as an advertiser. Create as many ads you would like to create and as many keywords you want to assign for each ad. You can select different click rates for your each keyword. Our click rate optimizer will assist you to select the optimal click rates for you ad keywords.

Displaying Your Ads
Your ads will be displayed our search engines, network websites as well as our publisher websites and their search engines. Your ads will be shown when people search on our network search engines for the same keywords which you have set for your ads.

Cost Effective Advertising
Advertising with Woodfo Adserver is cost effective. Woodfo Adserver gives you complete control on your monthly expenditure so that you can make sure your marketing expenses are well within your budget limit. This free benefit has been provided to Manashosting’s customers only. Customers cannot use more than one coupon.

Bulk Mail:

Marketing Mails have always been an issue and finding the right solutions has most of the times ended up in either delivery failure or loss of money relying on services that do not much care about the prompt delivery of the mails. Manashosting is currently tied-up with one of the best mailing service provider who helps you to fulfill your mail marketing solutions.

  • Improve Inbox Delivery
  • Less Costs and Resources
  • Avoid Junk Folder Jail
  • Tracking Statistics & Reporting
  • 24 x 7 Expert Support
  • Email Authentication
  • ISP Relationship Support
  • Over 10 Years Experience
  • You get the above mentioned features free for a limited period and if you are happy with the service you may choose to up-grade the account from free account to paid account.

    10 years hosting free

    Host a website for 10 years and get 10 years hosting free, we like to invite all our existing and new customer of manashosting to avail this 10 years free offer and to increase their business.

    You must be wondering how to avail 10 years free hosting?

    The deal is simple; host your website with manashosting for 10years without changing your server, after completion of 10 years of hosting with Manashosting. You will get the next 10 years of hosting completely free of cost. No big procedure to follow, No Fuss, Completely transparent and easy to avail.


    Know important 121 facts before you purchase.

    1. Why to choose Manashosting? Click Here
    2. How our quality is superior? Click Here
    3. Why our price is less? Click Here
    4. Why do we provide promo? Click Here
    5. How is our technical support team? Click Here
    6. How is our server team? Click Here
    7. About our datacenter Click Here
    8. About our server speed and uptime Click Here
    9. What is Manashosting’s history? Click Here
    10. What are the achievements of Manashosting in hosting? Click Here
    11. Manashosting’s future plan and benefits to the customers Click Here
    12. What is the difference between National and International hosting company? Click Here
    13. Which package will be best suitable for me? Click Here
    14. How do I get 7 days free trials? Click Here
    15. How do I identify which department to approach in case I have a problem? Click Here
    16. How can I get control panel demo? Click Here
    17. Key persons of the company Click Here
    18. Key persons, thoughts and views Click Here
    19. Existing customers’ portfolio and testimonials Click Here
    20. How am I benefited with Website ownership certificate? Click Here
    21. Why is the company providing huge discounts and promo offers? Click Here
    22. How is unlimited provided? Click Here
    23. Why are per domain limitations in the Unlimited packages? Click Here
    24. Why is the company not providing limited packages for a short period. Click Here
    25. How can I upgrade my existing package? Click Here
    26. How is website builder useful for me?Click Here
    27. What are the difference between Windows and Linux? Click Here
    28. You may be thinking as why I need to go for multiple years. What are the benefits of long term hosting in a single company? Click Here
    29. How does Live chat help me bridge the gap and lower my phone charges?Click Here
    30. My requirement is for Audio/Video/Pdf/Zip/Rar/Dll etc files. What are my best options? Click Here
    31. My requirement is for MsSql2000/2005/2008:Click Here
    32. Many of the customers like to have domain and hosting with us. What could be the reason? Click Here
    33. My dream is to create a social networking site; which would be the best suitable package for me?Click Here
    34. Help me place an order:Click Here
    35. Help me raise a ticket:Click Here
    36. What are the different modes of payment?Click Here
    37. I would like to get some assistance do you have any online videos or presentation?Click Here
    38. What is Multiplatform reseller, how am I benefitted if I opt for this package?Click Here
    39. I would like to keep my emails safe. What option do you have?Click Here
    40. Do I have an option of upgrading to Cloud server if I purchase your package?Click Here
    41. Disadvantages of free domain registration:Click Here
    42. Disadvantage of free email id: Click Here
    43. Disadvantage of free web space:Click Here
    44. How much do you value ethics?Click Here
    45. What is the security I get from your packages?Click Here
    46. Is up-gradation possible after purchasing the package from you?Click Here
    47. How easy is it for me to transfer my existing domain and hosting to you?Click Here
    48. Low cost domain price for end users:Click Here
    49. Dynamic team workClick Here
    50. How are your prices?Click Here
    51. How unique, valuable and innovative are you hosting packages?Click Here
    52. Security of Domain:Click Here
    53. New technology adaptation by Manashosting and cascade it to their customers:Click Here
    54. Why do you have per domain limit?Click Here
    55. Why does Manashosting do not support bulk mailing?Click Here
    56. Why do you provide more free products compared to other providers?Click Here
    57. How experienced is the company in hosting?Click Here
    58. What is the risk factor?Click Here
    59. Cutting edge technology:Click Here
    60. Do I get complete range of Hosting Solution?Click Here
    61. Expertise in?Click Here
    62. Flexibility:Click Here
    63. Passion:Click Here
    64. Creating the path for future:Click Here
    65. Quality equipment:Click Here
    66. Highly functional tools for administration of server and data center:Click Here
    67. Does your company work for future of India?Click Here
    68. I would like to know about your team.Click Here
    69. Why our clients like Indian customer care?Click Here
    70. Compared to the past how Manashosting has changed in the present:Click Here
    71. How Manashosting would change in future?Click Here
    72. Why Manashosting is in India and why not worldwide?Click Here
    73. Why Manashosting does not provide web site designing?Click Here
    74. Legal advisor:Click Here
    75. Flexible Approach: Click Here
    76. Communication is Key:Click Here
    77. Always be up-to-date in market:Click Here
    78. Why no reselling?Click Here
    79. I am confused between limited and unlimited: Click Here
    80. I am from India my client in USA can I buy from you?Click Here
    81. Requirement of unlimited domain package. Click Here
    82. Hosting: Click Here
    83. Domain registration: Click Here
    84. Domain Pricing: Click Here
    85. Domain reseller: Click Here
    86. Backup: Click Here
    87. 7 day trial Click Here
    88. I need multiple FTP: Click Here
    89. Do you look for huge volume business or quality with less volume? Click Here
    90. Load Balancing: Click Here
    91. Spam filter: Click Here
    92. Mode of support: Click Here
    93. Corporate Package: Click Here
    94. Easy movement at anytime to anywhere that you want: Click Here
    95. I am confused to choose between quality and quantity: Click Here
    96. I would like to create a corporate website, which package is best suitable for me? Click Here
    97. I would like to run .exe files and zip files, which package is best suitable? Click Here
    98. I like to create big dynamic website which package should I purchase?Click Here
    99. I need speed bandwidth and high traffic website which one will good for me?Click Here
    100. I am using mail service is main which package is good for me?Click Here
    101. I need some one person number so that full year he can help me to fix my all issue?Click Here
    102. My designer left me how I will use it or migrate from other?Click Here
    103. Still I am confuse to whom I will contact?Click Here
    104. Website Statistics:Click Here
    105. Features Compatibility:Click Here
    106. Flexibility and room for growth to the clients’ website: Click Here
    107. I need Plesk 11/Website Panel or cpanel helm control panel:Click Here
    108. I am not a designer how I can host website?Click Here
    109. Reputation in market:Click Here
    110. What is latest generation of hosting?Click Here
    111. Can my postal address be shown to public in WHOIS?Click Here
    112. What is the use of name server?Click Here
    113. I need hosting from you but I have domain registered from another company and in future would like to use 3rd party mail service. How is it possible?Click Here
    114. Indian server VS international server:Click Here
    115. What are the hidden cost and limitations in the package?Click Here
    116. Our mission:Click Here
    117. What does award means to us?Click Here
    118. Your vote counts:Click Here
    119. Server and datacenter: Click Here
    120. Customer ID:Click Here
    121. Charity:Click Here

