Get Free Transfer of your existing domain and hosting by an expert "Account Manager" who will help to transfer from start to the end while your website is live.

When you are moving the hosting package to Manashosting, and if your site is active with another hosting provider, Manashosting has a strong technology that will keep your site up and running even during the time of transfer from your current hosting provider to your new provider as Manashosting. By this your site will not face any downtime. This will help your business and keep your customers’ accessibility active to your website.

Domain Transfer with 1 year domain renew free:
Domain transfer is a process in which you can transfer your existing Domain Name from its current Domain registrar/hosting company to another Hosting company/ registrar. During this process, if the website is Live, it remains functional.

Free Domain Pointing:
If you have hosting account from us and domain registration from other company you can point the domain and host your website on our server.

At Manashosting, we provide all our existing clients with the facility of adding more domains to the already existing hosting account. This enables them to point their multiple domains to one hosting account.

A few easy steps listed below would help you to activate the service:

Step 1: Take the back-up of your whole website including designing pages, E-Mail IDs and databases.

Step 2: Upload your website contents and create E-Mail IDs in our new server space through your ftp IP address and control panel. If you don't know the IP address please check setup instruction or you can contact our technical team.

Step 3: Finally, type our DNS (Domain Name Server) in your Domain control panel given in the setup instruction to point your Domain to our server.

Steps to take back-up of your site:
For Designed Pages: Copy all your website content into some external storage device like CDs, DVDs or to your computer by downloading from the old server through FTP software.

For Mails: Configure all your emails in Outlook or Outlook Express and save them. You can also forward your mails to another website E-mail IDs.

Domain Pointing Vs. Domain Transfer:
Domain Pointing and Domain Transfer are two completely different processes. In case of Domain pointing, you only need to change your Domain Name Server (DNS) from your Domain Control Panel to our Name Server. This will lead to smooth functioning of your website from our servers.

In the case of Domain Pointing, the domain main control will be with your old Domain registrar/ hosting company but the web space will remain with us. So after the lapse of your annual membership, you need to contact your old domain registrar/ hosting company only to renew your domain. To renew your hosting space account you have to contact us.

However, in case of Domain Transfer, both the domain and the hosting space are maintained by us. So, you may not have to worry about the downtime of the website at the time of expiry. We will intimate you before the expiry date. Also, you will not be required to pay separate prices for Domain and Web space renewal to two different companies.

Further, in the case of Domain transfer, the Domain registrar will change from your old Domain registrar to our company and you will get new Domain ownership and Domain Control Panel from us.

Coming back to Domain pointing, the expiry date of the domain will not extend to another one year unlike Domain transfer, where you will get one year of free domain renewal.

During domain transfer, if your Domain still has 6 months or 2 years left to expire, you will not lose those days, rather it will be transferred to your new account, thus adding an additional year to the current expiry date. It means at the time of domain transfer you will get another One year free domain renew facility.

Domain Transfer is easy and quick in the following cases:

1. If you have my order box Domain Control Panel with full details (Like: Domain Control Panel URL or path, Login ID and password).

2. If the "Move Domain" option is active in your Domain Control Panel.

3. If your Domain has been registered in your E-Mail ID and it is shown or displayed in who is lookup.

4. If the Status of your Domain is OK or Active or unlock in the who is lookup.

5. You can apply for Domain transfer after 60 days of new Domain registration or old Domain renewal and only then you will get one year free renewal.

6. If your domain expiry date is in few days while applying for transfer do not initiate domain transfer. It may lead to your website downtime.

Alternative ways to Complete Domain Transfer:

1. If you do not have the above facilities or my order box Domain control panel, Domain will be transferred by the help of authorization key or secret key which you can get from your old Domain registrar/ hosting company.

2. In case your Domain has not been registered in your E-Mail ID or it is not shown or displayed in the who is lookup, you can ask your old Domain registrar/ hosting company to update it with your email id.

3. You can also ask your domain registrar to update the status of your domain, if it is not OK or Not Active or Prohibited in the who is lookup.

Transfer is also possible in the following cases:

1. If your domain has recently expired and you have my order box Domain control panel then we can move your Domain to our control panel and renew it.

2. If you have currently registered or just renewed your Domain and it is less than 60 days, then also we can transfer your Domain and the expiry date of your Domain will remain the same. If you are transferring it after 60 days, the expiry date will be increased by one more year.

Following steps will help you to successfully carry out Domain Transfer function:

Contact billing team with the needful details which include Domain name, Domain control panel URL or path, Login ID, password and authorization key or secret key of Domain to:

If you didn't taken our hosting package and you need only domain transfer facility then you have to pay one domain transfer fee which is equal to one new domain registration fee. For more details about domain registration fee, visit us at:

For payment options visit us at:

You will then be required to raise a ticket with your full details: Domain name + How much space + Windows / Linux + for how many years + how and when and how much you paid along with payment proof (Scan the copy of your payment slip/ Transaction ID etc. and raise a ticket to our billing department. For raising the ticket, please visit

How to transfer your Domain name to Manashosting?

If you already have a Domain registered in a different server and want to move the Domain to us and hosting for keeping everything in one place, you can do the following:

First click here: and sign up for an account to login into the Domain portal. Once you have created the account, click transfer on the top right side.

Type the Domain Name you want to transfer to us.

Please make sure that the Admin contact E-Mail ID is an active E-Mail ID as a mail will be sent to this E-Mail ID to approve the transfer. You can find out that E-Mail ID by using the "who is here" function. If that is not a correct E-Mail, please go to that Domain control panel where you have registered the Domain and update it.

If your Domain still has 6 months or 2 years left to expire, you will not lose those days, rather they would be transferred to your account, thus adding an extra year to the current expiry date.

While in the process, you would receive an E-Mail, click the link to a approve and wait for 24-48 hours for the whole process to occur. If you have already approved the E-Mail and the process is not completed after logging into your Domain control panel, please contact our billing team.

How to Do Domain Pointing to Manashosting as your Hosting service provider?

If you do not want to transfer your Domain to us, you may only modify your DNS/ name server to use our server space. But, remember that your Domain will expire after some day according to your domain expiry period. So, it is wiser to add years to your Domain life and not to wait until the last minute and risk your Domain or site. To know more raise a ticket to our billing team.

Transfer Help:- Our billing team who are specialized in domain transfer, will help you to solve your issue related to your domain transfer. For any queries related to domain transfer please raise a ticket to hosting transfer option under billing department. To raise a ticket please Click Here  or call on 08042400333.

If you would like to make an online payment and if you have EPP code/ domain control panel click here

If you would like to make an online payment and need assistance with domain transfer click here

If you would like to do offline payment and need assistance with domain transfer click here

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