Are you still adopting the old style when choosing a server? Are you still comparing Processor with Processor, RAM with RAM, Bandwidth with Bandwidth and Hard Drive with Hard Drive? Explore more, think different. At Manashosting we believe in brining changes that would make an impact and leave a mark in the history of hosting industry. For the very first time in the world we bring you the change in choosing servers. Don’t compare servers with its resources only, think different and ask for more. New Mantra in choosing servers at Manashosting “GIVE ME MORE”. Manashosting proudly provides our customers who purchase Indian servers complete solutions that will help business grow which would cost lakhs of Rupees in the market Absolutely Free.

Manashosting has launched Indian Servers for all those customers who are particular about having their servers located in India. Manashosting’s Data center is situated in the prime location of the country with multiple ISP connections, 24/7 power backups, highly secure infrastructure and above all Government approved Data Center. We provide you with an entire hosting resource and setup that will include server resource utilized only by you. This results in a faster loading for your individual web site / application as the entire resources are "dedicated" to you. The resources of this server are not shared with other server. A dedicated hosting server web site makes sense for companies that require higher peak resources and higher data transfer rates.

Advantages of Servers

VPS / Dedicated servers is often considered a step up from shared hosting: when it's time start supporting heavy traffic and custom applications, many will make the switch to VPS hosting after encountering the limitations of the shared hosting infrastructure. With a VPS and or Dedicated server you can use the total resources allocated to you without having to share it with other users. In server module, you have the total control of the server as you are provided with root access, which enables you to maintain the server as well as install and run any type of software or applications that you require without having to ask the hosting company.

Local Benefits – the benefits of this will be, if someone search from and if your website is well optimized and hosted in Indian sever, the site will be visible in keyword results related to your service searches.

VPS / Dedicated servers are allotted disk space and memory independent of other allocations on the hardware node; while the potential for individual accounts to affect hardware node performance does not exists. The complete resources is your and you can use it without having to worry about other users on the server.

As compared to servers from other locations, servers situated in the same topology helps you to reduce latency when accessing your application or software on the web. Search engine benefits – Search Engine track the website IP, if you are targeting India, you should host your website in Local Indian server to get targeted traffic from India.
How can you save?

Example of pricing: Buy for 3 years get 3 years free. Let’s do a small math to understand it better, for example if you have purchased a package which costs you Rs79,200 for 3 years you get 3 years free which means total duration of the package is for 6 years. This means per year your investment is only Rs13200 (that is 79,200/6=13200) Average monthly cost is 13200/12=Rs1100 per month. If the same is converted in dollars assuming the dollar value is at Rs55, yearly charge will be 13200/55=$240 and monthly Rs1100/55=$20.


Basic 1

CPU 1 Core
Memory 1GB
Storage 50GB SAN
Bandwidth 100GB
IP 1
Monthly Price 2200
Datacenter Bangalore

Basic 2

CPU 2 cores
Memory  2GB
Storage 75GB SAN
Bandwidth 100GB
IP 1
Monthly Price  3000
Datacenter Bangalore

Value 1

CPU 2 cores
Memory 4GB
Storage 100GB SAN
Bandwidth  200GB
IP 1
Monthly Price 5300
Datacenter Bangalore

Value 2

CPU 4 cores
Memory 4GB
Storage 150GB SAN
Bandwidth 200GB
IP 1
Monthly Price 6000
Datacenter Bangalore

Premium 1

CPU 4 cores
Memory 6GB
Storage 200GB SAN
Bandwidth  300GB
IP 1
Monthly Price 7800
Datacenter Bangalore

Premium 2

CPU 4 cores
Memory  8GB
Storage  250GB SAN
Bandwidth 300GB
IP 1
Monthly Price 9000
Datacenter Bangalore

Extreme 1

CPU 6 cores
Memory 12GB
Storage 300GB SAN
Bandwidth 350GB
IP 1
Monthly Price 12600
Datacenter Bangalore

Extreme 2

CPU 8 cores
Memory 16GB
Storage 300GB SAN
Bandwidth 350GB
IP 1
Monthly Price 15800
Datacenter Bangalore

Purchase for 3 years and get 3 years free.