    Why to choose ManasHosting?

    1. Awards | Click Here
    2. Plesk 11/Website Panel control panel | Click Here
    3. Toll Free number | Click Here
    4. Tech Support by SMS | Click Here
    5. 99% Customer satisfaction | Click Here
    6. 99.3% Reseller Satisfaction | Click Here
    7. Online Seminar | Click Here
    8. All Call Back | Click Here
    9. Website Builder | Click Here
    10. Franchise | Click Here
    11. Different Server Concept | Click Here
    12. Separate server for reseller | Click Here
    13. Own Datacenter | Click Here
    14. Online Billing System | Click Here
    15. Dedicated Server | Click Here
    16. Less domain price for end user | Click Here
    17. Super Reseller | Click Here
    18. Expired domain | Click Here
    19. V Dedicated server | Click Here
    20. Chat Software | Click Here
    21. Sales Help | Click Here
    22. Bill Help | Click Here
    23. FTP Software and Tutorial | Click Here
    24. Windows and Linux | Click Here
    25. SaaS | Click Here
    26. CCAvenue | Click Here
    27. MS SQL 2008 | Click Here
    28. VPS COST REDUCED | Click Here
    29. Interactive Help Document | Click Here
    30. Call Verification | Click Here
    31. IPIN OR Identification Number | Click Here
    32. Dedicated Ticket system for reseller | Click Here
    33. Dedicated Chat for reseller | Click Here
    34. Help for Transfer domain | Click Here
    35. Transfer Domain to us without down time | Click Here
    36. Relationship with Microsoft | Click Here
    37. Help Documentation | Click Here
    38. Instant Order activation | Click Here
    39. Suggestions | Click Here
    40. Technical Support | Click Here
    41. Cloud Hosting | Click Here
    42. Advance Technology hosting | Click Here
    43. ISO 90012008 | Click Here
    44. Trade Mark registered | Click Here
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    49. Affiliate programming | Click Here
    50. All databases (MSSql/ MySql/ MSAccess) free of cost | Click Here
    51. ASP, NET Frame work, Macro media Flash, Macro media Dream weaver, Front Page | Click Here
    52. Auto Renewal | Click Here
    53. Availability of MSSQL2005 | Click Here
    54. Changing of Domains | Click Here
    55. Content Management System | Click Here
    56. CRM | Click Here
    57. Emergency issue escalator technology | Click Here
    58. Fantastico in cpanel | Click Here
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    67. Intercom facility to communicate with any department | Click Here
    68. Interview in South India’s most Popular Suvarna Channel, on the topic of security | Click Here
    69. Launched Audio conference to reduce the phone bill and chat time of our customers | Click Here
    70. Launched Designing Per Page Just 39 | Click Here
    71. Launching Special phone number only for complaint booking | Click Here
    72. Live demo for dedicated server and VPS | Click Here
    73. Local company (No Language problem) | Click Here
    74. Long year Relationship | Click Here
    75. New payment option also available like | Click Here
    76. New Update Delude Anti spam | Click Here
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    78. New Windows 2008 Server | Click Here
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    80. Pop3 and Web mail support | Click Here
    81. Portfolio | Click Here
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    83. SEO option for existing 2 yrs customer | Click Here
    84. Server Concept | Click Here
    85. Server Speed Proof | Click Here
    86. SLA | Click Here
    87. Special technical help to client for domain transfer from other Hosting Provider | Click Here
    88. Specialize in Hosting | Click Here
    89. Suggestions will get 10GB of hosting space | Click Here
    90. Superior uptime and performance | Click Here
    91. Testimonials | Click Here
    92. To satisfy high volume of Technical calls Manashosting launched new PRI line | Click Here
    93. Toll Free no. for Technical Support | Click Here
    94. Transfer money from Abroad through JP Morgan | Click Here
    95. Unlimited space at lower costs | Click Here
    96. Visitor’s hits per year 5, 27, and 49,411 | Click Here
    97. We have introduced advanced technologies according to the new IT market | Click Here
    98. Advanced Server concept. | Click Here
    99. New payment option also available like | Click Here
    100. High availability server | Click Here
    101. Technical challenge | Click Here
    102. Launch of low cost VDS | Click Here
    103. Release of security package | Click Here
    104. Virtual product advisor | Click Here
    105. Low price Unlimited Domains hosting product | Click Here
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    107. Unlimited web pages for Just Rs 10 | Click Here
    108. Charity | Click Here
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    140. Employee Self Training center | Click Here
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    183. Your vote counts | Click Here
    184. Server and datacenter | Click Here
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    186. Spam filter | Click Here
    187. Mode of support | Click Here
    188. Easy movement at anytime to anywhere that you want | Click Here
    189. Looking for quality or quantity | Click Here
    190. Run .exe files and zip files | Click Here
    191. Audio video files | Click Here
    192. MsSql 2005/2008 | Click Here
    193. Video presentation | Click Here
    194. Safe emails | Click Here
    195. Ethics | Click Here
    196. Dynamic team work | Click Here
    197. Work for future of India | Click Here
    198. About our team | Click Here
    199. Indian customer care support | Click Here
    200. Unique, valuable and innovative hosting packages | Click Here

