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If you are from Vaisali looking for web space, domain, webhosting, dedicated server, reseller, vps, website designing, search engine optimization, domain reseller then kindly fill up the below form and our concerned department will get back to you.

Manashosting has the innovative webhosting technology to implement in the web hosting domestic market. The web hosting Panel provided by Manashosting as control panel of your domain is one among the best in the current market. It is your domain control panel, from where you manage all aspects of your domain and its contents. The domain control panel provided by web hosting company has been designed with the intention of making it easier for an individual to even act as a domain registrar possessing an authority to register a domain for self or for its clients and every now and then on the basis of requirement he can modify the web hosting account with every new update hence the domain resellers can benefit from such technology with the authority to register domain for its clients. It has become more user friendly and more reliable.

When you access your web hosting account, everything you need is available right there in hosting panel or domain control panel itself.

The main tools available within your panels let you do the basic domain and web space administration required to keep your website in order. You can set or reset your login details, ftp details and email accounts from web hosting control panel. You can access and maintain all your databases from your web hosting control panel as well, review basic statistics of your website, check your bandwidth use, check which scripts are supported, block certain IP addresses (depends on the web hosting package terms) from accessing your website, check for and clear up viruses, make a backup of your entire site, and other general maintenance actions, or grooming, of your domain.

If your web hosting plan allows it, you can actually set up different domains within your single account and control them all through your hosting or domain control panel.

Within your webhosting panel, you will more often than not find handy little extra applications called file manager. It is what made easier for a client to deploy website files in web space without taking the help of ftp account. Inbuilt feature of webhosting panel helps doing so, and this brilliant tool really comes as a handy element for hosting resellers who in this case every now and then need not have to memorize or search for ftp login information for different domains of its clients. It is not restricted to limited upload or download. One can deploy unlimited files in its web space using the feature however restricted to limited upload in some online software at one time due to unavailability to browse for unlimited files. Bandwidth doesn’t get much affected with such move and unlimited upload and download can easily be taken into process (incase the package has unlimited web space and bandwidth facility).

Some hosting panel has the feature of adding java applications separately to its web space package. As java is an important and widely used application most of the web hosting companies will make it sure the compatible features to enable the java application resides in the online software or control panel.

Many web hosting companies have added online shopping application in its web space packages which helps clients to add up the application to its website at ease rather swaying the process of manipulation and editing. These come free nowadays with web hosting packages. Most of the web hosting companies has included such applications for free in its web hosting package to let their client get benefited for hosting web applications. Manashosting has started providing free search engine submission for its 2 years old clients. Based on the demand of our clients which they are looking to get for free along with their web hosting i.e. web space packages Manashosting has stated implementing this technique to help our clients to submit their website URL for free in over 8 lakh search engines.


Why Choose Manashosting ?
Outstanding Support – Speed – Flexibility
  • Unlimited space at lowest cost
  • Superior uptime and performance
  • High Speed and Best server Uptime
  • Award winning technical team
  • Advance server for Java/tomcat
  • Support by Chat, Phone, Email, Ticket & SMS
  • Domain Transfer without downtime
  • Full control panel facility
  • Latest Anti Spam and Anti Virus protection
  • Free Products



Package and Dollar One Plan

Disk Space 25 MB
Bandwidth Per Months 10000 MB  (10 GB)
Total Database Space 50 MB
Domains Hosted 1
E-Mails IDs 5
Per E-Mail Id 10 MB
E-Mail Space 50 MB
Setup Fee Free
Control Panel Plesk
Online Help Documentation Yes
Free Domain Registration No
Server Linux


Advanced Control Panel
FTP account 1
FTP Online Tutorial
File Manager
Custom Error
Macromedia Shockwave
FrontPage Extensions
JavaScript Maker
Perl 5.0
Asp 4.0
Zen Cart
Oscommerce Shopping Cart
CubeCart Shopping Cart
Agora Shopping Cart
WordPress Blog
Joomla CMS
Mambo CMS
Geeklog Weblog
Nucleus Weblog
Website Search
Discussion Board
Web Postcards
Web Auction
404/500 Error Page
Banner Advert Manager
Java Clock
Web Calendar
Web Survey
Random Text Displayer
Random Images Displayer
Web Ring
Classified Adverts
Typo3 CMS
Visitor Statistics


Multiple Domain Hosting Yes
Multiple FTP Accounts Yes
Multiple Control Panels Yes
Technical Support Yes
Multiple Users for Control Panel Yes
Price for 1 years Rs 49  
Setup Charges Free  

*The above payment you can make through postal money orders only.Direct payment to our Account by Cash, Cheque, DD, Online Transfer, Paypal and Credit Card is not acceptable for this package.

