Unlimited Hosting
  • Unlimited Domains
  • Unlimited Web Space
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Email Ids
  • Unlimited Database
  • Unlimited Space For Each Domain
  • Unlimited Bandwidth For Each Domain
  • World Class Data Center
  • High Speed Network
  • Server Uptime
  • Superior Control Panel
  • 24/7/365 Tech Support
  • Secure Network
  • Website Builder
  •, Asp, Php, Mysql, Mssql, Html

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Have you seen a survey page that would change your perception and ideas to a different level a survey page that would enlighten your vision with respect to hosting? If your answer is NO, then check this out:
Manashosting has come up with world’s longest hosting survey page for the first time in the world. After filling the survey we are confident of your preview of hosting will complete change. This survey may also make you a hosting analyst may be. Participate in the survey to get the product and services from us that you always wanted a hosting company to provide you.

1. Do you like unlimited web space or limited web space at the same price? Unlimited
2. Do you like unlimited bandwidth or limited bandwidth at the same price? Unlimited

3. Do you like unlimited email ids without accurate delivery, speed, uptime and quality or limited email ids with fast delivery, speed, uptime and quality?


4. Do you like your service provider who is allowing bulk mailing by which other genuine customers mails face downtime and problems or a provider who is strictly against bulk mail to provide on-time delivery of emails to all the customers?


5. Do you prefer paid domains on which you will have complete ownership or free domain on which you have no ownership?

6. Do you prefer long term relationship with a hosting company or short term relationship while moving your services from one company to another you would face data loss, website downtime? Long term
Short term
7. Do you prefer cheap quality hosting at a lower price and best quality at reasonable price? Cheap quality
Best quality
8. Do you require hard copy of website ownership certificate to prove your ownership or do you trust free email id as the verification key to prove your domain ownership? Ownership certificate
Free email ID

9. Do you prefer to contact a company using their toll free number or by paying huge ISD/STD telephone charges?

Toll free

10. Do you prefer to have a live chat through which you can clarify all your doubts without having to spend huge telephone charges or without live chat?

Live chat
11. Are you looking for the latest control panel with more security or outdated control panel that are easy to hack and with less security? Latest

12. Do you prefer PEM, Cpanel, Helm or any other free control panel?


13. Do you prefer Indian technical support which is easy to understand or foreign technical support where you face difficulty in communicating?


14. Which payment mode do Indian customers prefer?

Credit/debit card
Net transfer

15. How many pages do an average personally website has?

16. How many maximum free email ids are used by an individual? 1-2

17. If a problem arises in the website, who do you think has to resolve the problem?

Hosting Provider

18. If your website contains free source codes which you have taken from the search engines and if there is an error/issue with coding, who will resolve that issues?

Company from where you downloaded
Search engine
Search engine

19. Do you require only hosting or hosting with attractive and useful free products?

Only hosting
Hosting with attractive and useful free products

20. Do you require only hosting package are hosting package with free website builder?

Hosting package
Hosting package with free website builder

21. 1000’s of attractive free templates are better or no?


22. 100’s of free source codes is a yes or a no with hosting?

23. Free web based software is a yes or a no with hosting? Yes

24. Free PC based software is a yes or a no with hosting?


25. Do you require latest version scripts which are in beta stage or stable versions that are error free and easy to fix?

Latest version
Stable version that are error free

26. Would you like to host your website with a company that is innovative and creative with latest technology or a company that has invested millions of dollar just to create the brand in the market?

Non creative

27. Do you prefer to purchase packages just by watching media advertisement or from a company that uses technology and quality in the packages?


28. Do you like to pay for databases or would you like free databases?

Pay for databases
Get databases free

29. Do you like to host with a company who takes votes from the customers before launching any product or from a company where decisions are made in big cabins without the consent of the customers?

Takes vote
Company which does not take votes

30. Would you like to stay with a company whose main business is hosting or with a company which is not very keen in hosting but try to sell hosting as in a super market?

Hosting is main business
Hosting is not main business

31. Do you prefer to hosting with a company who declares all the versions, scripts supported, restrictions or with a company that does not showcase the complete detail of the package?

Company who declares
Company who hides
32. Do you prefer to purchase from a company who creates awareness before purchase or after purchase? Before purchase
After purchase

33. Do you prefer to host your website with a company whose management and policies keep changing or with a company that has the same management and policies for long time forecast?

Management changes
Management stable
34. Do you trust young, dynamic, energetic and experienced group of managers’ company t o host your website or average group managers’ company? Young/experienced/dynamic/energetic

35. Do you prefer to get free SEO tools with hosting or only hosting package?

Free SEO
Only hosting

36. Do you like to pay less in the first year and pay more during the next renewal or do you like to pay less in the first year and get discounts and offers in the following year till the service is continued?