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. I am a complete beginner. Is it difficult to build a website? | Click Here
    2. What is the meaning of .COM, .NET and .ORG Domain Names? | Click Here
    3. What is the address for your Datacenter? | Click Here
    4. Why Plesk 11/Website Panel control panel why not cpanel, plesk, helm? | Click Here
    5. Can I use the domains which are registered in different companies? | Click Here
    6. Whether unlimited domains have to be added in a single stretch or can be added later? | Click Here
    7. How can we know what is supported in Plesk 11/Website Panel? Where do we have to contact for more information? | Click Here
    8. Can I accept Credit Cards on my website? Will it be secured? | Click Here
    9. After making a payment what to do? | Click Here
    10. What is the difference between online payment and offline payment? | Click Here
    11. What is the difference between net transfers by ccavenue payment gateway and direct? | Click Here
    12. How to make mobile payment? | Click Here
    13. How to make by cash cards? | Click Here
    14. I am new to this hosting industry I need help from some person step by step for month? | Click Here
    15. I created my company’s website to start our online business, is it essential for me to choose SSL? | Click Here
    16. What is the difference between Linux accounts and Windows accounts? | Click Here
    17. What is the server configuration? | Click Here
    18. What are POP Accounts? | Click Here
    19. What is DNS or name server? | Click Here
    20. What is File Manager? | Click Here
    21. Why do I require unlimited domain package as I have just started the company? | Click Here
    22. Do you support audio/video in unlimited package? | Click Here
    23. How do I trust your company? | Click Here
    24. What are Email auto responders? | Click Here
    25. Why are you not providing MSsql in unlimited package? | Click Here
    26. Which version of ASP you provide in the unlimited package? | Click Here
    27. Which version of you provide in the unlimited package? | Click Here
    28. Getting error message while making the payment through CCavenue payment gateway. | Click Here
    29. Why do I need domain forwarding? | Click Here
    30. What are measures for security? | Click Here
    31. Can I use video streaming in shared hosting? | Click Here
    32. If I am facing any problem in the middle of placing an order, what are the solutions? | Click Here
    33. We also require designing along with hosting. | Click Here
    34. How I can make the payment at night time? | Click Here
    35. I am now in abroad and how can I make the payment? | Click Here
    36. Why should I bear extra transaction charge by bank at the time of cash deposit? | Click Here
    37. Before you were allowing to active the order through email but why now only ticket system. | Click Here
    38. Reason for the error transaction while paying by card through ccavenue? | Click Here
    39. What do you mean by unlimited? | Click Here
    40. Will MB MSSql database be sufficient for me? | Click Here
    41. Can you host international (country specific) domain names? | Click Here
    42. What are the valid characters for a domain name? | Click Here
    43. How long does it take to register a domain name? | Click Here
    44. What alternative do I have if a customer does not wish to continue using the Domain Name I registered? Will he/ she get a refund in that case? | Click Here
    45. Which organizations use the .INFO Domain Names? | Click Here
    46. Which organizations use the .BIZ Domain Names? | Click Here
    47. Which organizations use the .NAME Domain Names? | Click Here
    48. Which organizations use the .IN Domain Names? | Click Here
    49. What is Stop-Gap Domain? | Click Here
    50. What is Domain Aliases? | Click Here
    51. When Rs domain registration will be enabled? | Click Here
    52. Can I get domain control panel | Click Here
    53. Why are you not providing free domain registration? | Click Here
    54. When is the last day of the promo offer? | Click Here
    55. Can you send a person who can collect the money? | Click Here
    56. Do you support ajax, drupal. | Click Here
    57. Is Zipped file supported in share hosting? | Click Here
    58. For my complete website example:, , etc… Want to host but every website has different content, with ftp can I differentiate the website content? | Click Here
    59. Why databases of MB are given rather one database of MB could have been provided to the customers depending on their requirement? | Click Here
    60. I need root access in shared hosting. | Click Here
    61. Are you providing free technical support for joomla, wordpress or any rd party software which I downloaded by myself by search engine? | Click Here
    62. Is shell supported so that we can manage? | Click Here
    63. Can I do bulk mailing? | Click Here
    64. Can I run .exe file in shared hosting? | Click Here
    65. Why don’t you provide tool free number for tech support too? | Click Here
    66. Can you provide templates and free source code for days free trial? | Click Here
    67. Why do you have per email ID restrictions? | Click Here
    68. When package cost is Rs then why are you giving at more than % offer? | Click Here
    69. Maximum how many mails can be sent in one day? | Click Here
    70. What do I need to host multimedia content on my server? | Click Here
    71. How long you have been in the business? | Click Here
    72. Do Manashosting servers support JAVA pages? | Click Here
    73. Can I configure my Outlook Express for receiving e-mails? | Click Here
    74. Can I Configure Outlook Express with SMTP Auth Relay? | Click Here
    75. Few days back you gave were giving in low price but now why has the prices increased? | Click Here
    76. Can I provide the PDC cheque for the offer? | Click Here
    77. Do I get EMI facility? | Click Here
    78. Can I change the platform? | Click Here
    79. Is IIS supported? | Click Here
    80. I require dedicated IP, with my share hosting. | Click Here
    81. If I pay by cheque when will my order get activated? | Click Here
    82. How much time it will take for order activation? | Click Here
    83. Can I show advertisement in my website? | Click Here
    84. Can I take hosting service behalf of others? | Click Here
    85. Can I resell the unlimited package? | Click Here
    86. Can I host other person’s domain in my hosting account? | Click Here
    87. In next month my domain will get expired, how to transfer and renew? | Click Here
    88. Is it compulsory to renew hosting domain from you only for next year? | Click Here
    89. My domain status is shown as pending restorable how to retrieve the domain? | Click Here
    90. Do you provide free technical support for rd party software? | Click Here
    91. I don’t want any promotional call mail and SMS from Manashosting how to stop it? | Click Here
    92. Do you give free technical support for my own or designer written script or coding issue? | Click Here
    93. Tell me about your reseller plan. | Click Here
    94. I want to enter into the online hosting business, how I can start with the same? | Click Here
    95. Why do you have per domain limit? | Click Here
    96. Can I create ecommerce site? | Click Here
    97. Why do I need SSL? | Click Here
    98. Why do I need dedicated IP? | Click Here
    99. Can I add payment gateway in my website? | Click Here
    100. Do you support Front Page Extension? | Click Here
    101. I need instant domain registration? | Click Here
    102. What is E-mail Aliases? | Click Here
    103. What is Mailing lists? | Click Here
    104. What is Catch-all E-Mails? | Click Here
    105. What is IMAP Support? | Click Here
    106. What is E-Mail Forwarding? | Click Here
    107. What is SMTP? | Click Here
    108. What is CGI with Custom Mapping? | Click Here
    109. Why I need Password protected Directories? | Click Here
    110. What is Visitor Statistics and why I need it? | Click Here
    111. What Web Shell? | Click Here
    112. What is Virtual Directories? | Click Here
    113. What is ODBC DSNs? | Click Here
    114. What is MIME types? | Click Here
    115. What is AJAX? | Click Here
    116. What are WAP/ WML? | Click Here
    117. What is CSS? | Click Here
    118. What is Front page Extension? | Click Here
    119. What is one click installation script and by through ftp installation? | Click Here
    120. Is Custom Error supported | Click Here
    121. Is Own CGI-Bin Directory? | Click Here
    122. What is Backup for internal use? | Click Here
    123. Is Custom Directory Indexes supported? | Click Here
    124. Do you support Server Side Image Map? | Click Here
    125. Do you provide detailed bandwidth stats? | Click Here
    126. Provide me the idea which Free Features I will get? | Click Here
    127. Can I buy only domain without web space? | Click Here
    128. Can I buy web space without buy domain from you? | Click Here
    129. I know your server is fast but how fast my website will open for my visitor? | Click Here
    130. Do you provide any training for hosting? | Click Here
    131. Where to apply days free trial? | Click Here
