Unlimited Hosting
  • Unlimited Domains
  • Unlimited Web Space
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Email Ids
  • Unlimited Database
  • Unlimited Space For Each Domain
  • Unlimited Bandwidth For Each Domain
  • World Class Data Center
  • High Speed Network
  • Server Uptime
  • Superior Control Panel
  • 24/7/365 Tech Support
  • Secure Network
  • Website Builder
  •, Asp, Php, Mysql, Mssql, Html

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Manashosting is a Web Hosting company that is dedicated in helping large, small and midsize business companies to reach their customers online. Having created various unique and innovative packages we provide the best of Web Hosting service. Our services are backed with exceptionally good quality and low costs.

Company has professionals who have delivered stellar projects to a large number of national and international clients. We service all business sectors at very competitive rates. Our areas of strength are our innovation, out of the box thinking and commitment to quality. With our skillful management team as well as in-house Microsoft Certified web developers, we register a unique name for your organization, and thus open up a new world of web-based clients and services to you.

We provide our customers with exclusive web hosting services at competitive prices. With our vast experience in web hosting and designing, we try to create an ideal balance between web design and web development of your website. We save costs on server rental, as we have our own servers. By using a large number of servers, we are able to maintain high uptime and are able to provide unlimited web space and bandwidth to our clients, thus resulting in lowered costs. Apart from this, we also save by avoiding unnecessary large number of employees and unnecessary overhead costs to provide competitive price to our customers.

We understand that like us, every entrepreneur looks at getting the best service at the most cost effective prices. There for, we try to provide exceptional quality web hosting services to all our esteemed clients at unbelievable package price.

Why the Company is named as "Manashosting"?

Even before the company came into existence the business opportunity was decided in webhosting. After doing various research and studies and the possibilities of creating a hosting company that would be close to the Indian customers’ heart, choosing a name was of primal importance. Plenty of names did show up in the list but most of it did not have an Indian identity and had no uniqueness in them. As the company wanted to provide innovative and creative hosting solutions the name “Manas” was chose. MANAS means, “The Mind” where creativity originates and attains to the level of proficiency with the horde of outright technology. When the company chose the name MANAS it was pre determined the company will play a vital role in the hosting market and create a revolution that would be marked in golden words in the history of hosting. After the entry of the company in the hosting market this goal of being separate from the rest was always highlighted in all minute aspects of the company’s daily activity. The hosting history has a record, that we were the first to provide more space at less cost, first Indian hosting company to provide live chat facility to our customers, click we will call you back to receive call from the company, complaints department to resolve any issues that was unresolved, customer ID facility, customer card facility, ticket system to maintain complete issue records of a customer, toll free number, ISO certified for quality, Own datacenter, Dell servers, unique and innovative server architecture, Online help tutorial, creating hosting awareness to our Indian customers’ etc. One can find passion, zeal, expertise, thought, uniqueness, originative, creative and new ideas being reflected in each and every segments linked with the company’s products, services etc. Hence the name MANAS was chosen before the company could start and even after close to a decade as a company we would continue to bring in creativity and show case the difference in the hosting market just not in India but across the world and would like to contribute our share of MANAS to the hosting industry.

Why the company’s punch line is “Feel The Reality of Hosting”

The company’s punch line is “Feel The Reality of Hosting” and right from the company’s start it always focused on making the Indian customers to feel the actuality of hosting by providing innovative and creative packages at low price that could make any customer to feel the reality of hosting. Manashosting provide to the Indian hosting market that it is possible to provide more with less price, as the company’s vision is to provide an online identity to all Indian customers’ at an affordable price with high end quality hosting packages. During the start of the company when the hosting packages were sold with less space and more cost Manashosting launched packages with more space at less cost and made our Indian customers to feel the reality of hosting. Many tutorials were launched by the company to create awareness of hosting to our Indian customers. Right from the beginning of the company we were determine to provide quality product and when our customers’ voted for quality we changed various segments to provide quality to our customers. Company invested huge money in datacenter, Dell servers, latest control panel PEM, high end security features, tracking and managing software etc. In all these changes company always focused to make our Indian customers to feel the reality of hosting. Company provided various offers and promos to our Indian customers to use products and services and to know and feel the change of hosting their website with us. Company also provided free space to those customers who trusted us in the beginning of the company and most of these customers are still using our service and are referring us to other customers too. Company launched Unlimited web space and bandwidth for the first time in the hosting industry and made the customers to feel the reality of hosting to the entire hosting market, we received lot of appreciations from international hosting market too. Company understood the Indian customers’ requirement and each time have provided packages and solutions which our Indian customers always had a need of. Manashosting is the first hosting company in India to launch SaaS packages to our Indian customers. Manashosting is the first hosting company in India to launch 239 one click installation scripts for resellers. Manashosting was the first hosting company in India to launch live chat. Manashosting was the first hosting company in India to provide technical support through SMS. There are various innovative and creative services and packages which Manashosting has provided to its customers and to the hosting market at large. The company always believed in creating a difference in the hosting field and keen in educating and making our Indian customers to realize and “feel the reality of hosting”.

What dose the company's logo mean?

Manashosting has a logo of 3 hexagons with bright colors of Red, Yellow and Green. Each of these colors has a meaning and represents different types of attributes in them.

The color Green represents being positive; in various circumstances during the beginning of the company it faced the same difficulty which any new company would have faced. All the while it was the positive thinking which upheld the company and drove it so far. Many a times the pain was too huge and the criticism faced was heavy but being and staying positive helped the company to overcome various hurdles and make the company to reach great heights. Ethics is another most important factor that the company had followed so far. This is exhibited to all the viewers’ of the company right from the website.

The color Yellow represents trust; when we started as a startup company our customers believed in us and purchased the packages, we are thankful to our old customers because of these customers today we have reached great heights and have helped the company to evolve to what we are currently. At the same time even we as a company trusted our customers and provided the packages to make their business flourish and never had a slightest of the doubt if the users would hamper our growth. Likewise the bond of trust was built and lasts even to this day with each of our customers and vice-versa. Help, was another important key, customers in the beginning helped us by providing business to us and each step showed us the improvements had to be done to provide the best product and services. During the world market downtime of 2009 company in-turn helped our customers when they were unable to renew their hosting accounts due to the financial crisis they went through. Company had helped many customers when they faced issues with related to domains purchased from other providers at the time of transfer.

The color Red represents passion; right from the time the company’s existence passion towards hosting can be seen in all the products and services provided by the company. The company’s main focus even to this day is in hosting and hosting in the company is considered to the likeness of blood in the veins of a human. Passion could be felt in each segment be it in the interaction that one has with the company or even by any viewer who visits the company’s corporate website. Determination, right from the start of the company we were determined to provide the best to our Indian customers in all aspects. Company also was determined to educate the customer about hosting even before any customer could purchase hosting. The company also was determined to be different from the others in the hosting industry and to uplift our country’s pride by providing the top class technology to our Indian customers at Indian price.