Pay more for renewal
Get renewal offers and discounts
37. Do you prefer free hosting or paid hosting? Free hosting
Paid hosting
38. By creating website revenue of a person increases on a higher side where the website owner would increase in thousand and lakhs. How much do you think the website owner should invest for hosting their websites per year? Rs500- Rs1000
Rs1001- Rs2000
Rs2001- Rs5000

39. Do you like to develop foreign economy by purchasing foreign hosting packages or Indian economy by purchasing Indian hosting packages?

Foreign economy
Indian economy
40. Do you like to develop foreign employment by purchasing foreign hosting packages or Indian employment by purchasing Indian hosting packages? Indian employment
Foreign employment
41. Do you like to host with a company that is growing and doing new things in hosting market or do you prefer to host with a company which does not have any creativity and new technology? Company with growth
Company without growth

42. Do you prefer to purchase old technology with offers or latest technology without offers?

Old technology
Latest technology

43. Do you believe in just creating your website or to create hosting awareness to Indian customers?

creating website
Creating hosting awareness

44. Do you believe in a new company or a company who is working for hosting from the last decade?

New Company
Company from the last decade

45. Do you like to host with a company who has won technical challenge or not?


46. Do you feel technical chat is useful?

47. Do you feel SMS technical support is useful? Yes

48. Do you require a complete description of the package or no?


49. Would you like to host with a company who will meet your future requirement or no?


50. Would you like to host your website with a company that provides best quality or average quality?

Best quality
Average quality

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What is Domain?
arrow_sky  A domain name is an online    identification label that an individual    or an organization.

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What is Web Hosting?
arrow_sky  A web hosting service is a type of    Internet hosting service that allows    individuals

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Customer Satisfaction
How to Raise a Ticket?
arrow_sky  Customers can enter into our archive     of support and help through raising     a ticket

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How to Place an Order?
arrow_sky  The help file to guide a customer     without any human assistance and
    a step by

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What is Control Panel?
arrow_sky  A control panel, in web hosting, is a    web-based interface provided by the    hosting company.

                                                +read more
What is FTP?
arrow_sky  FTP stands for File Transfer     Protocol. FTP is used to connect two     computers

                                                +read more
What is a File Manager?
arrow_sky  A file manager or file browser is a    computer program that provides a    user interface

                                                +read more
What is Sub-domain?
arrow_sky  Sub domains are part of the main    domain name they don't need to be    registered

                                                +read more
What is Bandwidth?
arrow_sky  Bandwidth is a measure of the     amount of data that people     download

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Click We Will Call You
arrow_sky  Is to facilitate our customers to gain    access when they need a call back    from our sales

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Corporate Windows
arrow_sky  Looking for unlimited database
    MySql 2005, host your website on
    corporate Windows package.

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Corporate Linux
arrow_sky  Looking for MySql unlimited
   database with Cpanel control panel,
   a package that you can rely upon.

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Java Package
arrow_sky  Fulfill your Java requirement by     hosting your website on our Java     platform. Amazing features that is
     just right for your requirement.

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Renew Hosting
arrow_sky  Renewing you hosting account is as      important as renewing your
     passport or license if your website      generates revenue.

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Load Balancing
arrow_sky  The Server Architecture is so     designed that at no given point of     time

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arrow_sky  We provide more than 5000 unique    templates that would best match your    needs.

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arrow_sky Manashosting is proud to receive 12    international awards. After doing hard    labor, innovative

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World’s Lowest Price hosting
arrow_sky  The packages are such designed to     provide world’s lowest price without     compromising

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arrow_sky  World class datacenter,    Superior control panel, high    configuration

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What is Unlimited?
arrow_sky  Manashosting helps you to create    large websites without worrying    about ‘ceiling’.

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What is PHP?
arrow_sky  PHP is a general-purpose scripting     language originally designed for     web development.

                                                +read more
What is ODBC?
arrow_sky  ODBC is an Open Database     Connectivity, and is an interface to     access databases.

                                                +read more
What is TOMCAT?
arrow_sky  A popular Java servlet container from     the Apache Jakarta project. Tomcat     uses the Jasper

                                                +read more
What is ASP.NET?
arrow_sky  It is a server-side scripting     technology that can be used to     create dynamic

                                                +read more
What is JAVA?
arrow_sky  Java supports programming for the     Internet in the form of platform-     independent

                                                +read more
What is MsSql?
arrow_sky  MSSQL is a database system from     Microsoft, mostly used on high traffic     web sites.

                                                +read more
What is MySql?
arrow_sky  It is used to store information.     MySQL can store many types of data     from something.

                                                +read more
What is Mambo?
arrow_sky  Mambo is one of the most powerful Open Source Content Management Systems on the planet. It is used all over the world for everything

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How to Pay?
arrow_sky  Manashosting has provided various    payment options for our customers
   to choose

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