    132. I have less money in hand what to do? Can I get small package? | Click Here
    133. Why you have only long term package why not short term package? | Click Here
    134. What is the benefit I will get if I refer my friend to purchase webhosting from you? | Click Here
    135. I like to host portals, which package do I choose? | Click Here
    136. How to do mail transfer? | Click Here
    137. How to do domain transfer? | Click Here
    138. How to do domain transfer with renew? | Click Here
    139. How do I transfer my webhosting without transferring domain? | Click Here
    140. How to migrate the hosting? | Click Here
    141. How to transfer designing from my current service provider to you? | Click Here
    142. How to do database transfer? | Click Here
    143. Without downtime how to do hosting transfer? | Click Here
    High-Lights of the Company
    1. Started the company from a 10 X 10 office space.
    2. Provided low cost package when the hosting market was beyond the reach of a common man.
    3. Introduces various techniques with the new technology to make the manufacturing cost less.
    4. In the beginning days of the company designed customized packages based on the customers’ requirement at a very competitive price.
    5. Multiple designing tools were provided to the customers to design their website just with few clicks.
    6. When the Indian hosting industry was providing in 5MB and 10MB of web space we started to provide hosting packages with huge web space just at Rs999 per year with the same quality and features which other hosting companies both national and international were charging anywhere from Rs 5, 00,000 to 10,00,000.
    7. As we just given in Rs 999 huge public demand came and we able to become India top #3 hosting company just few month.
    8. We produced innovative and exclusive packages that were not available in the market.
    9. Innovation, ideas, techniques, technology, passion, vision, goal, zeal were the main capital of our company.
    10. Nano reseller package was launched for the upcoming resellers in the hosting market where company wanted to bring new entrepreneur to the hosting market.
    11. During the period when all the hosting companies worldwide were providing shared hosting packages of 5MB and 10MB Manashosting came up with shared hosting packages with 2GB at world’s lowest cost.
    12. When all the hosting companies worldwide were charging lakhs of Rupees for web designing Manashosting provided free offer which was a shock for many after viewing.
    13. Manashosting has done huge investment to prevent data loss and protect data of our customers and intruders from the time the company started.
    14. Manashosting provided various free templates to our customers who were greatly benefited after using our free templates as the templates had pleasing design and those that would suit their requirement.
    15. When the Indian hosting companies were competing between themselves to sell domains in low price to grab clients to their company Manashosting came up with the plan of free domain registration which even to this days many clients are appreciating.
    16. Manashosting is the first hosting company in the world who focus to show in our package page to compare the service provided with the supported scripts, versions etc. This move made many clients to trust on our company’s ethics as we were not hiding anything in the packages.
    17. When talking about low manufacturing cost, company introduced latest technology to provide our customers the right package at an affordable price.
    18. From the time Manashosting started to work in the hosting industry we always believed that we are our own competitors and never compared ourselves with any other hosting company of the world but rather we compared our past to the present and to the future of our company. Even to this very day we do not mention our competitors name anywhere. This move of our have been appreciated by many customers and visitors of Manashosting alike.
    19. We work towards ethics and Manashosting has a set guideline in place which we impart into our employees during their induction day that is “Not to use competitors name while they are communicating with customer”. We have a strong rule in place through which our employees do not use and incase if any employees after found to cross this rules strict action is in place if the employees do not adhere to this rules.
    20. Package like 2GB, 5GB and 10GB were launched in Windows and Linux platform at low cost when the cost was high in the past in hosting market.
    21. During the initial days company started to provide instant order activation.
    22. Variety of TLDs could be registered free of cost with the package.
    23. During the start up days of the company we started to provide ecommerce site to the customers at a very less cost and in some packages it is free of cost.
    24. We created awareness in the market on how to create ecommerce websites and how to add payment gateway with low transaction and setup fee to do business online from the customer’s visitors. During that period integrating payment gateway in an ecommerce website was one of the biggest challenges to any website owner.
    25. Company started to provide search engine submission at less cost with 100% guarantee.
    26. We provided search engine submission free of cost to our shared hosting clients.
    27. Double dhamaka offer launched which was a major success in the Indian hosting market.
    28. Buy for 2 years get total 3 years of space offer was launched which was a major success.
    29. Manashosting was the first web hosting company who launched live chat for sales team. The online chat helped in customers reaching us without having to incur any phone charges neither have to worry about the increasing bills. With the live chat option our customers could get complete details about the package and then they could purchase.
    30. Each package was explained to the customers using PPT and voice presentations step by step. This method of explanation helped to create hosting awareness in India in the past.
    31. Manashosting was the first Indian hosting company to start interactive tutorial which could help any layman to use hosting.
    32. Provided all the databases free of cost to our clients when databases were charged at a cost of Rs 10,000 to 1,00.000.
    33. During the start of the company onwards we were always providing high bandwidth free of cost when other hosting companies used to provide low bandwidth and charge huge money by which most of the website owners had a fear to create more web pages or to get more visitors on their website in a month since they had to pay huge money in the name of bandwidth consumption.
    34. Latest and powerful monitoring software are assigned to our technical and server team through which we can monitor each and every server each second where the performance is monitored and alerts would be raised before any issues arises and our team would fix and resolve even before it becomes an issue. With this high level monitoring software we can track spammers and misuse clients where we can take strong actions to avoid server performances to reduce. With the monitoring software we are also able to identify external attacks and prevent them on time. After we installed new monitoring system our server uptime speed and performance was rapidly increased and our clients are satisfied and renew percentage increased to a greater level.
    35. With the use of monitoring system even before clients were able know the issues our server team was able to fix. By that lot of technical call chat ticket started to reduce day by day.
    36. Multi core Intel processor used for corporate package to get maximum speed and uptime any corporate client who would like to host their websites can choose this package for better performance.
    37. Employee reporting format was streamlined there by identifying and solving our customer’s issues and providing best service.
    38. Launch of 15GB monthly package which was a huge hit in the market. This package was created only for those customers who wanted to have short term packages.
    39. Huge discounts when the customers renewed their account helped in maintaining the customers and providing them with the latest technology which helped them in their business.
    40. Reseller package up gradation from 10GB to Unlimited web space. This package helped all our old clients.
    41. Launching of long term plans for shared hosting customers like 5 yr 10 yr in very low cost. The long term packages helped reduce the hosting charges of the customers since they did not have to renew each year by paying more money.
    42. free Search engine submission was provided to our old customers who helped our customers to showcase their website online and get visitors free of cost thereby improving their business for which most of the customers appreciated our efforts.
    43. The best website builder Site studio was provided for free of cost after the company became top 3 in India for its customers. This website builder was the most popular website builder available in the market which had huge demand and if customer wanted to purchase they had to invest on a higher side and when it was provided free our customers utilized the most and were very grateful.