The below mentioned offers are applicable only for those customer who would purchase the package for 3 years with onetime payment.

100 Pages Designing Free (worth) ra100000
25 Keyword Ranking Free (worth) ra10000
25pages Content Writing Free (worth) ra25000
25 pages Redesigning Free (worth) ra25000
Migration from server to server Free (worth) ra10000
Set Up Charges Free (worth) ra5000
Woodfo Search engine promo (worth) ra11000
SMO (worth) ra100000
Article Submission 400
Article writing 200
Twitter Followers 400
Twitter Direct Messages 100
Face book Friends 400
Face book Groups 500
Wall Posting 400
FB Direct Messages 100
My space Friends 500
MS Video Promotion comments 400
My space Groups 100
My space Direct Messages 100
You tube 75
MSN Video 100
AOL Video 250
Yahoo Video 275
Other Submission site 75
Press Release Writing 75
Press Release Submission 75
Marketing Article writing (300 words each) 5
Article Submission 5
Image submission 5
Link Bookmark
Social Bookmark
Blog URLs Submission
Twitter Directory Submission
Video URLs Submission
Manual Submissions
Detailed Submission Report
Traffic Analysis
Manpower use in Hours 1000

Add on

Product Code Specifications Price/ Month
RAM 4GB 4GB RAM 1100
SAS 300GB 300GB SAS HDD 3300
SATA 500GB 500GB SATA HDD 2400
WINOS STD Windows 2008 R2 Standard Edition (Per Processor) 2000
LINOS RHEL Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5000
CPANEL Unlimited Hosting License for Linux physical server 4200
PLESK 100 100 Domain license for Windows/ Linux Server Per Month 3200
PLESK 10 10 Domain license for Windows/ Linux Server Per Month 1200
PLESK PP PLESK Power Pack Per Month 2000
FW – Shared Additional 10 custom port policies on shared firewall Per Device 800
AV – 1 Symantec End Point Security per Windows server 1200
FW – Dedicated Dedicated Firewall device including managed services (Space, Power & Network Port to be provided by Customer) 12000
MS1 LEVEL 1 Managed Service (Smart Remote Hands Support including Network Support)  Per Event Based 700
MS2 LEVEL 2 Managed Service - (Smart Remote Hands Support including Network Support, OS & Web Services Support)  - Per Event Based 1100
MS3 LEVEL 3 Managed Service - (Smart Remote Hands Support including Network Support, OS & Web Services Support, MS / MY SQL support) - Per Event Based 2999
NW-GigE Uplink Port (For Redundancy) Additional 1Gbps Uplink Port (Monthly) (GigE Port with Copper Interface) 3000
DT – 100 Additional 100GB Data Transfer / Month 2200
DT – 250 Additional 250GB Data Transfer/ Month 5000
DT – 500 Additional 500GB Data Transfer/ Month 8000
DT – 1000 Additional 1000GB Data Transfer/Month 12000
Disaster Recovery $199(INR 9350)
Comprehensive DR consultation
Scalable off-site backups
Multiple data centre failovers
Private networks and VPNs
High security Tier II/III facilities
Interconnects and IP transit
Off-site backups   ra6400 /month
Shared Load Balancing for 2 Web Servers      ra120000 /Yearly
Shared Load Balancing for Additional Web Server    ra37992 /Yearly
Spam Assassin for Plesk  ra3410 /Yearly
Dr. Web Anti-virus for Plesk    ra15000 /Yearly
Windows 2003/2008 Datacenter Edition Proc License 64 Bit   ra3600 /month
Windows 2003/2008 Enterprise Edition 64 Bit   ra4800 /month
Fully Managed Service (Includes L1, L2 & L3 For ra12000 /month)
Monthly customized technical support    ra10000 /month
Monthly server management fee  ra5000 /month