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Domains hosted 1
Sub-domains 5


Pop 3 E-Mail Accounts 5
Mailing Lists
Junk Mail Filters
Email Filter Logs
Web Mail
Auto Responder E-Mails
Catch-all E-Mails
E-Mail Forwarding


My SQL Users 5
My SQL Databases 5
My Sql Database Quota Per Database 10 MB
Total My Sql Database Quota 50 MB
PHP 5.0
PHP support in HTML Files
Html / Dhtml
Dream Weaver


Daily Backup 5
Site Map 5
Submit your site to search engines 10 MB
Website Password Protection 50 MB
Scheduled Tasks
Website IP Blocking
Directory Auto-Indexing
Website Redirect
Extreme Thumbnail Generator
Link Evaluator
Pop Up Zapper
Secret Popup Maker
File Destroyer
MRU Wizard
Java Source Maker
Password Manager
JavaScript Compressor
File Splitter
Picture Gallery Maker
Templates 500
Logos 100
Flash Templates 100
Banner Templates 100
Clipart, Web Art, Photos 20000
FTP Software

Webalizer Statistics
Aw stats Statistics
Detailed bandwidth stats

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Self Phase Learning Tutor

Welcome to our Self Phase Learning Tutor: Our Self Phase Learning tutor will help you find the right solution for your hosting requirement by providing you complete information about the product and knowledge about hosting too. Use the modules available and get the complete information. You also have the option of playback in different mode of tutorials.

Best blog Hosting

Blog Hosting is one type of web hosting. Blogs, also known as weblogs are websites that feature regular updates in the form of individual entries, or posts. With the many different blog hosting options available nowadays, getting your blog set up can often seem like an overwhelming task.

What is a Blog?

A blog is an abbreviated version of “weblog”, which is a term used to describe websites that maintain an ongoing chronicle of information. Since blogs tend to evolve over a long period of time, they are an attractive alternative to creating a static website. With many different blog hosting options available, however, getting your blog set up can sometimes seem like an overwhelming task.

The first step in choosing a blog host is deciding whether you want to create a blog with free hosting or invest in a paid blog host. If you’re creating a personal blog to keep in touch with your family and friends, free blog hosting is likely to be sufficient for your needs. Free blog hosts, such as Blogger or Xanga, offer easy-to-use interfaces that make it simple for people with limited technical skills to start blogging.

Most free blog hosting options also provide a limited selection of templates so you can alter the look of your blog to better suit your personal tastes. You won’t be able to remove ads from the site, however, since this is the primary way free blog hosts generate their revenue. Additionally, free blog hosts do have some restrictions on the content they will allow; most won’t permit blogs with pornography, excessive violence, hate speech, or content that infringes upon the copyright of someone else. Blog Hosting: Features Blog hosting is all about the features that allow you to install and/or use a blog-software such as WordPress, Typepad, b2evolution, Nucleus, etc.

These features will include: Scripting support (i.e. PHP) Database support (ie. MySQL) Large amounts of storage space and bandwidth. Easy one-click install (i.e. Fantastico) The first step in choosing a blog host is deciding whether you want to create a blog with free web hosting or invest in a paid blog hosting provider. If you are creating a personal blog to keep in touch with your family and friends, then a free blog hosting service would likely be sufficient for your needs. Free blog hosts, such as Blogger and WordPress.com, offer easy-to-use interfaces that make it simple for people with limited technical skills to start blogging. There is no script installation or database configuration – as the blog software is all setup and ready for you.