    44. Company was listed in top 1000 companies list.
    45. Package prices were increased to provide best quality and superior support. More over customers voted for quality product and services and were willing to pay more to get better quality as they wanted to have a long term relationship with the company.
    46. Incorporation of website builder for free in Helm control panel. Manashosting was the first hosting company in India who incorporated website builder free of cost which most of the customers appreciated.
    47. Company provided 5000 templates that are easy to use by any common person..
    48. Web-designing was done for just Rs39 per page. When most of the designing companies were charging thousands of rupees for designing with the launch of Rs39 per page design helped customers to build their dream website without worrying about the cost.
    49. Introduction of voice chat to reduce the cost of telephone charges of our customers. While phone charges were still costly voice chat was the next level of chatting which the company incorporated to facilitate the Indian customers to have a direct interaction with our employees and were able to communicate more effectively.
    50. Introduction of New chat software for sales, billing and technical department to assist our customers and solve their queries.
    51. Top order meetings and discussions happen on a regular basis. To increase company quality and support and reporting system and employee performance to meet the increasing demand of our Indian customers.
    52. Different control panel for different packages. During the initial days when customer were yet getting educated in hosting we provided various control panels by which customers can choose their control panels on which they had hands on experience suing which they could easily maintain and manage their website.
    53. Varieties of advertisements done both online and offline in the beginning stages of the company. By which we got huge client base all over India.
    54. Introduction of Linux package in the beginning. In those days were minimal companies in India and international were providing Linux based shared hosting packages. All those customers who had designed their websites using Linux based scripts were much pleased to avail and this package was one of the fastest moving product in the company during the beginning stage of the company.
    55. Food and beverage were provided to the employees at the new cafeteria. Employees were excited to work as they did not have to wait in long queues or carry their food from home. The breaks were managed appropriately and more time was provided to our customers to solve their issues.
    56. We provide right solution to our customers rather than selling packages because we believe that each business should get the right kind of solution to host their website.
    57. Late night shifts started to provide our customers with 24/7 facility. With the late night shifts our customers could reach us at anytime of their choice and comfort which gave more opportunity for customers to interact with our team and solve their queries.
    58. A separate billing team was created to handle only billing issues of our customers and to solve them in a speedily manner by which customers billing related were solved with in the set time.
    59. A separate technical team was started to handle only reseller technical issues. By that lot of reseller issues were fixed quickly.
    60. Support by SMS for technical issues launched for the first time in the hosting world. At any time our customer could send an SMS even when they do not have a computer or laptop and get the technical issues resolved easily.
    61. We upgraded new Billing software. This process has helped in centralizing the complete customer base by which we can easily provide help and support to our customers.
    62. Suggestion box for employees were introduces by which they could provide suggestion received from the customers to improve the service.
    63. Integration new Payment gateway for making online payments easy.
    64. Employees benefits were provided like bonus refreshment outing which has provided more zeal and interest in our employees to provide better service to our customers.
    65. We integrated multi ISP providers to keep the ISP connection constant by which customers would not face any problems reaching us by chat.
    66. Top quality sales head appointed to handle customers in sales department.
    67. Quality sales employees were hired to cater to the huge demand of customers.
    68. Launch of rating system by customers after every interaction with the company.
    69. Employee recognition and growth opportunities strategies implicated in company.
    70. High profile technical head appointed to cater to our customers. After that lot of technical issues were resolved in a faster way.
    71. Experienced employees in technical were appointed to provide best solution in a quicker manner to our customers.
    72. Procurement of new office in the heart of the city with latest amenities.
    73. Various trainings internal and external were provided to our employees to provide best quality service.
    74. Company became top 3 in India.
    75. Various payment options were introduced for our Indian customers.
    76. Tie up with lot of leading company of India and International was done during this time to improve quality of services.
    77. Enough employees were hired to provide support to our customers even on Sundays and other holidays to maintain 24*7.
    78. Lot of back up employees was hired to handle high traffic at emergency time.
    79. Employee rewards program were introduced.
    80. Various offers were provided to customers.
    81. CRM team to call and update the clients was started. By that we were able to know clients requirement after purchasing the product which helped us to improve our services.
    82. Customer received huge bonus for hot selling packages. By which company’s growth was increased.
    83. Upgraded from 100GB bandwidth to Unlimited Bandwidth for shared hosting packages.
    84. Increment and bonus were provided to employees who had good scores which were rated by our customers.
    85. More employees have been hired as the customer base is increasing with various new departments to cater to customers’ requirement.
    86. Using call logger we could monitor and provide service to all our customers who have tried to reach us.
    87. Launch of Unlimited web page package just for Rs 10 launched successfully where any person can build their own website without the knowledge of designing.
    88. Customers received various promos for new packages on those years.
    89. Inclusion of Plesk 11/Website Panel new version control panel with latest and advance features helped the customers to maintain their websites without much difficulty.
    90. Technical team moved to IT hub city to recruit more qualified and experience technical person and to provide our customers with more quality of service in technical support.
    91. Launch of ticket system in sales, billing, technical and CRM were done.
    92. Before order activation verification calls were done. To find out accuracy and genuity of order.
    93. Call back facility for customers were provided.
    94. Franchisees were included into the Manashosting Company.
    95. Franchisees were expanded in all parts of India to reach our Indian customers in their local areas.
    96. Separate technical team was created for dedicates server customers.
    97. Customer voting was introduces online to provide better service.
    98. Launch of 7 days free trial package.
    99. We planned to provide free antivirus software for all our customers PC.
    100. Get 3 years free when transferring domain to us.
    101. Provided free SSL package to our old customers.
    102. Launch of 100MB space package for just Rs1.
    103. Free domain registration was launched by Manashosting for the first time in the India.
    104. Various reports were generated to provide best service to the customers.
    105. Separate team for reseller was created to provide adequate time and importance to our reseller clients.
    106. Depth level of report system stared to know employees were giving quality services to client or not?
    107. Launch of Email id packages at an affordable price.
    108. Launch of Java package with Apache Tomcat package at world’s lowest cost.
    109. 1 paisa SMS was released during those years.
    110. Launched unlimited concept in the hosting market for the first time in the world with combination of unlimited web space and unlimited bandwidth at a very low cost.
    111. Launch of Rs555 Shared hosting packages which most of the customers purchased and were benefited and till date are praising the package.
    112. More the 500 different type of package were launched by Manashosting so far.
    113. Launch of 99GB space package for just Rs999 per year.
    114. Launch of one dollar per year plan to the hosting market which was mainly used by students for their projects and gave a global recognition to the company even to this date.