Backup Maintenance for every 25 GB of backup space and
support calculated in 25 GB blocks

 ra550 /month
Data Backup
Database Backup ra600 UPTO 10GB Storage 1 Backup agent
OS Backup ra499 Windows Desktop (Win 98, XP, Vista) Windows Server (2000, 2003, 2008) or Linux/Unix Server
Upto 10 GB Flat File Backup 1 Backup Agent
Data backupra399 UPTO 10GB Storage 1 Backup agent
MS SQL Web Edition 2005/2008 Processor License    ra2.000 /month
MS SQL Workgroup Edition 2005/2008 Processor License    ra2,400 /month
MS SQL Standard Edition 2005/2008 Processor License     ra29,,500 /month
MS SQL Enterprise Edition 2005/2008 Processor License      ra52,500 /month
Red Hat Enterprise Linux with Apache, PHP, MYSQL, Bind   ra2500 /month
Red Aplication Platform ra6200         
Extra Free Products
Manage multiple Web sites: Host multiple Web sites on one server account.
24/7 Physical Security
24/7 Network Monitoring
Your server becomes unreachable due to a network failure within our facility. Free Support  
Your server becomes unreachable due to a hardware failure within our facility. Free Support  
The hosting service setup process failed to complete successfully. Free Support  
A root user password change request failed to resolve successfully. Free Support  
upgradation advise on basis of your uses Free
Front Page Support
MS Access Free
Back Up In same Server Free
Microsoft FTP  Server Free
Anti-Virus Free
Anti-SPAM Free
Hardware Technical Support Free
Server can be managed through control panels
One Domain Plesk control panel Free
Asp/ ASP.Net/ PHP Free
Windows 2003/2008 Web Edition 32/64 Bit
Windows 2003/2008 Standard Edition 32/64 Bit
MS SQL Express Edition 2005/2008 Free
Linux Options
CentOS-32/64 Bit with Apache, PHP, MYSQL, Bind Free
Installation of operating system and Parallels Plesk Panel. Free
Setup Domain Name & DNS Free
Setup Resource Allocation Free
Security Services Monthly scans, as well as real-time on-access virus scanning of files Optional
Security Services: we scan your server once a month, to provide you with any recommended remediation actions. Optional
Emergency Services
Service Restart or Reboot
Server or Service Down
Tier-3 Support Troubleshooting
Patching Services:
Patching services for the base operating system, such as Fedora or Windows, which includes: - Official updates, bug fixes and security patches released by Microsoft.
Official updates released by the Fedora or Fedora Legacy Project.
Monitoring Services
Per server monitoring of basic services such as Ping and HTTP.
Diagnosis Free
Advanced security - outstanding data centre security
A wide choice of services including, hosting, business continuity, virtualization, security, backups, storage, remote
System Monitoring
Hardware Replacement
Advanced security:
Scripting Languages; ASP.NET 4.0 ASP.NET 3.5 PHP MVC 2.0 MVC 1.0
Database Platforms; SQL Server 2008 SQL Server 2005 My SQL
Additional Technologies; IIS Remote IIS Smooth Streaming URL Rewrite SEO Web PI Web Matrix Compatibility
Publishing Protocols; FTPS FTP Web Deploy WebDav
Be notified of any problems with our system monitoring service
Spread traffic over your servers avoiding bottle necks with our load balancing service
Ensure availability of your sites using our managed DNS service
.NET framework
Support for other Microsoft applications
24/7 Server Reboot
24/7 Access to BIOS
24/7 Access to KVM
24/7 Access to RAID
24/7 Access to Sensor
High Quality Hardware
Uptime monitoring and downtime alerts Free
Speed of response to your support tickets
Courtesy, Quality of Service and Competency.
Server Migrations from your Existing Host Free
Server Management Tools
Easily Upgrade Any Time
Server Hardware Fully Guaranteed
Tutorials and Support Documentation
Bandwidth Graphs
Easy Upgrades With No Downtime
Guaranteed Low Price Compare to Any Other Indian Data Center
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arrow_sky  The Server Architecture is so     designed that at no given point of     time

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What is MySql?
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What is MySql?
arrow_sky  It is used to store information.     MySQL can store many types of data     from something.

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Data center is considered a top tier facility in terms of network connectivity and infrastructure design.

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