Essential Features


Maximum hosting companies configure MS Sql, My Sql, E-Mail, DNS, FTP and rest in ONE Dedicated Server to reduce the Server Manufacturing cost. So the same Processor and Ram of that dedicated server will be utilized for the entire Operations on server. In this way, almost maximum resource of the CPU will be required for above tasks management and only least will be left for your Hosted Website. Therefore the Performance and the Speed of the website will be drastically decreased.

However as per the server architecture of Manashosting, we maintain each and every application and software in different dedicated servers to get HIGH Uptime and BEST Speed for shared hosting websites.


Most of the hosting companies maintain same dedicated server for Backup Process also. So if in case server crashes, then there is no chance of data backup from the crashed server. But in our case, we maintain backup separately in different dedicated servers. So That if any one of the mail, web, database server got crash then we can able to install new server and take all data from back up server. In case of any hardware failure also, no need to depend on crashed server to recover data. So there will be no chance of data loss in case of server crash.


The hosting companies’ install the whole software’s in ONE dedicated server. So if same server is down then E-Mail, Database and FTP and DNS of the website will be down as well. However as we maintain everything in different dedicated servers, then in case mail is down then it will not affect to your FTP, DNS, Website and Database. By the time you check, the problem will be sorted out. So it means all operations will not be down at a time. If one particular server is down then your website and rest applications will run without any interruption like Mail, Database, Domain, DNS.

Data Center

Our data center is considered a top tier facility in terms of network connectivity and infrastructure design. Our datacenter is in the U.S.A. It is a strategic hub in the United States that makes it an ideal location. Web data are navigated throughout the United States and around the world. It has been ranked no.6 for IT IQ among all United States cities. Our Data Center can accommodate large server frames, data cages, and even private suites. We maintain direct multi-Gigabit bandwidth connections. Our connections are supplied through optic fiber cable which ensures high speed & high connectivity. We have 4 different internet service providers who supply our internet connections on the optic cables. Automatic switch over ensures stability and high up-time just not for our servers but also for our customers sites. We currently host thousands of Internet web, mail and application servers, network routers, switches, firewalls and load balancers. Our data center receives electricity from three separate power feeds on a spot network that provides for automatic failover capabilities. Cooling system is very important for a data center, ideal temperature and humidity is accurately controlled with redundant cooling systems.


Manashosting has dell server incorporated with the latest technology which gives the best hardware resource functionality. The servers used at Manashosting data centers are highly configured with multi network systems. It’s reliable and secure, giving high uptime and speed to the applications associated with it. It can adapt to the changes that has to be done for the server up gradation. It’s not only confined to the above technology but in case if our clients wants to experiment with different hosting technology they can opt one from the variety of packages that Manashosting has. The server architecture of Manashosting is unique in its kind. Manashosting has separate servers for email, data base, control panel, web server etc this helps in enhancing the speed of our customer's websites.


Manashosting network is done by 4 different ISP’s ensuring a strong and stable connectivity. The reason why manashosting gives at most importance for network is because of the security as well as the connectivity that our customers’ can enjoy when using our service. With different ISP providers our clients don’t have to worry about the bandwidth, up time and speed. Manashosting has hosted thousands of web hosting, email servers etc with our latest technology. Our infrastructure is equipped with auto failover capabilities’. This ensures the stability and speed of the sites uploaded by Manashosting.

Control Panel

Manashosting have given its customers various control panels from Helm to Plesk. The customers of Manashosting chose PEM control panel over the others and the reseller chose plesk expand. PEM is designed by Parallels after years of research. PEM control panel is designed in a manner which no ordinary servers who be able to handle. Hence at Manashosting we use state of the art servers to make your online experience the best when your website is hosted with us. As this technology has a capacity to manage thousands of servers at a time hence uptime and speed will be very high compared to other past technology. PEM control panel is built to give maximum quality, reliability, security, speed and uptime. PEM is more focusing on the security of the server especially on antivirus & anti-spam.


We know how important are the information. When talking about security, Manashosting has a unique and custom made technology which helps stop spamming, virus, phishing and other online threats. The state of the art servers of Manashosting just not gives but maintains utmost quality when it comes to security of our clients’ information. These days’ hacking is happening around the world and the information is vulnerable, we at Manashosting are striving hard to give total security to our customers’ web site, data base, email etc. We are also in contacts with the best security providing companies around the world for our solutions.

Key Persons

Manashosting has one of the best team in the hosting market. Our different teams have made their mark when it comes to customer satisfaction and technical support. During the global recession our teams stood by and gave the same kind of quality service to our customers. Our key players in the organization have given some mind blowing ideas with respect to low price, better quality keeping in mind with our clients requirements. They also play a vital role in bringing new changes that are welcomed in the market. Each minute detail of the customers’ requirements is given high priority when coming up with innovative ideas that would benefit customers. Every time our customers gave a feedback, our key persons of the company put forth their views to give our customers ‘what they want and deserve’. Our company’s expansion and the next level of strategic planning are done so that our customers get the best compared to any other hosting companies.

Servers Managed

We have a dedicated server team in the US who takes care of our servers and any server related issues. They work round the clock 24/7/365 days. They provide the best support when it comes to stability of network and also have a constant check on our hardware at regular intervals. This enables us to give better quality and reliability which helps us to keep our customers’ site up and running without any down time. Our team comprises of top rated engineers who are committed, dedicated and gives their 100% with integrity. And do not compromise on security, down time etc, thus giving better quality to our customers


When it comes to quality, Manashosting uses the latest technology available in the market to give the best to our customers. Manashosting is known to brining in new ideas and implement the same, be it with servers, connectivity, speed, up time, reliability and the list goes on. Quality is the paramount ground on which Manashosting emphasizes and implements to give the best customer satisfaction. Manashosting uses the best when it comes to the control panel, servers, data centers, firewalls, antivirus, anti spam etc. This helps our customers to have a better online experience.

Low Price

Manashosting is the leaders when it comes to low price. Manashosting was the first hosting company in India to come with the low price concept by giving unlimited quantity. We are able to give the lowest price when it comes to hosting is because we have our own data center and huge customers base .This gives Manashosting all the room needed to bring in packages that are way less compared to any hosting company in the world. And we also would like to say that we will be the one and only company when it comes to low price across India. Manashosting is also planning to reduce the cost when it comes to VPS and dedicated servers.