    115. Manashosting has received 12 international hosting awards in various segments which show the creditability in the international hosting market level.
    116. Launch of Plesk 11/Website Panel control panel in shared hosting has helped the customers to have a secure control panel which is hack proof with more security built in features. The cost of this control panel is very high and only selected few top hosting companies are providing Plesk 11/Website Panel control panel.
    117. Frequent seminars are conducted on various topics on basis of our clients demand to help them out regarding their hosting queries and technologies.
    118. Manashosting started callback facility to compensate the communication gap between those clients who couldn’t reach us over phone for technical or other hosting related queries.
    119. User friendly website builder integrated with Plesk 11/Website Panel was brought into the market by Manashosting to help out those clients who are novice in hosting or designing industry.
    120. Multi server concept with server bifurcation method implemented by Manashosting which made just not our customers happy but the whole hosting industry recognized the company.
    121. New datacenter in 2009 which has enhanced data security and uptime and we were able to provide any package to our customers with maximum quality.
    122. By the help of new online billing system, customer can provide their detail information and can manage their account details by themselves.
    123. Launched low price high configuration Dedicated Server for the first time in Indian Hosting Market which is in huge demand among national and international customers alike.
    124. Less domain price for end users gave the opportunity for any customers to register domains lesser compared to anywhere else.
    125. Even after domain expiry, one can get the domain transferred to Manashosting which have helped our lot of clients from the mishap of discontinuation due to concerned hosting provider’s sudden closure.
    126. First time in the Indian hosting market we launched V Dedicated server with more power and less cost compared to dedicated server.
    127. We launched our new chat software with the help of which multiple operators can chat with customers and with different departments which has helped our customers to get their issues sorted in a quick and easy way.
    128. Sales Help: Voice presentation, power point, pdf file, word file, and online presentation, by this customers’ get help to choose the package offline too by downloading the file to their local systems which has also helped in enhancing the hosting awareness and knowledge among the Indian customers.
    129. Bill Help: We are providing help tutorials for our clients to know the procedure to place an order for a package by themselves, which saves their time of communicating with support executives.
    130. Ftp help tutorials have helped our clients to know the step by step procedure for deploying web files to the assigned server space.
    131. We created help files by which customers’ can find out what are the different between windows and Linux. This will help them to choose right platform.
    132. Various consultancies were hired to improve the company but were unable to provide the action plans and strategies which would be adopted by the market.
    133. After that our manager decide to collect information from our customer and employees through voting, review, feedback, suggestion on this basis we made new action plans and this made the company successful.
    134. Inclusion of SaaS packages to cater to the various segments of School Module, College Module, ERP for Manufacturing/ Pharmaceutical, HR Management System, Hospital Management System.
    135. Release of MsSql2008 database provided more opportunity for those customers who are specific with the version of database.
    136. Manashosting verifies by phone its customers’ address and other details provided by its customers. This is useful to avoid in create fake websites and if any visitor is visiting any website hosted by Manashosting hey trust that website. Because they know that website owners have already been verified
    137. Helped to solve various online illegal activity by working closely with cyber crime department of India and each time when they reach to us we are happy to help.
    138. Received accredit by the popular news paper of Delhi for creating hosting awareness among the Indian public.
    139. Interviewed by South Indian popular news channel Suvarna with regards to web hosting.
    140. Each of our customers’ are provided with IPIN Number or Identification Number by which they can get priority based service in a fast and effective manner.
    141. Manashosting has a special team for domain transfer; they take complete responsibility of the customer till the domain gets transferred to us.
    142. Manashosting has started providing Help file and documentation in Audio, video and screenshot formats with Interactive sessions which help our client very much.
    143. Instant Order activation launched where customers can activate their hosting and domain without out spending much time. If any customer is in a dire state they can use this option to get their hosting and domain up and running instantly.
    144. Manashosting’s technical support team has been awarded the best technical support team in the year 2010 after a through verification was done by the external team.
    145. Incorporation of cloud hosting and cloud servers with elastic growth or in other words pay as you grow. The next level of hosting package and the latest in technology is for offer. Any clients of Manashosting if they need to upgrade or have a high end hosting solution requirement we are able to provide.
    146. We are the 1st company in India who bring cloud hosting to Indian market which shows the dedication and zeal towards proving the best technology to our Indian clients.
    147. Extra add-on products selling offer to resellers where they can get more benefits and cater to their customers’ current requirement and their future hosting requirement.
    148. Cpanel reseller launched with Unlimited Domains hosting with very low price which is huge in demand product.
    149. Cloud hosting technology with the Cpanel reseller package by which the websites uploaded will not face any downtime.
    150. Manashosting is 9001:2008 certified. This certification is issued to companies which are audited based on QMS (quality Management system) which shows the authenticity of the quality that we provide in our packages.
    151. 3 year web space FREE with Domain transfer has made more customers to use our products because at no point they will go under loss if they are moving their service to us.
    152. Bulk domain registration can be availed on the website for all those customers’ who want to register domains at one shot.
    153. 7 Days Free Trial: Free trail is for all those customers who would like to check our service, server quality, control panel, product, up-time etc before purchasing our product.
    154. Advance server for Java/ Tomcat: If you would like to know the quality of servers that we use for windows and Java, we use the latest and advanced server that would help you execute your operations or applications.
    155. Unique control panel that supports all kind of applications to showcase your site in the same way you have created which would help your company’s branding and goodwill.
    156. Multi platform control panel which can manage Windows Linux java at a time was launched by Manashosting for the first time in hosting market.
    157. A unique option where you would get an automated email reminder with steps for you to renew your account online with less ease and at the comfort of your pc.
    158. CRM team works very hard day and night to bring back our goodwill and branding by contacting each old clients and explaining them our latest technologies, improvements, after which our clients provide their vote to our CRM as 99% satisfaction level.
    159. Emergency issue escalator technology where customers can directly complain if their issue is lingering or if the issue is not resolved. By that our customer satisfaction level increased.
    160. Advance server for Java/ Tomcat provided in our Java package.
    161. Customers can apply for an appointment to meet us in person for future business tie ups and developments.
    162. Provided Fantastico in cpanel with One Click Installation – 239 scripts where the clients need not have to search and check each and every script.
    163. Manashosting provides 100’s of free software that would help our clients’ site to be recognized in this competitive internet world.
    164. Free 500 Source codes will help the customers to create a good website and provide a cutting edge website in this competitive market
    165. Manashosting provides all its customers with a Website ownership certificate which would helpful in case of copy right infringement or other legal issues arise in future when website is very much popular.
    166. Regular reminders are provided to our existing clients for renewal of their domain and hosting by which they can renew their hosting and domain accounts on time.