Most free blog hosting options also provide a limited selection of templates so you can alter the look of your blog to better suit your personal tastes. You won’t be able to remove ads from the site, however, since this is the primary way free blog hosts generate revenue. For bloggers who are hoping to turn their blog into a source of supplemental income, it’s best to invest in paid blog hosting. With a paid account, you will have your own domain and greater options for customizing your blog. If you want to run ads on your site, you will be the one who keeps the income generated. You will also be able to accommodate larger amounts of traffic. Many paid blog hosting providers offer easy one-click installation for major blog software’s, so you can get your blog up and running in just a few cli

Features of a Reliable Web Host in India:

A large number of people confuse bad Web Host Company in India with the good one. They get lured by cheap web hosting services offered by them but, soon have to face several problems that affect their online presence. If you are looking for the web host in India, make sure that it has some all of the following features.

A good web host company India should always provide web hosting services as per the web hosting needs and requirements of its clients. Ideally, web host Company must provide both Windows and Linux dedicated server support to allow website owners choose the server in accordance with the programming software used by them.

Manas hosting provides dedicated hosting sweden , web hosting services in india , dedicated server hosting in indi , web hosting in goa , cloud server hosting , hosting sites in bangalore , dedicated server unlimited space , cheapest domain , surat domain , cheap web hosting in india.

A good web hosting company provides optimal web space support and bandwidth space. By doing so, it allows its clients to upload adequate content and other components like images, videos, audio files, and flash animations on their website. Such web hosts India also allow for increase in bandwidth space and web space support to meet future expansion needs. Other features of a reliable web host in India are superior uptime and performance, good Internet speed and downloading, data transfer, and 24 hour technical support to help clients carry uninterrupted working.

One such web hosting Company that has these and several other unique features is Manashosting. It is a Bangalore based web hosting company that provides a wide range of web hosting services to small and mid-sized businesses at highly competitive rates. Here you would get Windows and Linux dedicated server support, unlimited website space, unlimited bandwidth space, superior uptime and performance, free web site domain registration, more E-mail Ids along with 100 MB space per E-mail ID, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week technical support, and lot more.

This web hosting company India offers several web hosting packages to suit varied web hosting needs and budgets. In addition to high quality web hosting services, Manashosting offers great discounts as well. This allows small and mid-sized business organizations to avail web hosting services and enjoy online presence. Manashosting provides several free of cost web hosting services too like free templates, free SEO tools, free software, free sources code and all database (MS sequel, MY sequel and MS Access), and lot more.

As well as web hosting services, this web host India also provides web designing services like graphic development, designing web sites, redesigning websites, ecommerce, flash animation and application development. To know in detail about this particular web hosting web designing Company, you can log onto manashosting.com

Why Choose Us ?

At Manashostings we are known for providing world class webhosting services at reasonable rates. Our dedication, hard work, ability to deliver what has been promised, along with a total customer oriented approach has helped us to build an extensive list of clients all throughout India, as well as other parts of the world.

We choose a company for various reasons. In most of the cases we choose company with 5 to 10 good points, but at Manashosting we have a long list of the best points than what any other hosting company can provide.

Factors that makes us stand apart from the rest of the hosting companies around the world, now after reading the complete achievements of Manashosting we are sure that it’s hard for any individual why not to choose us. Below are the few points that we would like to showcase.

Awards: Manashosting has been awarded as world’s best for various segments of its services. The awards include; No 1 for Windows hosting, No 1 for Technical support, No 1 for Ethics followed in the business, No 1 for its server uptime and just not that Manashosting has been awarded with 12 International awards for its key role and actively participating in the development of hosting market. Manashosting has also bagged Asia’s top 3 award for reseller plan. This award is given for the contribution towards reseller plan Multiplatform reseller package.

PEM control panel: Manashosting is the first Indian hosting company to use the latest control panel designed by Plesk parallels called PEM. After 5 years of research and development Plesk launched this latest control panel. Currently there are only few hosting companies who use PEM control panel.

Toll Free number: This facility is provided for our customers to reach out free of cost.


ANS) After log in to your client area from http://www.manashosting.co.in/shop/  please click on my domain, then plz click on view detail, you will Get 2 DNS names, plz remove those and put new name servers in the first and second box.

ANS) After log in to your client area from http://www.manashosting.co.in/shop/  please click on “PROFILE”, then plz change your contact details and click “save changes” . now you successfully changed your domain contact details to show in who is lookup.