Customer View

Manashosting is a company where our utmost importance is our customers. We believe that customers are the ones who run this company. We say that because, every changes that we brining in are because our customers wanted them. Manashosting was the first Indian company to bring in online chat. This was done looking at the cost which the customers would incur when they call us. Manashosting wanted to start with the 1 800 number, but our customers preferred to be called. Hence we have “click and we will call you” option on our site. This also has helped reduce cost for the company and in turn the same is benefited by our customers because our hosting plans are at low cost. Manashosting provides lots of free products for our customers. This helps our customers in choosing the right kind of product which they would like to use for their websites and hence reducing cost and time for our customers. This in turn makes Manashosting one of the top class hosting providers in India. Our renewal rates are higher compared to any other hosting companies in India. Our customers always choose to buy packages for 5 years and 10 years, our customers like to have long relationship with us. This proves the customers’ satisfaction and trust our customers have towards our company and like to have a long relationship.


Manashosting is a Technology Solutions Integrator, focusing on high growth markets in the area of webhosting service and solution for different types of industries. Manashosting offers innovative solutions and clear-cut services to make its clients be globally competitive and maximize profitability.

It provides unique and innovative webhosting packages and services to its clients that are used to help other companies and business have online presence and help them in increasing their business and reaching their customers online irrespective of the physical station of customers. Each product undergoes a rigorous test by research and development team to find the maximum utilization of the product and service which our customers would use to enhance their business. Manashosting also provides services such as SaaS, Mail Exchange servers, Security packages etc with the latest technology that is available in the current market. Manashosting also has a flair for technology and inculcates the latest and stable technology that would provide maximum benefit for its clients. Manashosting had created its own server architecture in our shared hosting provide different servers for different applications. With this multi server architecture we are able to give high uptime, speed and security in the shared hosting packages.

Its partnership with the industry leaders like Microsoft, Cisco, Dell, Samsung, Intel etc combined with more than 10 years of industry experience and expertise in hosting and designing allows it to fulfill the demands and expectations of the growing market.


• We believe in the power of collaboration
Because we know that working together yields inspiring results
• We respect diverse perspectives

Because varied viewpoints foster innovation and growth
• We encourage unconventional thinking

Because we know our creativity and ingenuity can help us translate ambitions into reality
• We stand on our integrity

Because we acknowledge that trust and respect enable us to go beyond expectations.
• We embrace responsibility

Because we have a profound sense of commitment to our clients, colleagues and the world around us
• We commit to client partnerships

Because we are passionate about building strong connections that fuel our shared success.
• We take pride in our people
Because Manashosting employees are the core of our success


• Innovation
• Creativity
• Out of the box thinking
• Dedicated in providing latest and new packages
• Own datacenter
• Expert technicians in our technical team and server team
• Friendly customer support team
• Flair for technology
• Work for the betterment of the country


Our mission demands that we make an absolute commitment to excellence in our performance. We will achieve our mission by observing these principles:

• We commit to client satisfaction as our most important business objective.
• We recognize that Manashosting's accomplishments are the work of the people who comprise Manashosting. We will encourage initiative, recognize individual contribution, treat each person with respect and fairness, and afford ample opportunity for professional growth.
• We require the highest standards of professionalism and technical competence from our people.
• We will maintain the highest standards of ethics and business conduct and operate at all times within the laws of all countries in which we do business.
• We will proactively pursue new business opportunities, and commit to success in each undertaking.
• Our success as a company requires that we achieve financial performance consistent with these principles and commensurate with a leadership position in our industry.


To delight and deliver beyond expectation

This segment not only underlines the importance of the ultimate goal - customer satisfaction and ultimate target - the customer, but also of intermediate processes and principals, which have contributed to building a robust, dependable Manashosting value. As a result of its focus on developing loyal customers and reliable associates, Manashosting is able to exceed expectations.

Through ingenious strategy

In the cutthroat world of today, it is only by taking recourse to advance planning and strategy that a business can hope to survive. There is a need for a bounded rationality, spontaneity and improvisation that is flexible enough for scenarios both imaginable and unimaginable. Manashosting’s ingenious maneuvers are actually flexi-strategy that abstracts from shifting ground conditions and decides game-plans.

Intrepid entrepreneurship

An enterprise with the odds stacked against it makes great business sense. This is because higher the obstacles lower the number of players likely to be active in that field - thus, fetching extraordinary returns. The only requirement is a bold and confident attitude willing to brave the odds. Manashosting’s foray into Reseller packages, VPS, V Dedicated Servers, Dedicated Server, Cloud Servers, SaaS, Mail Exchange Server and Security package is a bold and intrepid endeavor that arises from immense faith on the surefooted competence of the company’s in-house managerial talent.

Improved technology

Technology is no more a premium input; it has become the bare minimum in recent years. Rapid advances have only fuelled this phenomenon. Manashosting is extremely vigilant in shunting out dated technology and replacing it with the best-in-class offers of the times.

Innovative products

Product development, innovation and customization are the tools Manashosting uses to stay ahead of the competition. This is because a continuous stream of innovative products excites the market and enhances brand recall. A strategy that Manashosting banks on a lot, on the domestic and international front.

Insightful marketing

The market share battle scene has long shifted from technology and processes to the psyche of the customer. This means that those with deeper insights into the elusive mind of the buyer are likely to dominate. Manashosting is reinforcing marketing strengths to read better the pulse of the market and help create products that map perfectly into customer preferences.

Inspired thinking about the future

Manashosting extrapolates future trends on the basis of current changes in technology and preferences as well as sheer gut feel. Fine-tuned business instincts are worth their weight in gold.


A strong focus on Value Creation and Corporate Citizenship has helped Manashosting build an enviable corporate reputation founded in honest and transparent approaches.

The values and principles, which have Governed Manashosting’s business for a decade, have been deployed through the implementation of the Values Code. It was intended to serve as a guide to each employee on the values, ethics and business principles expected of him or her in personal and professional conduct. The Management of Business Ethics is effectively instituted today in Manashosting through its four pillars concept.

• Leadership
• System and Processes
• Training and Awareness
• Measurement

All employees have a clear responsibility to implement the Values Code. The systems and processes are revisited and modified constantly to ensure that they are not subjected to any unethical practices.

Our offerings

• Server Technology
• Web Hosting / Domain Name Registration
• Exclusive reseller business plans
• Dedicated server concept
• Cloud servers
• Corporate plans
• Security packages
• SaaS
• Mail Exchange servers

What is special about us: We understand your concern about the obvious question that why you should choose us to serve your requirements. It is totally a logical question needed to be figured out well, in today’s era where countless of our competitors are claiming similar benefits. Well, it brings us pleasure and pride in letting you know that we have earned expertise in providing top-notch web solutions and services.

As a client centric and quality-conscious webhosting company, we comprehend the business from the client’s point of view. With the great support of our efficient support team, we pledge to provide services to our clients with absolute functionality and usability. This is the reason why each of our clients is actually our associate and we share a lifetime relationship with them to make sure that their web presence far exceeds their competition.