    167. Manashosting is the 1st company in the world who provides website ownership certificate free of cost hard copy with free door step delivery. It reflects the genuinety of company and provides security to the owner of the website.
    168. Customers would get Full Control panel facility at Manashosting. Customers by themselves can manage their website without having to depend on us.
    169. When the volume of our customers’ increased we launched Intercom and PRI line facility to communicate with all the departments and customer too did not have to wait in the queue.
    170. We used call tracker by that we were able to know the missed call details and call the client back. By that again call satisfaction level increased.
    171. As we are Indian company so our clients have no language problem.
    172. When companies were providing packages on monthly basis, Manashosting introduced yearly packages which were a major success and from there moved on to 2, 3 and 5 years hosting package. In today’s hosting market lot of people like to go for long term relation with hosting company due to hassles of changing services provider every time.
    173. Always Manashosting from the beginning days till today brings new creative ideas and innovative which is built by Indians and used by Indians. This is the main factor why our clients are renewing with us minimum 3 yr 5 yr at one go.
    174. Manashosting has the latest payment potions to make life simple for our customers. Customers can choose from a wide variety of payment options to make their payment.
    175. Manashosting was the first hosting company in the world to make money order as a payment mode for our Indian hosting customers.
    176. To fight spam Manashosting uses one of the best Anti Spam software to reduce spam. We created our own technique according to Indian spammer behaviors which make the antivirus and anti spam much stronger.
    177. Manashosting uses the best antivirus software which makes our clients happy.
    178. To give advanced technologies and services we started windows corporate package.
    179. Manashosting has two different types of order activation online and offline.
    180. Distributed dedicated servers to host your hosting account, database, emails etc separately which provided maximum uptime and better speed.
    181. We know how important time is. In this busy world we maintain a very short SLA to address and fix our customers query at the earliest.
    182. Manashosting is the leader and all your hosting requirement right from shared hosting to Dedicated, VPS, Mail Exchange Server, CMS, SaaS etc are available under one roof.
    183. There are thousands of satisfied customers of Manashosting sharing their testimonials about the kind of service received and the value for the price paid.
    184. Anti spam and anti virus protection. Full technical support by Online Live chat, Phone, Ticket System, without stopping, you can transfer your old website to our server.
    185. New payment option also available like Pay by PayMate (Mobile payment) and Pay by ITZ CASH CARDS.
    186. Manashosting launched High availability server in the dedicated server package after incorporating major technological changes in the datacenter.
    187. Technical Challenge 2011 in which technical manager challenged the customers to fix their any issues under SLA.
    188. For the very first time in the hosting industry Manashosting has launched Virtual Product Advisor where the customers does not have to call or get a call from us to understand their requirement but can use our VPA at any point of time and know about hosting packages.
    189. Mail exchange server package launched, which most of the corporate clients are looking to have a more secure, reliable and fast email service.
    190. If Manashosting’s customers have problems while creating their website and are not aware what content needs to be posted on their website we have an add on where our customers can avail this facility.
    191. There are various packages available for our clients’ right from starter package to Unlimited Domains, Corporate, VOS, VDS, Dedicated Server etc at any point of time if our clients can easily upgrade.
    192. Manashosting is the only hosting company who provides Domain registration to our resellers without any slab.
    193. Multi level reseller package create sub-resellers under him and at no point of time the sub-resellers will know who the parent hosting company is.
    194. Our resellers in Cpanel reseller ship can get 250GB of web space free of just by using generic name server. Our reseller customer can get 250GB free.
    195. Customers wanting to opt for more database can opt for Corporate package option provided.
    196. Tenant isolation technology all the clients using the server will be isolated in separate segment which provides better security.
    197. Our Share hosting control panel can be managed easily with the load of 1,00,00,000 domains. By using this powerful control panel we are able to give unlimited domain and web space package to our clients.
    198. Wide choice in cloud server packages, as the company is moving towards B2B and B2E Segments Company is providing various cloud server packages to its B2B and B2E clients.
    199. Employees with vast experience and from various backgrounds are hired to provide the best customer support our HR team works very hard to find the right employees by which we can provide the best service to our customers without compromising on quality of the employees.
    200. All over India we are getting lot of request in our carrier page to join our company. Young generation feel proud to join Manashosting to learn the hosting and built their carrier on this industry and grow with us.
    201. At Manashosting an employee have the facility to learn hosting Sale, technical and customer service all by themselves through Self Training Center.
    202. 1st time in hosting industry we started Self Training module for our employee by that employee can able to get depth knowledge in hosting in less time.
    203. Training by our Expert: If the customer is new to hosting and requires hosting training our customer can avail this facility.
    204. Dedicated IP with your own Indian postal address: At any point if a customer would like to have their own Indian postal address we can configure it with a Dedicated IP.
    205. Get free web space easily by referring only 3 friends to purchase shared hosting package.
    206. Get free domain registration and hosting for one year just by referring 4 friends to purchase shared hosting package.
    207. Get free web space renewal by referring 3 friends to purchase shared hosting package and get one year hosting renewal free.
    208. Manashosting was the first hosting company in the world who provided its customers with free domain registration.
    209. Microsoft and Redhat certified engineers help fix our customers issues technically and in a very effective and speedy manner.
    210. All the hosting packages before being delivered to our customers we do a thorough quality check to see if all the functions are working without any issues and only then deliver the same to our customers.
    211. Our data center has 4 levels of security which makes it just impossible for the intruders to enter into our server thereby providing maximum security to our servers.
    212. We provide one of the fastest and widely used technologies in our cloud servers called as VMWare.
    213. Automatic fail over protocol: Our datacenter technology is such designed that it automatically detects any sort of failover and switches automatically without any human interventions in few mille seconds.
    214. Free website migration was provided by our expert technical team without any downtime of the current site. Today we have taught out customers to migrate their website without any down time.
    215. We starred as new facility as appoint an Account Manager who would take care of your hosting account completely without your interference for a nominal fee.
    216. No overloaded servers, as in our datacenter and there are many servers allotted for shared hosting. We run a technology through which auto overload switch over happen.
    217. No long term contract: When you are hosting your service with us you can move anytime you would like as we do not have any lock on your account.
    218. The technology that we use reduces the cost of manufacturing through which we would be able to provide at low cost to our customers with more features to enhance our clients business.
    219. When we implemented lot of new technologies, software and control panel lot of our old customer came back to us and they refer lot of other customer also by that our company become strong.
    220. We do a lot of research and take suggestions comment , vote and feedbacks from the customer we know what our customers want and accordingly provide them with the solution as per their need and also upgrade our technology is been upgraded.
    221. In 1st 2 year who ever the customer trust a new company like us and join the hand with us we given them a return as 3 yr hosting free when company become India’s top 3 hosting company.
