Manashosting has released Cloud Hosting. Cloud hosting is also known as enterprise or cluster hosting. It is a web hosting service which is offered from a network of servers that are connected to one another called as cloud computing. These servers are not generally in same data center, they are usually located in the data centers that are scattered all across the world. This makes the cloud hosting unique because of the resources available.

With a chance to have a number of resources, the user is easily able to grow their business without even incurring any additional overhead or inventory. Cloud hosting offers benefit to all like better security, flexibility, performance and consolidation. There is even the advantage of redundancy. With this a new generation of web hosting era has started which is unlike the old shared hosting concept.

Cloud Servers

Through our deep experience in cloud hosting, we are providing our Cloud Servers with Top-Of-The-Line Enterprise Level Hardware with the Option of High Availability. Our Partnerships with leading technology providers such as Dell, NetApp, Parallels, Cpanel, VMWare allows us to provide the best hardware and software at an extremely competitive prices.

What is High Availability?

To answer this considers a question – how much downtime is acceptable to your Business - in the case of a server problem? Most Dedicated Server companies will mention that they will replace the server in about 2-4 hrs or less. However replacing hardware is just one part of the issue. Your Developers and Designers have likely spent countless hours uploading the sites, configuring permissions, installing programs and customizing them. All this is lost and must be restored from backup. So this takes even longer. With High Availability if a problem is detected on one of the nodes IMMEDIATE ACTION IS TAKEN AUTOMAGICALLY- . In the space of a few minutes a new Server takes over and your sites are up and running normally and all your configurations, data are CURRENT. No need to wait for hardware replacement or restoring from backup or reinstalling the programs. An ecommerce site could lose $$ during downtime, a company could find their brand being affected if their visitors cannot reach their site. High Availability reduces the time in the rare case of a server problem down to a few minutes.

We offer a variety of Cloud Platforms (VMWare, Hyper-V, Xen etc.). So if your organization has already committed to a particular platform, you can choose the same platform and use something your team is already comfortable with. This also makes migration of data in some cases easier as well.

$1 Per Month For The First 3 Months
All the packages provided in Virtual Private Server comes with $1 for the first 3 months from the 4th month the cost of these respective packages which you have chosen. A customer needs to decide which plan they would like to purchase in the start and the same package will be continued till the entire tenure.
Free Managed Services
All the server packages come with Free Managed for the first 3 months. L2 support will be provided free the actual cost of L2 level Managed Services cost Rs5500 per month, you save Rs5500x3=Rs16500.
Easy Monthly Installment (EMI)
First time in the hosting history across the globe Manashosting has introduced EMI facility for servers. EMI helps a client to pay the server cost easily. Customer's do not have to block their money by making payment at once but can pay through ECS or post dated cheques. To avail EMI facility send your post dated cheques to our Bangalore corporate office address. All the cheques should be dated on the 5th of respective months. To avail ECS contact our team, fill in all the details and send the hard copy to our Bangalore corporate office address.

Server Reselling concept in Cloud Servers

Manashosting has launched “Server Reseller” for Cloud Servers. You can earn up to 75% in selling cost. In Server Reselling a person or a company can make profit by reselling servers to their customers a Server Reseller can sell the servers depending on their time in other words, there is no stipulated time frame for a Server Reseller to sell or there are no red tapes. A Server Reseller will be provided with unique identification number which will have an active account with Manashosting for calculation of payouts. In server Reselling concept, you start to get payouts after you have crossed a few sales, once the sales are crossed Server Reseller can retain their payouts and pay the remaining amount to Manashosting.

No investment, no advertisements, no long term agreement, no marketing, no fuss, you don’t have to provide any sort of support, be it billing or technical. Reselling of servers is simple, you contact Manashosting purchase the servers at discounted price and later sell it to your customers at markup price. You do not have to provide any kind of support to your customers' we will help them out with their issues.

Who can become Server Reseller?

  • Designers
  • Professionals
  • Developers
  • Students
  • Entrepreneur
  • House wife’s
  • Resellers
  • A Common Man
  • Web Masters
  • You
  • How does Server Reselling work?

    A Server Reseller is a person or a company who can use their own brand name in other words your customer will never know from whom you purchased the service and this gives you the opportunity to sell the package at any cost you like. In this concept there is no long term agreement, no commitment, no investment, no hazel, only profit over the income.

    As a Server Reseller you will be selling all the servers of Manashosting to your customers and we will provide technical support as well as customer service to your customers. As a Server Reseller you don’t have to invest a single coin, you start earning when you sell any of the server packages to your customers. It’s as simple as that.