Experience & Expertise: In a very short period of time, we have successfully catered to many business categories. Our clientele represents a wide spectrum of various business sectors from all over India. And this is an outcome of our invincible workforce that is knitted with highly-skilled professionals who give the most comprehensive solutions to your requirements. Hence, while picking us, you can surely stay assured of receiving attractive design with user-friendly and latest techniques incorporated into it.

Quality & Earnestness: Also, the results of our SEO and Internet Marketing services will prove you our sincerity, commitment and hard work. Our Management follows a pro-active approach to further ensure that your website maximizes all efficiencies, and revenue generating opportunities. Most importantly, we believe in ethical business practices, team effort, profound research, quality work and keeping ourselves updated. So with us, you will always stand a step ahead of your competitors.

Globally acknowledged advanced practices

• Commitment to Quality
• Competent Team
• Competitive Pricing
• Quality Experience
• Smart Technology
• Excellent Support
• Professionalism & Trustworthiness
• Exceptional Productivity
• Client focus and Business awareness
• Instant Response
• Sound Infrastructure

Manashosting Team: The Manashosting workforce is an exceptional podium of diverse academic backgrounds fitting smoothly and working efficiently into the homogenous setup. Our highly productive team includes server administrators, web designers, smart sales executives, technical experts as well as internet marketing consultants to meticulously and strategically knit complex business solutions, customized according to the clients’ business requirements. All our team members are chosen after a scrupulous selection process and are consistently made to attend creditable training sessions to improve the quality of skills. Unsurprisingly, all these experts have impeccable presentation and communication skills.
SEO, Sales & marketing team: We believe talent is essential to our success, and are proud to have some of the most talented and experienced SEO Experts in the industry. Possessing qualitative industry knowledge, our SEO team encompasses distinguished industry and technical SEO experts, best web optimizers, intelligent and creative content writers, top ranking professionals and skilled search engine optimization consultants. Every project is planned, executed and implemented with utmost sincerity and dedication, making it a gratifying experience for everyone concerned.

Totally committed sales executives are assigned to the job for personalized, quick and effective customer care. Our executives possess quality knowledge about the intricacies of a website and contentedly guide our clients all through their campaign. In addition, minute by minute updates on the status of our online marketing and advertising efforts for their business enterprise are provided. To enhance the skill of our sales and marketing team we also undertake various up-trainings to keep them updated with the current hosting industry. At Manashosting our employees enjoy working as much as the customers enjoy our product. And to give a better service we have also introduced SLA for the employees to address our customers’ concern. These measures have been taken to enhance the customer satisfaction. We also have a complaints department where our customers’ can file their grievances or complaints if they do not get the service in the set pattern. All these initiatives have been incorporated with the customers’ feedback provided by our valuable customers.
Server & Technical team: We have successfully built an intelligent team of server administrators and technical support executives who can serve all your windows and Linux based applications queries. These experts work collaboratively on every query and provide ultimate turnkey web solutions. Manashosting support executives are totally professionals since they dwell on infallible structures through highly advanced technologies to bring out the most accurate resolution of our client’s queries related to their web site. Deliverability of such high quality service in providing powerful solutions in the market, Manashosting’s technical team works 24/7 with set SLA’s assigned to them for the issues. Our technical team gets regular up-trainings and skill trainings to keep them updated with the current hosting market. They also undergo rigorous online and off line tests to prove their ability and stay updated with the current market. Manashosting also has an exclusive technical training division who takes care of the technical training of our employees. With these measures Manashosting is able to provide a better customer satisfaction.

Latest in technology

Cloud Hosting: Manashosting has released Cloud Hosting. Cloud hosting is also known as enterprise or cluster hosting. It is a web hosting service which is offered from a network of servers that are connected to one another called as cloud computing. These servers are not generally in same data center, they are usually located in the data centers that are scattered all across the world. This makes the cloud hosting unique because of the resources available.
With a chance to have a number of resources, the user is easily able to grow their business without even incurring any additional overhead or inventory. Cloud hosting offers benefit to all like better security, flexibility, performance and consolidation. There is even the advantage of redundancy. With this a new generation of web hosting era has started which is unlike the old shared hosting concept.

Cloud Server: Manashosting has launched world’s lowest priced cloud server in the hosting market for the first time with various features which normally is considered to be add-ons in various companies.

Mail Exchange server: Manashosting had released Mail Exchange Server to its clients. Manashosting has become one of the selective lists of web hosting companies who provide Mail Exchange server to their clients on shared hosting.

SaaS: Manashosting has also released SaaS (Software As A Service). SaaS is a software delivery method that provides access to software and its functions remotely as a Web-based service. SaaS allows organizations to access business functionality at a cost typically less than paying for licensed applications.

Security package: Security on the internet is very vital due to the vulnerability of the resources that are available online. We understand that very well and hence we have an upcoming security package that would keep you safe online from all possible attacks and malicious ware. The security package would be designed according to the needs of the customer.

Stages of the Company

There are several stages that the company went through so far of which few summarized stages are mentioned below to get a clear understanding of the company.

Stage 1: Even before the company came into formation it was very clear that company would involve in the business of hosting not with profit motive but with a touch of creating hosting awareness to the common man and educating them the necessity of web presence in this fast growing online business. It becomes very essential for any business or individual to have a web presence as the technology’s demand would increase in the future and more people would prefer to use internet and websites for their day to day business. When the cost was still on a higher side, the goal of one person was very clear, that is to provide webhosting packages at lowest cost. Hence even before the company was formed it was clear that the company would sell hosting packages at low cost, create hosting awareness to the Indian customers and provide innovative and creative packages for our Indian customers. Company right from the beginning day company has an ethics of not mentioning any of the competitors name in the company this could be found even to this very day.

Stage 2: Having set the goal the formation of the company came into the picture. While the formation it was very essential to find the right name and give the Indian feel right from the start. Hence the name Manas was chosen and hosting being the business became” Manashosting”. After the formation of the company all the plans were implemented one by one and many in the hosting market were awe struck to know if these things were really possible. The first thing the company did was to reduce the hosting cost. When the prices were reduced just not the hosting market even hosting analysts were unable to comprehend. This helped in the growth of the company and huge recognition which the company received in the startup stage.

Stage 3: Due to less cost in the hosting package the company was in a position to capture the complete Bangalore market just in few days from the start. More and more Bangalore based customers started to pour in and the customers were much satisfied and started to refer others as well to purchase the packages from Manashosting. It would not be wrong to say, most of the Bangalore based domains were hosting by Manashosting at some point of time.