Free Domain Registration

Manashosting provides you with the finest domain pricing that is competitive in the market. You also get free coupons for domain registration. These free coupons can be used to register domains as world’s lowest cost. Most of the times customers’ have to pay a very high cost for domain registration, however at Manashosting customers get exclusive free coupons for domain registrations which could be used for purchasing of domains of your choice. To know more about free coupons for domain registration please visit www.manashosting.com and get the opportunity of booking domains that are lesser priced.


To Register .tk domain completely free of cost click here

Optional, you can also create a ticket from www.manashosting.co.in/help

Optional, you can also place a order from www.manashosting.co.in/shop/cart.php

One Stop Shop for All Your Online Requirement

One Stop Shop for All Your Online Requirement


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  • Unlimited Domains
  • Unlimited Email IDs
  • Unlimited Database
  • Unlimited Website Builders
  • Unlimited Web Space
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  • By using our new technology website builder
  • Stunning customize
  • Designing manually
  • Developed and designed by our designers


  • Worth of Rs 600


  • Rs 2000 per year only

Rs 25,000 only


  • Unlimited Domains
  • Unlimited Email IDs
  • Unlimited Database
  • Unlimited Website Builders
  • Unlimited Web Space
  • Worth of Rs 30,000




  • Worth of Rs 1,25,000
  • *Ranking time depends on the Algorithm of the search engines

    *All the 10 keywords will be chose by Manashosting since it’s free. To chose your own keywords please

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  • Static html pages
  • Worth of Rs 25,000
  • High class designing with dreamweaver



  • Worth of Rs 600
  • *Domain validity is for 1 year only.


  • Worth of Rs 5,000
  • 100 LINES CONTENT WRITING is available in only Worth of Rs5,000.

    Our team knows what content would help you to shape your company’s online branding and goodwill and also increase your company’s creditability where you would get more new visitors on to your website.



  • Withdraw from your saving accounts
  • Get payments from International clients
  • Worth of Rs10, 000
  • On the payment page you will see add to cart when clicked it will route to your PAYPAL account. Where your international customers can make the payment which will be credited into your savings account.

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Choosing Your Cheap Domain Hosting Company

Cheap domain hosting is the latest buzz these days. Almost every web hosting company India is offering special offers, discounts, free templates, SEO tools, domain name registrations, money back guarantees, and this and that to attract customers. But, how are the web hosting companies actually able to offer cheap domain hosting and web hosting services?

Well, cheap domain hosting companies work on shared servers. They host hundreds of websites on one single physical server. If a cheap web hosting company hosts 100 websites on its single server for $3.50 each, it would earn $3500 per month. Now, that’s definitely a profitable situation for a cheap web hosting company. Further, cheap domain hosting companies Bangalore maintain few highly skilled work force, opt for limited work space, and cut down on phone, electricity, and other overheads in order to provide efficient web hosting services to their clients at cheap rates.

But, not all cheap domain hosting companies are the same. There are many who offer pathetic and extremely disappointing services. If you don’t want to get robbed by a cheap web hosting company or end yourself in a lot of problems, do your homework before choosing the web host India.

Cheap domain hosting companies usually claim that they provide unlimited bandwidth, domain, and disk space. But, you must read the Terms of Service Agreement review of manashosting customers,customers of manashosting review which states the terms and conditions for usage of disk space and bandwidth, and mentions how much of hard disk storage space is actually available to you and how much data can be actually transferred to and from the server.

Cheap hosting companies maintain poor servers which often result in slow server speed and frequent server breakdowns and disruptions. Before you choose any web hosting company, find out whether their server condition meets the latest industry standards or not, what would the web hosting company do in case of server breakdown, does it take proper back-up of all the files and data stored on its servers, and do they have a team of professionals to handle technical emergencies. If the cheap web hosting company is good, it would reply you positively to all these questions.

Quite often, cheap domain hosting companies are actually not cheap. The additional charges, taxes, and rates that they charge over and above the cheap domain hosting and cheap web hosting packages leave the customers confused manashosting customer review products,manashosting products customer review and helpless at the time of making payments. So, before you sign the contract, get a clear-cut price quote for the web hosting services. Make sure that all the web hosting services are included in the cheap hosting package and are the final price that you need to pay.

For cheap web hosting Bangalore and cheap domain hosting Bangalore, you may visit manashosting.com