    222. We’re passionate about the hosting business and we’re here to stay, we believe what we are doing makes a difference in hosting industry.
    223. Right from the start of the company we have always created new path in the hosting industry by providing lot of free features and innovative packages and technology that we have shared with our clients.
    224. We use high speed internet connection, Dell servers, top quality security features, load balancing, and firewall.
    225. Monitoring the datacenter 24/7, monitoring our clients’ website and tools that is used for monitoring to administer mail server, DNS server, Database Server etc with the help of High functional tools for administration of server and data center.
    226. As and when there is a change in the market we upgrade and migrate and introduce new technology to the hosting packages.
    227. As we conduct various voting, surveys, feedbacks from the clients we know that communication is very important and is the master key to solve various issues. By this we care able to understand what our client expects from us and provide them the right solutions.
    228. We provide stable version to our clients through which they would not face unnecessary issues.
    229. We provide our clients with innovative ideas, packages and technology with lots of free features by which they would be up-to-date in the market.
    230. Website statistic is very vital for you to track the visitors of your website and get to know the result of your online presence. We are giving best monitoring tools for it.
    231. We will also enable various features in upcoming time to provide our clients better and up-to-date service.
    232. During world economy downtime of 2009 our company provided services to our customers were other companies failed to provide services as they were incurring huge loss due to recession.
    233. The company started from low price, then maximum quantity at low cost and currently high quality, latest technology, high uptime, speed, Plesk 11/Website Panel, lots of free features.
    234. Our branding is showcased for these very reasons as we have various clients in India and international and they are spreading our name in the market and we would like to specially thank them.
    235. As a company we approach our customers we believe in socialism and ask our customers to provide vote while we want to bring any new concept or any changes in technology.
    236. We provide service which maximum customers of ours want and accordingly make the changes because it is the customer who would be using our services.
    237. Company works and stays with limited customer to maintain high quality.
    238. We are not in race of getting huge number of customers to get quick profit but would like to provide quality service to our less volume customers and keep them satisfied.
    239. We are not believe to become India’s no 1 web hosting company by 3rd party ranking site. We believe if we can win the heart of our client by giving quality product and services then only we can become India’s No1 web hosting company.
    240. Our team members are very dynamic in nature and doing their work by always keeping a watch on the international and national’s new technology, software, coding, source code and the latest platform available in the hosting industry which is utilized maximum by our Indian customer or International customers with upcoming features.
    241. The second line up of our company are young, dynamic, talented members who are from vivid background like software, networking, hardware and customer support with immense experience in their respective roles.
    242. Totally committed staff towards the hosting era that would approach in the future and work day and night to provide the best in everything to our Indian customer and to maintain the standards with respect to the past achievements of the company.
    243. We are a company who have strong principals and follow ethics very strongly and at no point of time we would cross our principals and ethics in business.
    244. Multiple language support will be launched in the future to support different language speaking people of India.
    245. We start new package as purchase for 10years and get 10years free hosting.
    246. Prepared to meet our customers’ future requirement and want our customers to enjoy the benefits when a need arises by easily upgrading the packages.
    247. As a company we have introduced various technological aspects in shared hosting our existing customers get these features free of cost.
    248. New office in one of the heart IT location in the silicon valley of India is a dream for many hosting companies of India but we are thankful to our customers who have made it possible for us.
    249. Our Data center in the city of St Louis USA with climate control 24/7 power back up and state of the art servers and protection software’s, switches, routers etc.
    250. Online seminars for our resellers and clients to empower and impart the knowledge of “How best to use the account and control panel.”
    251. Expertise Technical person to give technical help to client at the time of domain transfer from other server to our server.
    252. We started reseller ship package to resell VPS, VDS and dedicated server also.
    253. You can become our fan on facebook and follow us on twitter and get regular updates about the promos and offers.
    254. In future company would like to concentrate more on resellers in Asia Pacific region.
    255. In the future would like to procure a datacenter in Singapore and India.
    256. Created longest hosting page in the world where every information is available with respect to the package, hosting, company etc.
    257. Complete automation would be done of the process in the future.
    258. VPA would help you in solving all your hosting related queries before you buy the package.
    259. Knowledge base introduced for all technical and billing related issues.
    260. Company would like to be Number 1 in the hearts of its customers and provide Number 1 quality and service to our customers.
    261. More than 100 TLD’s for domain registration available.
    262. High profile web-designing would be launched in future for corporate clients.
    263. Auto renewal option for domains and hosting will be launched in the future to save time and efforts of our customers.
    264. Easy up gradation from any package at any time available for our existing customers where they do not have to worry about their future hosting requirements.
    265. Load balancing technology incorporated in our datacenter to provide best uptime and quality.
    266. Our share hosting package supports Photoshop, MS SQL Server, MySQL, MS Access, PHP, E-Commerce support, ASP, .NET Framework, Macromedia Flash, Macromedia Dream weaver, FrontPage.
    267. Different offices in different locations of the world would be taken to meet our international clients in their own country in the future.
    268. Company is planning to have online higher education like six sigma to its employees free of cost in the future.
    269. Company would like to adopt either six sigma or ITIL concept in its work flow to provide standard service to its international clients.
    270. After few years company would become a 100% public limited company.
    271. Various meeting are held to take the company to international segment in the near future.
    272. In future we have plans of providing free VPS to our customers who have been with us for a long term.
    273. Company would come up with online support documents and tutorials in teaching our customers how to safe guard their online identity.
    274. Regular newsletters and updates are been provided to our existing clients about the package, offers and upcoming technology in hosting industry.
    275. We invited lot of existing Customers to meet us in person for future business tie ups and developments.
    276. Research stated to know which windows reseller package Indian reseller like a lot and what more they really looking for. This will help the company to launched unbelievable windows reseller package in very low price in future.
    277. We always feel that we born for hosting therefore from 1st day of our carrier we are in one industry as web hosting from that day to till today we bring lot of creative and innovative idea only the reason behind that we work from the root of hosting from beginning days so it help us to do lot of new thing and fight against any problem and become successful.
    278. We never divert our mind to any other sector to get quick money because we like to bring lot of innovative and creative technologies to India hosting industry.
    279. Manashosting has plans to purchase datacenters in different countries of Europe to enter the European market.
    280. If at any point customers would like to activate their hosting instantly can choose the option of premium account activation where our team member would activate the account with high priority as soon as the account activation has been chosen.

    If you have any questions related to the technicality of the product or need assistance with the product that you are interested in please fill the below form, our manager would revert to you and clarify your queries.