Stage 4: Company started to provide more quantity at lesser cost which again created a complete revolution in the hosting market as all the companies in hosting were still providing in Megabytes and Manashosting started to provide in Gigabytes. Various quantity packages were launched like 1GB, 2GB, buy for one year and get one year free (Double Dhamaka) and so on. These were the packages which made the company’s name to be known in the nation of India.

Stage 5: Company conquered the South Indian hosting market. With innovative high quantity packages at lesser cost was welcomed by the customers of South India and made the company’s growth much faster. The customers trusted us and we trusted the customers. With trust as the main ingredients the company was accepted and adopted by the customers and in turn the company started to provide unique and innovative packages for its customers knowing their future requirement.

Stage 6: Company became top 3 hosting company in India. Just within couple of years of the company’s start Manashosting reached India’s number 3 hosting company with just 3 employees. The major factor that helped the company to achieve India’s number 3 was (a) the company always focused on low price and more quantity and (b) Because of the vivid marketing strategies the company had adopted.

Stage 7: Company after reaching India’s top 3 hosting company did not stop there, it went on to create a package which even to this day only Manashosting provides to its resellers. The company started to concentrate on the reseller market and launched a creative and unique package called as Multi platform reseller package. This package is best suitable for resellers as the reseller did not have to invest more. The reseller had to purchase just multi platform package and can sell Windows, Linux and Java to his customers without investing a single penny more. Multiplatform reseller package was a huge success just not in India but across Asia and many customers started to accept the company in the international market as well. Right after Multi platform, company provided another reseller package called as Multi level reseller package. These two innovative and creative packages gained huge respect and made Manashosting welcomed to the international market and to be more specific in the Asian hosting market.

Stage 8: After providing hosting packages in Gigabytes company wanted to do something that was until then impossible. Company for the very first time in the world launched Unlimited Web Space and Unlimited Bandwidth combination package. Most of the hosting companies in the world have adopted this package and adopted the technology, innovation and creativity of Manashosting into their own company and gave a worldwide recognition to the company and also made Manashosting the leader in the hosting market across the globe.

Stage 9: Various innovative and creative packages were created in most of the cases it was for the first time in the hosting industry or first time in India. Few of them were:

• Multiplatform reseller package
• Multilevel reseller package
• Unlimited web space and unlimited Bandwidth Package
• Unlimited Domains hosting package for resellers
• Unlimited Domains hosting package in shared hosting
• Unlimited web space package in reseller

Stage 10: As before the formation of the company the fundamental of lower cost package to its customers was primal and to fulfill this goal company started to implement technology and manufactured low cost hosting package to create web presence for its customers. When other hosting companies across the world were selling website builders, Manashosting came used the technology and provided website builder free of cost to our shared hosting customers. Manashosting was the first company in the world to provide free domain registration to all the customers of Manashosting which has been adopted by majority of the hosting companies across the world even to this very day.

Stage 11: After the quantity and huge volume company took a drastic change in its day to day activity. Majority of the customers of Manashosting started to demand quality and the company started to focus towards quality. Currently company started to focus on all aspects of quality right from quality employees, customer support, customers, servers, networks, security systems, datacenter, uptime, speed control panel etc and has invested huge money to change the complete segment in providing quality to our customers.

Stage 12: When the then customers of Manashosting voted for quality, company took the challenge of providing quality to its customers with world class services having said this the first step company took was towards a major investment for Datacenter. Our data center is considered a top tier facility in terms of network connectivity and infrastructure design. Our data center is in U.S.A. It is a strategic hub in the United States that makes it an ideal location web data are navigated throughout the United States and around the world. It has been ranked no. 6 for IT IQ among all United States cities.

Our Data Center can accommodate large server farms, data cages, and even private suites. We maintain direct multi-Gigabit bandwidth connections into four of the tier 1 international Internet backbone providers. We currently host thousands of Internet web, mail and application servers, network routers, switches, fire walls and load balancers. The building receives electricity from three separate power feeds on a spot network that provides for automatic fail over capabilities. Our Data Center maintains level current and short term power backup through a complex UPS system, and protects against possible long-term power failures with diesel generators. Ideal temperature and humidity is accurately controlled with redundant cooling systems.

Stage 13: Dell’s Data Center Management services are designed to allow IT to outsource some of the core administration tasks associated with storage management, backup management and virtual server management. By outsourcing these tasks using Dell’s Data Center management suite of services, organizations can regain resources and use them to grow and transform their businesses rather than on managing their existing infrastructures. Dell’s Data Center Management services help:

• Ensure that storage operations are being successfully managed and that measurable improvements are being made to manage growth.
• Optimize backup environments with full remote management, including remote reporting, monitoring and alerts to help .your organization identify and deal with problems in a timely manner.
• Improve the efficiency and performance of virtual server environments, with early alerts about capacity and performance problems, as well as potential resource bottlenecks.

Dell Data Center backup management simplifies your backup management and helps to improve reliability by providing a complete view of your entire backup infrastructure and process - from backup time frames to the ability to compare groups of servers. Services include:

• Backup advisory and reporting - Provides a real-time, enterprise-wide view of your backup environment through Web-based dashboard reporting.
• Remote monitoring - Provides 24x7 monitoring and alerts, and customizable options to allow ongoing access to a skilled, remote support team.
• Backup management services- Allow you to fully outsource the management and operation of your backup infrastructure to Dell’s backup professionals.

Stage 14: Remote monitoring and reporting help you to get the most out of your virtual server environment by combining 24/7 monitoring, alerts and reporting with expert analysis and advice. Benefits include: Better understanding of system performance - Gain insight into virtual machine and host performance to optimize your infrastructure through detailed, comprehensive reports.

• Improved capacity planning - Get weekly reports and monthly in-depth reviews that can help you evaluate usage to better predict bottlenecks and improve performance, so that you scale only when needed.

• Round - the-clock monitoring and alerts - 24/7/365 alerts and monitoring of key metrics, including processor, memory, network and disk storage capacity, and up/down availability of clusters, hosts and virtual machines.
• Web-based service portal to access reports and trends
• Automated reports delivered via email for your convenience
• A technical account manager assigned to your account to help analyze and monitor your service
• Complete training of your in-house team

Stage 15: A Web Ownership Certificate is a legal document that is provided to our customers who purchases Web space and Domain from Manashosting. Such Certificates lend accountability and assure the website user of the legitimacy of the business being carried out by it. In other words, this certificate is a mark of authentication for a certain website. And with the current customer ID process the customers can feel very much relieved. Since now that the company had created complete quality now was the turn of quality customers. Company increased the renewal charges to remove all those fake and problematic users and started to provide service only to quality and genuine customers. The cost of the package was increased and only serious customers who can afford our packages can become the customers of Manashosting. By increasing the package cost and stopping discounts in renewal company was in a position to get quality customers. Company has started to do marketing with more quality through which quality customers approach to the company.