    Server Reseller Remuneration

    Units Percentage Yes
    5 - 10 25%
    11 - 50 35%
    51 - 100 50%
    101 - 250 25%
    251 & above 75%
    Business level
    CPU Intel Xeon Hex Core Intel Xeon Hex Core Intel Xeon Octo Core
    CPU SPEED E5-2620 2GHz Dual E5-2620 2GHz Dual E5-2650 2GHz
    Memory 32 GB DDR3-1333 ECC SDRAM 32 GB DDR3-1333 ECC SDRAM 32 GB DDR3-1333 ECC SDRAM
    Hard Drive 2x 1 TB SATA HDD 2x 1 TB SATA HDD 2x 1 TB SATA HDD
    Bandwidth 100 GB 250 GB 500 GB
    VMWare Management Console (For VMWare Servers)
    Monthly Price (INR) 26288 30194 32798
    Monthly Price $ 424 487 529
    Yearly Price (INR) 315456 362328 393576
    Yearly Price In $ 5088 5844 6348
    2 Year Price In $ 10176 11688 12696
    3 Year Price In $ 15264 17532 19044
    5 Year Price In $ 25440 29220 31740
    All are yearly payment only

    All the above packages support
    Main Features:-
    Universal access from your browser, Anytime, Anywhere
    Intuitive wizard-driven interface
    Control access, sharing, resource allocation & more
    Operates independently of web-based console
    Open new sessions in separate resizable
    Remote power on / power off for virtual machine(s) as required
    Provision mission-critical apps in minutes
    New upgrades are quick and easy
    Easy-to-use VMware control panel dashboards
    Automatic failover protocols
    Precise resource controls
    VMware Cloud Architecture
    Virtual Internet has created a hardware based cloud that is fully hardware and network redundant including redundant hardware firewalls.
    The following features characterize the architecture - rock-solid and robust - which has competitors scrambling to keep
    Divide and Rule: Operating as a single host it can be divided into several virtual machines on a one physical server.
    Isolation: A better word is crash proof. Run several virtual machines side-by-side with no adverse affects on one
    Cut-and-Paste: Also called encapsulation. Group all your apps, operating systems and hardware configs into containers called virtual machines and move them from server to server quickly. This cool portability feature is only surpassed by the ease in which you can restore your files.
    Compatibility: These hyper visors do not require a guest operating system to communicate with the hardware. Instead, they can run on any x86 machine and use binary translation to ensure compatibility.
    Managed Services Price List
    Starter L1: Rs 3500 per month
    Premium L2: Rs 5500 Per month
    Advance L3: Rs 10000 per month
    Specialized L4: Rs 12500 per month
    Add on :
    High Availability Enabled (USD ) per month $9.99 $15.99 $23.99    $35.99
    Product Feature Dollar INR Euro
    Random Access Memory 1 Gig $9.95  INR498   €7.50
    Hard Drive Disk Space 50 Gigs $25     INR1250  €3.80
    100 Gigs $39.95  INR1998     €30.11
    Intel Cores 1 Core $19.95 INR998      €15.04
    Backup Space 500 Gigs  $119.95 INR599   €90.39
    1 TB  $199.95 INR999     €150.68
    Dedicated IP's 8 IP's $5        INR250    €3.76
    16 IP's $10      INR500    €7.53
    32 IP's $15      INR750      €11.30
    64 IP's $20      INR1000    €15.07
    Operating System Linux / Windows
    cPanel / WHM and Plesk Optional
    Root SSH / RDP Access
    Cloud-based solution for storing, managing and sharing data
    Instantly scalable and reliable file-level backup service
    Unified storage environment
    Run any server operating system and software
    Stop, start, resize or reinstall your servers at any time from our easy-to-use web control panel or API
    Root SSH / RDP Access
    Private Name servers
    24x7 Pro-Active Monitoring
    Database Support
    Rapid & Automatic Provisioning
    Easy Server Migrations
    Recover from disaster unscathed
    Faster Disks
    Spam-free Network
    Fully Redundant, Distributed DNS
    Flexibility: Wizard-driven process. Slice and dice to your heart's content.
    Speed: Provision new features in minutes.
    OS Heaven: concurrently run multiple flavors of operating systems including Linux, Windows, Solaris and Netware.
    Rollback: Capture snapshot of system prior to a patch and quickly roll back to the previous state. It's a snap!
    Legacy Systems: Hardware independence allows you to install legacy systems such as Windows NT or Windows Server 2003.
    Scalability: These servers are built to scale upwards quickly! No matter whether you're building a skyscraper or attempting to slingshot an app to the moon.

    * High Availability Offered is for node failure only. More customized solutions can also be created but the cost will significantly increase. We can also customize Fault Tolerance solutions which ensures 100% uptime even in the case of a node failures i.e. downtime is very less.

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