Stage 16: Manashosting’s hiring procedures are stringent a candidate needs to clear 25 rounds of interview to get hired, candidates who are talented, skilled, energetic, sportive, intelligent, committed and the most important factor being the one who act as an advocate of customers. Even after the employees are on their jobs after having understood their roles and responsibilities there are various other measure through which their output and work is ascertained. Each employee gets their promotions and increments based on their performance. After a candidate is selected they get trained by experts in hosting, technical and soft skills and exams are conducted before the candidates interact with customers. Company also has provided a innovative training facility for the candidates called as Self Training center. Candidates undergo through the self training center and master themselves in various related field which is important for the employee to provide best results in servicing our customers. Company also provides each employee with 360 hours of training which is for duration of 3 years after which they are certified as Hosting Experts.

Stage 17: Company has invest huge money towards providing quality service to our customers and hence stabilized and added quality even in trouble shooting of issues. Various software, monitoring systems and tools are used in our datacenter, technical department, billing department and sales department. Employees have been engaged to conduct quality check after every interaction a customer has had with the company. Different Quality Check departments have been appointed to oversee the activities in all the departments. All these measure have been taken to provide our customers the best service and also to rectify any errors or communication gaps and fix the queries in a timely manner. All this done after our customers’ reviews and feedbacks provided.

Stage 18: Company currently is working towards claiming the Asia pacific market and also extends its tentacles’ to other nations in the far east to the far west. Action plans to capture the hosting market is already jotted and in the near future it is evadible to move forward.

Stage 19: International tie ups are another window which the company would be willing to open. All these days company wanted to get equipped in all areas related to hosting and had turned down several offers, but in the coming days company would be accepting more international tie ups that would benefit our Indian customers and which would help the growth and development of Indian hosting industry.

Stage 20: Company has invented an innovative marketing strategy which would be used in the future for quick growth. This unique idea in marketing will expand the growth of the business and will provide various opportunities in hosting for new entrepreneurs by providing them with innovative and creative option to maximize their returns in the upcoming Indian hosting boom.

Stage 21: Manashosting is planning to release products that are licensed version where customers would be in a position to purchase goods and service from us that are licensed and certified by us to prevent the piracy of certain products that Manashosting would launch in the upcoming years.

Stage 22: Company also is planning to expand its business international as well as national I the future by acquisition. The acquisition which the company is intended to do in the future will just not benefit Manashosting but also the company that is being acquired for a long term.

Stage 23: Since the company is already providing 360 hours of hosting training to our employees and making our employees as hosting experts, the company also has plans of starting a hosting institute in the future as hosting will be more popular and in demand in the coming few years.

Stage 24: As you all know that Manashosting has involved in various charities, in the coming years the company is planning to create reserve funds only to fund charity organizations of India. Through this plan we believe that as a company we can hold fast and provide love and care for the down trodden of our nation.

Stage 25: Company is planning to bring a complete and renewed way of customer support. The customer can approach our support team and get problems resolved from anywhere. Previously one such innovative and creative idea the company induced was the SMS support. More such innovative and creative approaches are in stores for the customers of Manshosting in the coming years.

Stage 26: There would various departments which would be introduced in the company to better server and meet different varieties of customers. Company has plans to provide local support to our Indian customers in the future. Different customers from different topology in India would receive support in their local languages in the future.

Now that you have gone through the journey of the company from the start to the current scenario let us give you a little insight of what the Managers of the company have to say about their experience and work at Manahosting.

Manashosting Team

Quality Manager:
I have been with Manashosting for the last 2 years and it’s a remarkable change that I see in my career and personal life too. Hosting was new to me, I never knew what webhosting was all about and I come from International customer service domain and have handled quality team of over 200 employees. I had my own understanding about quality and the criteria’s of quality.

My first few days I was not in a position to understand how my expertise would be utilized in the web hosting domain to which I was completely new but as the time passed by there were various action plans provided to me through which I could identify there is much more stuffs in quality that I never knew in these 8 years of my quality manager’s experience. There were various steps that I went through personally to be, who I am now if not for the coordination and co-operation of the team and other managers of the company it would have been very difficult for me.

I understood the concept and that which was desired out of my role to the customers and I am blessed to say I have a perfect quality team who backs me in all my projects. It’s so much fun working at Manashosting, each day new achievements, celebration, party etc well I guess all those working at Manashosting would have this common line to say. I am very much grateful for all the help and support provided to me and I would like to retire after 60 years until then I want to be with Manashosting.

Quality Team Leader:
It was a new industry where things were new but how the concept was thought to me is very important it was done very well at Manashosting. As I got an opportunity to receive feedbacks from the customers about the company, services and requirements as a part of what we are providing. It was great experience I got from each customer who told me about the history of the company, how the company has grown in short spam and about the earlier packages, how the new technology was been implemented etc. I would have to say that I learnt a lot from the customer and I think this is the first company where customers know so much about the company which I’ve never imagined or witnessed in my previous jobs.

I have witnessed yet another thing at Manashosting, as customers start thinking about any new packages Manashosting would have already bought. In several achievements in the company I noticed each time I interact with a customer and customer expressing their desire in the achievement meeting the same package which the customer was expressing their desire is launched, I was awe struck and it was just not once but on several occasions. Company understands completely what market want ahead and prepare itself earlier and is ready for the future demand too.

Customers want to know more about new packages which we are bringing to market just to get the new technology. As every day new thing s will be done it will be great pleasure to work in such a company where routine work will not be there every day there is a learning process for each and every employee of Manashosting. Company who thinks ahead of the market requirement will grow very fast and I am very happy to be a part of it.

Assistant Manager:
Journey @ Manashosting I think I have made the right choice getting into Manshosting with so many dreams ideas and thoughts to achieve best in life as I never settle on anything that is less than best. Each day is a new learning at Manashosting, taking new thoughts, learning new things with innovative and creative aspects which make me a pure workaholic; made me a kind of person to take challenges and same confidence would build to achieve those challenges.

Working with MD, GM, Technical manager, operations manager, Branding manager etc, truly is a great pleasure and the bonding they have with the management make us to feel how strong they are and their thoughts. Seeing so many achievements from the day one till today, and also being part of the success in the projects is a pleasure. Give a space to have the comfort to think and act, whenever we fall, see it that management gives us the right view to get up by our self and make us prove who we are.

On the whole working with the management is a great pleasure ready to take challenges and to see the success.

In one sentence, nothing like working at Manashosting.

Operations Manager:
I still remember the day I got an interview call from Manashosting. I was looking for a change but by nature I am a very choosy person. I attended the interview at Manashosting and left. I was attending a party at one of my friends place, and there was an acquaintance of mine and she was talking about web hosting I got a little excited as I just attended interview at Manashosting. I started to ask her about webhosting and told her that I gave an interview at Manashosting, she could not believe what she heard. She started to confirm time and again and later the feedback that she provide about Manashosting made me more eager to join the company.

From there on ears have passed and rolled but I still feel that there is so much to learn and so much to achieve.

All my experiences which I had from previous companies were nowhere close to what I have learnt and learning from Manashosting. I have an amazing team together we have achieved various achievements. I can still remember one of my achievements on that day along with my team we did the maximum sales for a single day. I think no other hosting company in India would have achieved the number on a single day. My team backed me up and so was the management of Manashosting. That same day we celebrated the success and that day was personally dedicated to me as an individual. The best part about working in Manashosting is, even though everyone around you help you to be successful, still you are made felt special and that complete day is dedicated to you.

I love working here and am sure I cannot fit anywhere else.

Server Manager:
It’s a great pleasure to work with Manashosting, to share my feeling before joining Manashosting for a career I had put in 12 in years of experience in training, administration and software development. Manashosting is a good platform; I have got lots of exposure in multi areas. In the beginning I joined as a technical head where I could understand the client and client behavior later got an opportunity to work as system and office administrator, coming to various projects with MD sir it was a wonderful experience, what I could not get in 13 year, I could get in 2 year span. Today I am proud be a part of Manashosting team.

My past experiences are vivid; initially I was Lecturer in computer science for 2 years in Per-university College. Then as Head of the Department computer science in Fist Grade College for 4 years

I then moved to Software Development developing ASP, Dot Net applications. various software's like Payroll system, hospital management system, Online Test system, Student management system with bar code and smart card embedded and many more application software was developed.

Branding Manager:
My journey at Manashosting was quite a drift. Even though I was from a non-technical back ground and had no clue what web hosting stood for was given an opportunity to serve in Manashosting. My ideas and thoughts were completely different from the one the company had, but at no point I was shown down. Each step were talked and taught and slowly day after day I started to learn with the help of my seniors and the management of the company. Action plans was taught and implementation was driven.

My views were never rejected but a complete shape and structure was provided and made it stronger each day. There are several instances that I can remember but I feel the pages would fall short. My experience with the company so far helped to highlight my talent that was hidden in me, which to the time it was shown to me I had no clue of it. But the day when it was shown to me and with the views and the training that I underwent with my collogues hit a bright light and today am so grateful to all my team and the management of the company.

After the realization, there were several achievements done as a team and started to enjoy every moment of them. Many times my boss would say, “come let’s dine for we have achieved” hearing this sentence makes me feel indeed the project is successfully completed. I would like to quote “Manashosting is the place to explore and develop your talent, skills and abilities”. If you got it in you join Manashosting.

Technical Manager:
I was from a banking sector and always wanted to explore my ability and talent in technical field as I have done technical in my bachelors and master. When an opportunity came my way I instantly opted as this was my dream job.

I still remember when I was talking with the MD of our company he asked me if I wanted to achieve something which no other technical manager of any company has done so far. I got excited and wanted to know what it could be? Later it was told to me if I would like to prove my team and myself and challenge our customers to bring their issues and get it resolved within the set SLA. I immediately took up the project and guess what my team and I were able to overcome the challenge and successfully completed the project. I still cannot understand how on the earth this happened and today I am happy and glad just not for getting the right job but also able to prove myself along with my team in this latest IT related field called hosting.

There are various other achievements that we as a team have done in Manashosting and I understood the value of team work.

General Manager:
I come with a vast experience from hosting and BPO services. Entering into Manashosting I found various new things that I have never seen in my hosting career. I was first shocked to see that Manashosting used chat support, click we will call you, and outgoing calls to the customers these were totally new to me as I never found this in my previous company. Even though I was from hosting background I learnt so many things after joining Manashosting. I had wonderful teams working under me in various departments and today I am really happy that I had an opportunity to work with so many different types of people from different background.

Achievements at Manashosting for me are something very familiar and a routine scenario. I have witnessed so many achievements and have taken part in so many celebrations rewarding the achievers started to become as my daily task. But the best thing that I always enjoy in these achievements is the happiness of the person and the team those who achieved and their humbleness of sharing their achievements with others who are in the company. The unity of the employees, managers and the management makes me feel that I am not working but being a part of a family where everything is shared without any hesitation and everyone in the company have the oneness and unity to achieve even more and make the company’s vision come true.

I am very much confident that in the days to come these young and talented family members of our company would take this company to great heights and in this wonderful occasion I also would like to thank all our customers present past and future for entrusting in our company and backing us to achieve great things in the coming years.

From the Chairman's Desk

Season’s greeting to one and all. Firstly I would like to thank all our customers’, past, present and future. It’s because of you; we have reached to this level in this competitive hosting industry. At Manashosting we treat all our customers and employees as a family and I am glad to address to my family at this occasion. Manashosting had a humble start in this millennium. After so journing for more over half a decade, we are still in the hosting market giving and committing our self to the best customer satisfaction, achieving mile stone and creating new history in the hosting market. Our great ideas of innovation and extreme research have made just not our company proud but at the same time we have made India proud as well as all Indians proud. We have created mile stone and proved that our country is not far behind in any sectors even in hosting. Time and again we have shown the international companies that we as Indians are not left behind when brining in new ideas, creativity and last but not the least to give competition to those companies abroad and also to show them that we are not an easy competitors. This in turn has made the international companies in hosting not to under estimate us and to give us all due credit for the changes that we have got in the hosting market. Once again I would like to thank all those employees who have been with us from the start and have worked in our company as a family to make things possible.

When web site building was costly and not affordable to the Indian market, Manashosting introduced the control panel where website builders were given free of cost. This in turn gave us much acceptance in Indian market and more entrepreneurs were able to make their web site just with few clicks. Now I am sure that most of them who were unable to build their site because of price factor have created their sites with ease. At the same time free web site builders made it possible for the end users to create and design their own web pages. This in turn also, brought the designing prices low, which was a mile stone Manashosting created in the web market. At Manashosting we have the lowest plan ever created in the hosting market $1. This is a tailor made plan to help and support those segments of the market that would like to have their presence felt in the World Wide Web. Our $1 plan was introduced to make our farmers who are more than 75% of working population in this country to gain access to the World Wide Web. Just not them we also had artists, physically challenged, NGO’s, charity organization, spiritual groups and may more on our mind, who wanted to have their own identity by creating a web site and make their presence felt across.

I have had many tough decisions to make especially when it comes to price changes. We all know that the economy has never been constant and always increased than decreased. The times when we conduct meeting to increase the price it hurts me a lot personally, because Manashosting was the first hosting company who introduced the unlimited concept for a low price which no other company in the world were able to give and still are unable to give. Keeping in mind the economy and the need for a hosting site, every time the price increases in the hosting market, Manashosting has not increased our price to a level which is unaffordable and just not that we increase our quality, support and up time keeping our price constant without much changes. Because I believe that we as a company should always be at the lowest price possible to cater to our Indian customers. Even though the international market stresses us a lot along with the key people in the organization, I always make sure that the price is not changed to the higher limits.

During the Economical down time of 2009, I received immense support from our clients who stood by us and gave us the confidence needed. My gratitude towards those customers is always present in my heart. And during the economical crisis where the whole world was unable, we stood as a family united together and Manashosting was not affected by the down time. Our employees had their jobs secured, our existing customers did not experience any drawbacks with their accounts but got all needed support from our team and new customers were getting great offers with low price hosting.

I would like to take some time for those customers who helped us to achieve our goals in the initial stages and whose support towards us is never forgotten. They were our back bone and helped us as an organization to leap heaps and bounds. My gratitude towards them is always in my heart. And I would also like to thank our resellers and braches as well, because their support was a boon to us and to bring us to this level. There have been various situations when they would have been less than happy regarding various issues, but now I can vouch that we have grown from where we were and are improvising by updating the latest in the hosting sector. At Manashosting we always have an open door for those long gone customers who have left us to be welcomed with our latest of the services and better quality.

My ambition in this hosting sector would be full filled the day when all those individuals who use mobile phones have their own web site and their identity online. Am sure that day is not too far off. I also see the increasing of internet users which will surely bring my dreams come true.

It was because of our customers that we, Manashosting achieved another major mile stone in the year 2007 by achieving top-most position in the hosting company. Once again my heartfelt thanks to all those customer past and present as well as the employees who were with us as a family and also those who have been with us in the back ground working for Manashosting by giving their efforts, time and commitment.

Finally I would like to thank all of you for helping and staying with us so that we can create more mile stones and achieve greater things in the hosting market together as a family.



Managing Director's Talk

Dear Visitor/ Customer, since the beginning, our company has always been committed to provide maximum quantity at low price at a superior value. We have done a great deal over the years to implement and achieve our vision and maintain top quality web services that are in demand. Our continuing pursuit of excellence is our primary and unwavering focus. To start off Manashosting introduced the multi platform and multi level for our resellers giving them more scope and there by teaching them how to make more profit with a lesser investment. We also introduced the world’s latest and advanced control panel called PEM. Shared hosting was given to the end users at a price that is still un-match able by any hosting providers across the world. Manashosting have SaaS which is more advanced and talk about centralization and it is the future of hosting.

Whether you have been our customer for years, or a new customer, or just evaluating us, I want to assure you that our customers are our first priority. We are here to provide you the highest quality of service, and we will continue to develop our company to support that goal, both by nurturing the individuals and teams needed to get the job done, and by using all the knowledge and skills that are necessary. We just don’t say but also show it in action. We have dedicated departments in tech support for shared hosting, reseller hosting, VPS, Dedicated server clients. Just not that Manashosting was the first company in India to give technical support through SMS. We have a strong sales and customer support team to help our customers in time of their needs. We also introduced chat facility in India for the very first time to save the money of our client to contact us. To deliver the best satisfaction and value for your price.

As we made the web hosting price lowest ever and created an impact in the web hosting market our next challenge is to make dedicated server available at the existing price of shared hosting. This will lead to maximum quality and superior up-time and result in maximum client satisfaction. And also bring the new technologies to the door step of our Indian customers before it could be used by the USA or UK market. We would like to lead the pack when coming to technology so that the international counter parts would adopt our technology.

We are concentrating more on reducing the price for our customers/ end users. We have already done this and about to bring the next level of change when it comes to the pricing. A common man should be able to have his own identity on the World Wide Web. When talking about the technical support we are planning to get technical support in the local language. This will help those customers who don’t have to get technical support in English but in their own local language and also shorten our SLA and give world class quality at Indian price. By doing these successfully we are sure to achieve 100% customer satisfaction and gain confidence in our endeavors.

These days’ hacking is happening around the world and the information are vulnerable we at Manashosting are striving hard to give total security to our customers’ web site, data base, email etc. We are also in contacts with the best security providing companies around the world for a solution. At Manashosting we are trying to implement something very unusual where our customers need not read daily news papers for updates, or search in the net for information or even check updates on their cell phone. Our plans are where a customer could get everything need with respect to information on their email inbox.

When you are moving the hosting package to Manashosting, and if your site is active with another hosting provider, Manashosting has a strong technology that will keep your site up and running even during the time of migration from your current hosting provider to your new provider as Manashosting. By this your site will not face any downtime. This will help your business and keep your customers’ accessibility active to your website.

Our portfolio of products and services are focused on you, and what you need to be successful in achieving your own goals. Further, we will continue to introduce new products and services that will both satisfy your needs and provide the best value for your money. We have introduced world’s lowest domain reseller plan which in turn will benefit domain resellers to the greatest extent. With your continued support we would like to bring in new and wonderful things to this market and help you in achieving your vision and goal.

As a company, we recognize that the best way for us to achieve our own success is by helping you achieve success as well. I want to extend our commitment to you to aid in that goal, through our services and support. We value your loyalty and are here to help you whenever you need assistance.

I would like to thank all of our customers for their continued loyalty over the years. I am proud of all that we have achieved so far with your support, and am looking forward to sharing in our mutual successes in the future.

Managing Director


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What’s New?
arrow_sky  All the latest updates of technology,    changes and much more happening    at Manashosting

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How to Renew?
arrow_sky  Renewal is as important as    purchasing of a new account.
   Most of the

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Free Products
arrow_sky  Various free products that would     help Manashosting’s customers not     just online

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arrow_sky  Network plays a vital role when     providing hosting to our clients
    and hence

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Testimonial & Portfolio
arrow_sky  Hundreds and thousands of happy     customers have said what they have     truly experienced

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arrow_sky  In today’s internet world
   security is of primal importance
   and Manashosting

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Domain Transfer
arrow_sky  Manashosting’s technology helps a     customer to transfer their domain     from another

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arrow_sky  Discounts are provided only to our     esteemed clients and specially     those chosen

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arrow_sky  With different top brass ISP     providers, powerful Dell servers and     with auto

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arrow_sky  Manashosting’s unique server    architecture and the latest cloud    technology deliver

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How to Raise a Ticket?
arrow_sky  Customers can enter into our archive     of support and help through raising     a ticket

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How to Place an Order?
arrow_sky  The help file to guide a customer     without any human assistance and
    a step by

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How to Pay?
arrow_sky  Manashosting has provided various    payment options for our customers
   to choose

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